clean, mean fun

there is this guy who has been trying to annoy me, in the spirit of clean, mean fun, haha.

last friday he was being a meanie so i tried to send him a 'tse!' reply.  after several attempts, my text message still wouldn't transmit.

then my officemate told me 'tse' is short for 'letse.'

oh, it is?!  i didn't know  : }

i therefore changed it to 'he!'  well, it still wouldn't be sent  : }

my officemate kidded me the messages are too haughty for goody me (huh?!  c'mon!) that's why they won't come out.

hmmm... whatever, i didn't send out the message anymore.

saturday the guy again sent me a baddie message, rubbing in that i'm still doing overtime work while he was already home.  ugh!  trying to make me envious?!  grrrrr....

then last night he again texted me, apparently expecting to make me feel sorry that i was still working overtime.  hmmmm, he thought i was still at work?  well, i wasn't.  i texted him i was out on a date.  suddenly, he couldn't upset me anymore, haha.  and his reply was a goody one, not at all provocative.  LOL!  it's my turn to laugh, guy.  it can't always be your turn   ; )

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