things turned out well

i attended a funeral this morning, an officemate's dad's. the text i received said interment is at 10 am. well, i've been at the cemetery awhile and i still could not see my officemate.

near the plot was a whiteboard and listed therein was a 1 pm interment for my officemate's dad. uh-oh. i was three hours early?! yikes! i was by myself and i am uneasy at cemeteries... : }

i was thinking maybe there was a change in sched and my officemate, in his grief, was not able to notify me anymore. (i was the only one from the office attending the funeral. all the rest went to the wake earlier. i wasn't able to join then.)

hmmm... hmmm... hmmmm... so much time on my hands... i called a friend, asked whether he was busy and, when the answer was no, told him to chat me up. nothing new. game. talk, talk, talk... talk, talk, talk.

he wanted me to leave the place and grab a bite. i said i don't feel like eating. besides, i was perfectly parallel-parked. i am awful at parallel-parking. this one i got right. i was telling him if i go out i might not be able to park that well anymore. he was amused, hahaha.

later, he made a remark about the basketball game on TV.

me: oh, you're watching basketball?

friend: yup.

me: ooops, sorry. you didn't tell me. ok, bye.

friend: what the... you're much more important than basketball.

aaaawww! i was touched. now let's hear you say that during a championship game, haha.

it reminded me of a suitor from way back. so he visited me at the house and the TV was on. we were chatting and suddenly he requested me to turn the TV off.

me: don't you like the show?

suitor: i do.

me: then why do you want me to turn it off?

suitor: it catches my attention and i can't focus on you.

oh, hahaha.

anyway, so my friend and i continued talking. and then at 11:20, a funeral car arrives and i see my officemate among the throng. oh. so interment won't be at 1 pm after all. good thing i did not leave the place. otherwise, i would have come back at 1 and i would have missed everything.

everything fell into place. i was perfectly parallel-parked. i stayed on the phone with a friend. i was able to witness the interment.

: )

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