i wish! ; )

the inter-agency meeting i attended last tuesday was in makati.  now, my car is coding tuesdays so from quezon city (it was an afternoon meeting), i took public transportation going to the venue.  first a jeepney (i try to avoid cabs when i'm alone), then the train.

there were only a handful of us in the jeep and to my right was a guy who gave his fare to the driver through me.  i noticed that he was cute, ha-ha, and a seeming gentleman, too  ->  he so nicely said 'thank you' when i got his money to hand over to the driver.  i liked that.  not everyone says 'thank you' for little things.

he, however, almost made me burst into a laugh when he suddenly started to sing along to the tune  playing on the radio.  he was unmindful of the other passengers and was singing as if he were in his own car!  (i do that in my car, ha-ha)  i couldn't help thinking, could it be his car was simply not available, too, that is why he is riding the jeep?

anyway, the song was vulnerable:

she's so vulnerable
like china in my hands
she's so vulnerable
and i don't understand
i could never hurt the one i love
she's all i've got
but she's so vulnerable

i first heard that song a long time ago and liked it.  i haven't heard it in a while.  suddenly this guy is singing it out so loud.  i was actually tempted to sing along, ha-ha-ha.  for a while there i wished he were singing it for me.  oh, well...

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