saved by the bell

on the phone...

guy:  "ano new year's resolution mo?"
      ->  what's your new year's resolution?

me:  "uhm...  magpakabait...  : ("
      ->  be good...  : (
     "ikaw, ano new year's resolution mo?"
      ->  you, what's your new year's resolution?

guy:  "magpakabait."
      ->  be good.

me:  "ows...  kaya mo 'yun?!"
      ->  you can do that?!

before the guy could answer, the line was cut...  ; p

new year wishes

received this text message...  sharing:

NEW YEAR  wishes for YOU:

1. Sunrise after the darkest of nights.
2. Friends who bring out the best in you.
3. A love that makes you smile.
4. Belief that anything is possible. 
5. Courage to finally do what you've been putting off.
6. Time for yourself.
7. Promises that are not broken.
8. An answered prayer.
9. A heart that forgives.
10. A soul that heals.
11. A good life & healthy body.


: )

past and future

last day of the year...  learning the lessons of the past...  relishing everything that's been good...  leaving the bad ones behind...  time to start afresh tomorrow...  : )


hahaha...  apparently the guy has not read my blog (  i again received a message from him:

"miss u so much, love more..."

yuck!  i wonder how many girls he sent that to...  i wonder what he'll do once he finds out he's been found out...  ; p

losing focus

on the phone with my best friend 10:27 a.m.  she was requesting me to do something.  so log on i did, but first read my mails, clicked around all over, and so forth...

11:00 i was logging off and i had an open app.  i checked...  uh-oh,  'twas my best friend's request...  i had forgotten all about it...  : O

ugh!  distractions...  : }


guy's YM messages...

to me:

Dec 20, 2011
12:58:39 PM

2:08:43 PM
love you,

8:38:49 PM
i miss you so much it hurts to the bone

Dec 21, 2011
9:02:26 AM
i love you...........

Dec 22, 2011
8:39:32 AM
i love you and will continue to love you, cynthia

8:40:55 AM
the love i leave with you is there, walang kupas...

8:45:21 AM
love you

Dec 23, 2011
8:02:43 AM
love, you, baby

to ANOTHER girl:

Dec 21, 2011
2:07:08 PM
miss you

2:23:54 PM
take care, LOVE YOU

2:24:37 PM

oh, guys...  sheesh!!!  \m/


ugh!  so many wrappers and i could not come up with a matching pair big enough to wrap my gift...  : }
(ooops...  yup...  someone still doing some last-minute shopping
->  my ultimate christmas gift deadline's actually valentine, hahaha)

next time:

A.  buy wrappers of the same design
(that's what i do...   but this time i'm using my mom's, hehe)


B.  buy smaller presents

; )

he said, she said

couple shirt...

hers:  "Don' stare.  He's mine."

his:  "I'm hers."

hmmm...  ' must have been designed by a guy.

i woud have done it the other way:

his:  "Don' stare.  She's mine."

hers:  "I'm his."


do and don't

someone wants to see me tonight...  i've declined but i'm not really sure whether my 'no' would stick...  it has crumbled big-time before...  : }

now i receive a dinner invitation also for tonight from good, old friends...

hmmm...  test of priorities....  test of resolve...  or is it a sign?

it cannot last

i e-mailed a confidant some pics last week...  his comment:  "...  your happiness definitely comes through loud and clear."

yup, i was happy...  heartbreaking that some things just should not be...


intelligent material

i was out with someone yesterday...  well, i've been out of the car just a while when i felt something loosen...  i instinctively reached for my back and, true enough, my br_ strap got unhinged...  this is not the first time this happened BUT this is definitely something that doesn't happen often...  rarely, as in, just a handful of times (just one hand, ok) in my whole entire life...

my (naughty) friends actually term such "intelligent material," ahahaha...  ; )

veering off-course

i was driving to market!market! last monday and twice i missed my turn...  i've been living in the area for the past 10 years!  uhm, i was on the phone with someone...  :")

well, this morning the guy i was on the phone with that time told me while he was on the phone with me yesterday, he overshot his destination (he was on his way home) and ended up at the expressway.  he had to pay toll, exit at the nearest exit and turn back.

hmmm...  we're distracting each other, guy...  this can't go on...  we might find ourselves someplace we never intended to be...

the feeling is mutual ♥♥

ym message at 9:03 a.m.:  "will be thinking of you the whole day, cynthia"

sweet... ♥

and true  ->  the guy was messaging / texting / calling me throughout the day...  :")

i'm sooo happy...  : )))

that lovin' feelin'

i was on the phone with someone...  topics were generic, not romantic...  but i dunno, i felt like love filled the air...  ugh!  ' am so mushy...  : }

good morning

guy wanted to see me this morning...  he has work...

me:  "what are you going to tell the office?"

guy:  "that i'm in love..."

aawww...  :")

it's not that simple

on the phone...

me:  'i attended my high school reunion last saturday...'

guy:  'why didn't you tell me beforehand?'

me:  'why should i?'

guy:  'aren't we sweethearts?'

me:  'no.'

this guy has been saying he's my boyfriend, i'm his girlfriend and i maintain he's not, i'm not.

just because i like you and you know it does not mean i am your girl.  sometimes things are complicated...  </3

what makes you happy vs. what's good for you

on the phone...

me:  '...  you promised you won't call me again...  you promised you won't ask me out again...  look where we are now...'

guy:  'barado na naman ako...'
->  'i got slammed again...'

me:  'hindi kita binabara (->  i'm not slamming you)...  i'm just telling the truth...'

guy:  'yeah...'


guy:  'but then didn't you wish that i would un-promise?'

me:  'uhm...  yes...  but then it works both ways...  had you kept your promise, it would be good for everyone...  now that you broke it, i'm the only one who's happy...'

and i don't even think it's good for me...



i was at a party last night (uhm, up to 3 this morning actually)...  i was wearing this loose, long-sleeved, not at all revealing top and i was talking off and on with this guy i really haven't seen in ages...  earlier chats were okay...  then later in the night, we again shared a table and he blurts out, "ang sexy mo...  grabe!"

huh?!  ahahaha...  reminded me of

'the more beer i have, the less ugly you get...'

nyahaha...  toinks!!!  ; p

they never change

i attended my high school reunion / christmas party last night...

this batchmate sees me, tells me he's been looking for me for years, goes bonkers then says, "ngayong nakita na kita, hindi na kita tatantanan..."  (->  'now that i've found you, i won't let up...')

not to be outdone, another one butts in with, "gusto mo, iwanan ko asawa ko and pakasalan kita?"  (->  'you want, i'll leave my wife and marry you?')

huh?!  ahahaha...  oh, guys...  grow up!  \m/

daddy's girl

ei, my dad just gave me P5,500.00  : D

he sold some scrap from 'my' place and he gave me the proceeds...

i didn't want to take it, it's his house, it's his property, i'm just staying there ->  rent-free  : }
but then he was adamant, as in, his forehead went knotted when i kept on declining the money...  : O

i feel like a little girl...  being given an allowance by her dad...

i'm so lucky...  and i'm so thankful...  : )

morning girl

my dad unexpectedly showed up at my place...

oh...  i'm a good girl, dad...  you can check the logs at the village gate...  i came in at, uhm, 6:30 a.m. yesterday...  ooops...  : }

sound advice

hahaha...  talking to a friend about this insistent / persistent caller...  his advice:  just tell the guy, "we don't negotiate with terrorists..."

hey, good one, eh...  yea!!!  \m/

i don't think so

on the phone...

me:  'good thing i'm not your girlfriend...'

guy:  'you're not???'

me:  'no!'

hmmm...  am i???  suddenly i have doubts...  wahaha...  toinks!!!

meeting halfway

i've been engaged in a tug-of-war with this someone i'd really like to but could not, would not have.  i have my reasons  ->  quite a list.  the thing is, my heart has desires of its own and fortune seems to have plans for us both.  what a combination to go up against.  i've been holding up though.  i dunno for how long.

things started out quite well actually.  so smooth.  so light.  so enjoyable.  and then somewhere along the way, i started thinking about other people.  then suddenly everything seemed so complicated.

i dunno.  some actions are irrevocable; certain damage irreparable.  at this point i am not totally convinced it is worth the risk.

i normally don't settle.  but this time i'm settling on a compromise.  something out there but not quite.  i hope it tides me over till my heart, and fortune, tires out.

it's all in the mind

on the phone...  guy asks me something...

i reply, 'yup...  because i don't have a boyfriend...'

guy:  'i am your boyfriend!'

me:  'you are???'

guy:  'yes...'

me:  'haha...  long-distance, no-touch boyfriend...'

if you can live with that then go ahead, think as you please...  ; p

you're special, guy... VERY...

on the phone:

caller:  'you have 3 options...'

me:  'and what are those?'

caller:  'have <guy 1> do it...  have <guy 2  ->  the caller himself> do it...'

i cut him off with, 'of course, i'll take <guy 2> anytime!'

then the caller goes, 'oh, <guy 1>!'
then he launches off in these statements of self-pity, blah, blah, blah.


me:  'did you hear what i just said???'

caller:  'no...'

me:  'i said i'll take <guy 2  ->  caller's name> anytime...'

caller:  'oh!  you see, i'm used to being shut out by you so...'

me:  'when was the last time i shut you out?  tell me when...  i haven't really been shutting you out lately...'

sometimes we're too caught up in the past, we fail to appreciate the present...

playing for keeps

in fairy tales, the couples live happily "ever after..."  not "for a little while..."

i want the fairy tale...


wahaha...  i changed his name on my contacts list...  now when he rang and the new name appeared i was wondering who on earth this person is who is calling me...  he was already saying his name and i was still like, 'who?  who?'

i've forgotten the name change and i wasn't able to right away reconcile the person with the alias...  toinks!!!

don't settle

at megamall this afternoon, i was supposed to buy a genius brand mouse at octagon.  price was P550.00.  they didn't have the color i like though.

before paying at the cashier, i requested the one who assisted me to please hold my basket awhile while i go check out the genius store nearby.  i said i wanted to check first whether they have another color.

so off i walked over to genius and guess what, exactly the same mouse was selling for P400!  whoa!  fifty paces away (yup, i counted) and there's a P150 difference?!  uh-oh...

anyway, i was thinking, i guess if you search out your heart's desire then you will get a better deal.

what he'll remember

phone call from someone i've asked to stop calling me (not the VoIP caller, ok)...

me:  "you know i wasn't going to pick up the phone but then..."

guy:  "you missed me..."

me:  "haha...  yeah..."

ugh!  i 'fessed up so quickly...  : O

actually, the reason i picked up was because i had a question...  i did tell him that...  but i guess what he'll remember is the fact that i missed him...  : }

they go together

my mom was pointing out to me her christmas decors:  'they're by theme...  that one's all christmas trees...  other one's all angels...  that's the snowman corner...  that's the santa corner...'

hmmm...  each item really matched its grouping...  i noticed, however, something that didn't have a santa face in the santa corner...  it's a ceramic piece showing gifts one on top of the other.

me:  'how come you have these gifts here?'

mom:  'because santa has gifts!'

oh...  of course!  : D

caps and kisses

someone gave me a cap yesterday.  he was about to put it on my head and i suddenly veered away going, "oh, no, no, no..."

he looked puzzled and asked why.

i said when you put your cap on a girl then you're entitled to a kiss.

he was like, "i'm not gonna kiss you..."

me:  "what if you do?!"

i guess he was a combination annoyed, perplexed and frustrated.  anyway, he just handed me the cap.

sorry, really, ' am paranoid...  my dad is a military man.  my estranged husband, a master mariner.  these two professions have this certain tradition with caps.  i remember my dad telling me before, if a girl puts on a (PMA) cadet's shako, then the cadet is supposed to kiss the girl.  no, it's not taking advantage.  it's tradition...  and you're not supposed to break it.

x x x

just like my blog ♥

aw...  text message from someone who's on my mind...  and in my heart...  haha...  just like the tagline of my blog:

"what's on my mind...  what's in my heart...  my life..."

uhm...  much as i want to, the last part won't apply...  <sad>


perceptive ♥

text message:

"U knw hw i feel, cynthia, i'm in love w u, and u me"

whoa!  is that confidence?  ...  or cognizance?

: O

because it's there

at the parking lot...

friend:  "you want me to inflate your tire?"

me:  "am i flat?!"

friend:  "no."

me:  "then why are you gonna inflate my tire?"

friend:  "because i brought my inflator."

huh?!  wahaha...  good thing he's not a surgeon otherwise 'twould be,

"you want me to operate on you?  i brought my surgical instruments..."

; p

don't text and drive

i received a text message from someone who i know was on the road.

i text back:  "U dryvng?  Dnt txt!  Ingat."

the guy's reply:  "Yes, k, see?  U care, hapi n ako, ..."

nyeh!  "don't text and drive" applies to everyone.

but yup, i do care...  :")