fortune smiles, er, laughs

a cabinet secretary came to our office today.

before his arrival, the organizers handed employees a rose each, with the instructions that we are to give it to him and then kiss him afterward.

i blurted out, "aay, hindi ako nagpapa-kiss!"

no problem, stay out of his way.

so the secretary arrived and, in every floor, employees would shake his hand and then give him a kiss.

at the third floor, spacious as it was, many as we were, he passed my way, i shook his hand, and then, he moved his face toward mine, apparently expecting a kiss!

what could i do?  i gave him a peck!

when he left our floor, i got a ribbing from my officemates:  "huuu!  hindi raw nagpapa-kiss; 'yun pala siya 'yung ki-kiss..."

: }

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