i love it : )

hidden meaning

last week, i came across this jpg which purportedly lists the "hidden meanings behind filipino expressions."  one item stuck to my mind, amusing me no end:  "kayo pa rin ba?"  is supposed to mean "ako naman."  hahahaha

then this evening, i logged in to facebook and saw a dear friend online.  i said hello.

his reaction made me chuckle.  he said he missed me and followed it with a series of muaahhs.

i amusedly told him it seems to me he again is in love and asked who the object is this time.

his reply:  "secret"


after that, i was sorting pics and again came across the hidden-meaning-jpg.  i re-read and this time was struck by the following correspondence:

"mwah" means "i love you"


"secret" means "ikaw"

huh?!  hahahaha

i am pretty sure my friend has not come across this jpg.  he most likely does not know the words he used supposedly have this certain meanings.  pure coincidence.  nevertheless, i sooo luvvvvvvv it!!!  yay!  ; )