last month, i gave away my TV.  yesterday, it was my microwave.  i have all these stuff at home which i really barely use.  i was thinking it's better to have them someplace where they'll be useful.

the only things i use at the house are my bedroom, my bathroom, my washing machine, my iron plus my ref.  everything else, they're just there, gathering dust.

i don't even remember the last time i sat in my living room.  i just pass through evenings on my way to bed and mornings on my way to the garage.  i was telling someone if it wouldn't make the house look so weird and empty i'd give away my sala set and dining table as well...  : }


i was at my parents' place last night and my nephew approached me for help in his homework.  ok.  ooops... algebra.  i was president of math club in high school but now i don't even know how to add, ugh!

some of the answers i knew instinctively, like, 50% of what number is 15?  easy.  30.  but how do i illustrate derivation of the answer using fractions and equations?  hmmm... hmmm... hmmm... goodness, isn't this like love?  you just know.  cannot be.  such logic is not acceptable in class.  let's see:

50% = 50 ÷ 100
50% = (50/50) ÷ (100/50)
50% = 1 / 2

½ x n = 15
n = 15 ÷ ½
n = 15 x 2/1
n = 30


another one:

33 ⅓ % of what number is this number?

hmmm... i use a calculator for this one.  i get the answer.  but i couldn't show the derivation.  my nephew mentions something about improper fractions and cross multiplication.  waaaah!!!  ok, show tita.  i am perplexed  ->  moron-streak surfacing big-time... : }

20 items.  we were able to get the answers and show their derivation for 15.  the five, i was stumped.

my sister arrives.  my nephew tells her we are having a hard time with his homework.  she says she'll check after dinner.  ok.

later, our nephew shows her.  her reaction:  'huh?!  i thought you were solving something difficult???!'

yikes!  so the moron in me is not just a streak after all???  woe!

getting what you want

i posted the following in facebook:

if you want something, then just go right off and tell me...
don't give me choices... i just might choose the one you don't want...

someone reacted saying the post stings.  ooops... it wasn't supposed to... it was just a matter-of-fact statement as far as i was concerned.  a tip, actually.  apparently it did not come across that way maybe because text lacks the intonation you have in voice.

anyway, the drift of the post is, don't ask me, for example, whether i want to have dinner because i might say no.  just tell me we'll have dinner and maybe i'll say ok.

if you give me options i just might end up opting for something contrary to what you are hoping for.  if you tell me straight this is what you want, then if it's something i can live with then maybe i'll go with it.

just maybe, ok.  just maybe... ; )

past tense

my officemate was checking out videos almost a decade old.  she tells me, 'you were so fresh and pretty then!'

me:  'gee... thanks...  : ) '

hmmm... wait... does that mean i look worn and ugly now?  : }

positive focus

a couple of months back, i posted the following in facebook:

it's a saturday and vehicles are crawling along EDSA. see, i can even do facebook -> safely. what is going on?

was i surprised when someone liked it.  i asked why.

he said he liked that i was still able to do facebook, thanks to the traffic.

oh... ok.

then last thursday, i had the following post:

ugh, that biker is crazy!!! he suddenly appeared on my left, then quickly moved to my right, then darted to the outermost of C-5's 4-lane stretch, oh so dangerously weaving through fast-moving vehicles. daredevil. i hope he does not cause any accident and gets home safe himself...

the same guy liked it.  i was puzzled and again asked him what is so likeable about the post.

he replied it's because i still wished the motorist well despite his "unusual ... motoring cutting skills..."

hmmm... isn't that nice?  this guy sees beyond the obvious... and finds good within the bad...  : )

hidden from the rest

i received the following text this morning:

Grant that today I may lead no one astray,
I may not make goodness & faith harder for anyone.

Help me today to be a help & example to all;
to bring strength & encouragement wherever I am.

God bless...

so nice, especially on a sunday...  : )

the first line actually reminded me of my ex.  he does not like outfits that show a lot of skin or display the figure, at least on me.  he says you're encouraging guys to sin that way.  hmmm... that logic could stir a lot of debate...

i've had such luck in my boyfriends.  they strain their eyes when other women wear clothes that display their assets but when it comes to me they want me all covered up  : }

oh, well... there are guys who like to show off their girl... and there are those who like to keep their candies to themselves...

well-loved mistress

i sent the following text to facebook thursday morning:

     on the mud flap of the jeepney in front of me: mas mahal ang kabit. ooops... : }

normally, i would receive the following message on my phone:

     Your transaction has been sent...

and my text message would appear as a status update on my wall.

this time, i received instead the following message:

     Facebook Mobile is already ON, go to your Facebook page and check mobile settings.

hmmm... i don't remember anymore but maybe 'on' is a keyword you send to that number to activate facebook mobile?  i therefore added the word 'printed' before 'on' then resent:

     printed on the mud flap of the jeepney in front of me: mas mahal ang kabit. ooops... : }

i then received the usual 'Your transaction has been sent...' message this time.  ok.

evening when i logged in, i was surprised to see that the status update was not on my wall.  i've been texting status updates from my phone and, except during ondoy, they've consistently been appearing on my wall.  i was wondering therefore why this one did not.

i told my officemate about it.  she jokingly said either my telco censored the message or facebook.  ahahaha...

i'm blogging it in friendster.  i wonder whether this entry will be posted...  ; )


the sky lit with fireworks when i passed by C5 this evening. not sure whether they were from eastwood. nicey-nice : )

it used to be when i see fireworks, enchanted kingdom comes to mind. now it's the following text message i received over a year ago -> yup, i archive my messages:

"Wow me fireworks ang ganda. Naalala k bgla ek [enchanted kingdom] dn ikaw..."

ugh! i am a sucker for these things... archived or not, they remain in my heart : }

passed it up

ice cream crossed my mind when i was at my parents' place earlier.  there is a still unopened gallon in the ref beside the bed i use when i sleep over at their place.  i brushed it aside, at the back of my mind thinking it will just remain there anyway.  then i drove home.  suddenly i'm craving ice cream!  ugh!  there's nothing at my place except two cans of spicy tuna and a block of cheddar cheese.  no ice cream.  i should have had some when it was still within reach...


my officemate was checking out this training in india.

me:  'take it, take it... i haven't been there... i'll fly in and room with you...'

officemate:  'hmmm... visit me there, ok...'

me:  'it has to be a on weekend... we cannot both be away [from the office]... how long is the travel time?'

we check the web  ->  7 hours.

'ooops... a weekend's not enough.  is there a long weekend between january and march next year?'

'holy week?'

'will that fall within march next year?'

i check the calendar.  then on the side i ask, 'how much is the fare?'

she looks at the monitor and tells me, '500 euros??'

me:  'euros?!'

she shows me the screen.

ooops, that's the symbol for euros alright.

me:  'ei, i'd rather go to taiwan...  i'll just look at you intently before you leave.  not flying there anymore...'

officemate:  'LOL!  let's just see each other in webcam...'

good idea...  ; )


i thought i heard my officemate say, 'undersexed, overjoyed.'

i went, 'undersexed?  but overjoyed???'

she threw me a perplexed look, 'what sex are you talking about?'

me:  'you said undersexed, overjoyed.'

officemate:  'i didn't mention sex...'

me:  'what did you say?'

officemate:  'i said ann (surname) says overjoyed.'

'ooops... sorry... US (undersexed)... NS (no sex) rather...  : }'


last thursday, an officemate saw me and then blurted out, 'i know that dress!'

she hurriedly rushed to her cubicle and then brought back to me an old picture with me wearing the exact same dress.  my officemates checked it out and were surprised to realize that the picture is maybe around a decade old.  they said my dress still looks new.  hmmm... i've heard that before.

i have oooooooolllld clothes.  i still wear them, they don't look old, they don't look dated.  i'm not really into trendy outfits, nothing daring or bold.  i prefer simple ones and i think they've proven timeless.

= = = = = = = = = =

for my mom's birthday, my aunt sent text messages telling attendees to wear red.  i brought a red top but i forgot to bring pants.

i was wearing a dress at the office that day so it could not really be paired with the top.  i was rummaging through my sisters' closets when our youngest offered me her white shorts.  thanks.  it goes well with the red top.  the thing is, it was too big it kept on going down, hahaha.  my aunt offered me a belt but i said i didn't want to wear one, 'twas just at my parents' house anyway, i didn't want any belts and decided to just hold on to the waistband.

my cousin-in-law saw how loose the shorts were and i explained, 'kay nette ito.'  ->  these are (my sister) nette's

she replied, 'boy, you've lost so much weight.'

i repeated, 'this is not mine, kay nette.'

oh... she said she thought i was telling her the shorts were kenneth cole.

huh?!  LOL!

= = = = = = = = = =

my dad is a low-key dresser.  he does not like colorful outfits.  he likes light and muted tones.  for my mom's birthday, we did not really expect him to go with the motif.  but guess what, without my mom's knowledge, he bought a red shirt so he too could wear something red to her birthday.  everyone was ribbing him when they saw his shirt.  he good-naturedly countered he's doing it for my mom.  aaaww, sweet  ♥ ♥ ♥  : )


caller:  '... habang kumakain ka, tititigan kita... baka ma-conscious ka...'

i chuckle.

the guy backtracks, 'no, of course i'm not going to do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable.'

me:  'sanay ako diyan.  baka ikaw ma-conscious, papa-ikutin kita.'

caller:  'paglalaruan mo 'ko???'

me:  'huh?!  quarter-turn!'

oh, homonyms...  : }


i thought i heard my officemate tease another officemate, 'uuy, buti pa siya may ka-text...'

buried neck-deep in work, i wanted some light moment and, from my desk, butted in, 'huuy, ako rin may-ka-text...'

suddenly they started laughing, 'ka-sex!'

'huh?!  ooops, wala ako nu'n... : }'

back to work...


there are phone calls i've been trying to stop for so many times now.  they'd stop, then resume.  stop again, then resume again.  stop, resume, stop, resume, stop, resume  : }

on my birthday, i resolved to REALLY stop the calls come november.  i was thinking if these calls are going to end, then it's really up to me.  it takes two to tango.  no matter how many times the other party calls, if i don't pick up, then there's no conversation.

i was holding up quite well but then last week the caller did something unexpected.  he called my other number at a time i was just earlier having exchanges with someone flying out-of-town.  i was already asleep, the lights were out (i like to sleep pitch dark), that phone rang.  i picked it up thinking it was the other guy earlier about to tell me he has arrived at his destination (presumptuous, haha).  it turns out, however, to be the caller i was trying to avoid  : }  ooops, he has not really been calling that number lately.  first fall...

second fall:  i was on the phone with my boss's chief-of-staff this morning... i was rushing something to be sent to their office.  i was running late when my phone rang.  i picked it up expecting it to be the boss's office.  guess what, it was the guy whose calls i was avoiding  : }  hmmm... regular office hours???  totally unexpected call time!  i was again caught off-guard... and again avoidably faltered...

there is such a thing as caller ID.  next time, i'll make it a point to check that before picking up... no more assumptions  ->  they cost you...


an officemate asked me whether i've been to a gay bar.

i said yes.

she went, 'i mean a real gay bar... not the one on your shower...'

me:  yup... 'twas a real gay bar... i think it was (well known gay bar name)... weren't we together that time?

officemate:  no.

me:  hmmm... i'm sure i was with officemates...

the thing is, i could not recall which officemates brought me there and i also could not recall that there was a stripper in my bridal shower.  what more, i could not recall anything about my bridal shower.  ugh!  i am old...  : }

two loves

my niece got the following quote via Payong Bob Ong in facebook:

   "Kung dalawa ang mahal mo, piliin mo yung pangalawa. Kasi hindi ka naman magmamahal ng iba kung mahal mo talaga yung una."

   ->  if you love two, choose the second.  because you're not going to fall for another if you really love the first.

ooops... either good or bad depending on where you are in the timeline...  : }

more than enough

an officemate flew to the US for her mom's birthday and stayed there two weeks.  when she arrived, we were asking her for pictures.

she went, 'there's so many...'

'it doesn't matter... we wanna see...'

'it's too much... 300 plus pics...'

me:  'two weeks, 300... you're telling **me** that's too much?!  i go to my mom's living room a few hours and i've already taken over a hundred pics...'

over?!  ; )

the top spot

at dinner at my parents' place, conversation veered toward reports that president arroyo will be running for congress.

i went, 'huh?!  after having been president?  that would be a notch lower...'

my mom goes, 'yup... it's just like you used to be the wife and then you suddenly become mistress...'  (ooops, hahaha)

me:  'not so good analogy, mom.  mistresses get better treatment...'

my dad adds, 'the number 2 is  higher.  think numbers.  3 is higher than 2.   4 is higher than 3.  2 is higher than 1...'

: }

cakes aplenty

birthday celebration at the office last tuesday... why so late? the other monday, i was on leave... tuesday, i had a meeting outside office... wednesday, my friend was not available... thursday, supposedly meeting again but cancelled... friday, so many would be on leave... monday, holiday... tuesday, finally : )

this year has got to be my birthday where i had the most number of cakes.

a week before my birthday someone far, far away sent me my favorite caramel cake from estrel's.

on my birthday, i had cakes from starbucks, red ribbon, goldilocks, estrel's and edsa shangri-la.

day after my birthday, i had a cake from gateau de manille.

following day, i brought to the office another cake from estrel's.

a week later, i had a cake from conti's.

hmmm... hmmm... hmmm... so many cakes, so many blessings... i feel so lucky and i am so thankful... : )

so soon

i was at shopwise last night to buy my food for this november 2 holiday.  i saw this nice pair of shorts, tried it on, then suddenly felt a sharp sting  ->  a loose steel button has rubbed against my thigh piercing the skin and giving me a cut 4 1/2 inches long!  (yup, i measured!).  i really hope the cut does not scar.  i decided right away not to buy the item.  i don't want to acquire something that hurts me so early...