an appropriate resource

my niece to my mom:  'lola, what happened during the world war?'

mom:  'huh?!  what is that for?'

niece:  'we're supposed to ask someone who experienced the world war...'

mom:  'ask lolo...'

my niece asks my dad and she gets quite a discourse  ->  my dad was a kid during the war and is a retired military man.  ; )

mom and me

an ex told me before he checked out my mom before courting me. he said she is an indication of how i am going to look in the future. huh?! anyway, obviously he liked what he saw because he not just pursued me to be his girl, he also was in such a hurry to make me his bride. well, today my mom again cropped up in my conversation with a guy. this guy just told me, "i thank your mama for having produced you..." awww... :") i'd like to thank the One Above for the gift of my mom. she is truly a blessing, beautiful inside and out.

celebration of love

checking out the calendar earlier...  well, it suddenly occurred to me, the romantic and maybe even other milestones in our life, as much as possible, we should confine to the 1st to 28th of the month...  if they fall between the 29th and 31st, there will be months when we won't have a 'month-sary'...  and should they fall on february 29th, there will be years when we won't even have an anniversary...

nevertheless, all these '-saries' are just external celebrations of love...  what's really important is the celebration of love within, not just on certain dates but constantly...  ♥♥

bye hello

i'm not really a phone person.  true, i spend a lot of time on the phone but most of the time i'm just the receiver of the call and not the caller.  when i do make a call, it's most likely just a return call.

plus, i'm not really a fan of texting.  my mom has even told me she was really surprised when i replied to her text one time, hahaha.

i use my phone not really for its traditional purpose but for posting facebook status updates, hehe.

well, last night, i was requested, uhm, ordered, to keep my phone close to me so i could readily answer calls.  i obliged and had this weird scared-worried feeling i might miss a call and let someone with an oh-so-simple request down.  ugh!

anyway, the calls have been made and i can now again forget about urgent phone calls, that is, until tomorrow.  tomorrow, i'm supposed to be alert for my phone ringing again.  oh, well, that's still several hours away.  i'm gonna enjoy my i-couldn't-care-less-about-the-phone window for the meantime...  ; )

giving back to the Giver

i was running late for mass so i just hurriedly went to church without getting any money.  (i'm actually used to going all over without any cash on me.  i've been doing it since high school.  my mom is aghast!)

once inside the church, however, i felt really bad and sad that i didn't bring anything for the offertory.  'twas a choice between being late and not offering something, i chose the latter.

then sometime during the mass, i absent-mindedly slipped my fingers inside my pockets.  guess what, i unexpectedly felt something!  i had a couple of bills in my pocket!!!  whoa!  i've forgotten i have change from something i paid earlier...  i was sooo happy...  it was less than what i usually give at offertory but at least it was better than nothing...

i guess when you sincerely want to give something back to God, He'll give you what you want to give Him.

on the contrary

5:00 p.m.

my mom to my niece:  'eat...'

niece:  'too early...'

mom:  'this is my lunch...'


the better sequence

i received a text message this afternoon that suddenly ticked me off in a major way.  i fired off an angry message to the, uhm, 'informer' and after just another exchange of messages the guy was ringing me.

he was asking questions i had no intentions at all of answering.  the guy was persistent and he was all the more pissing me off.

it was a senseless conversation, uhm, argument as i parried the guy's statements and queries with, 'what the...?!  go back to work!!!'

well, after we hang up and i've cooled down a bit, i found myself chuckling at the guy's lines.

"kung makagalit ka naman para kang girlfriend..."
-  the way you get mad it's as if you're the girlfriend

"...  kung ano man ang pinagdadaanan ninyo ..."
-  whatever it is you two are going through

"anong ginawa niya sa 'yo?  pipingutin ko!"
-  what did he do to you?  i'll squeeze his ear!

wahaha...  i was so mad earlier i found nothing funny in the things he was saying...  less than an hour later they were making me laugh...  crazy!

oh, well, at least the anger came first...  i'd prefer that over making me laugh first and then angry later...  uh-uh...  nah!

try again

transferring funds on-line...  several attempts...  wouldn't go through...  about to give up and just go to the bank personally...  decided to give it one last try  ->  success!!!

sometimes that one more try after being frustrated several times gets you what you want...  : )

riding together

i saw my sister-in-law walking.  i offered her my car.

she declined saying she's going to ride with my brother later.

ok.  when i got home, i saw their car in the garage.  oh, so it's not because no car was available that's why she's taking a cab.  she really just wants to ride with my brother later.

aaw...  sweet...  convoy is sweet, too, actually...  but, yup, same car is sweeter...  ♥♥

natural beauty

talking make-up  (i don't wear any, btw)...  my dad went, '...  your mom doesn't need to have her face made up because she's already beautiful...'

awww...  sweet...  ♥♥

losing boobs ; )

on the phone with a friend...  she was telling me about how this guy was sort of lamenting my weight loss because i've lost my, uhm, chest.  (the guy and i are not a couple, ok.)

friend:  'how much weight did you lose?'

me:  '20 lbs.'

friend:  'so if i lose 20 lbs. i'm also going to lose my boobs?'

me:  'i suppose... so don't...'

friend:  'i like that actually...  it's hard if they're too big...'

hahaha...  girls' talk...

phone use

i checked my phone bill...  whoa!  i made P6,155.54 worth of calls!  that's a whole lot of talking there!  actually, i don't really initiate calls.  i simply return  ->  the ones i like, hehe...  anyway, good thing i have an unlimited plan.  i'm paying only a teenie weenie fraction of P6,000...  : )

now my friend's is something else (her bill's under my name):

124 text messages to Smart
385 to Globe
429 to Sun

that's 938 text messages  ->  using a tiny keypad!  uhhhh!!!

video not pic ; )

my niece borrowed my mom's camera...  she watched avril lavigne's concert last night and she wanted two cams:  hers for pics; my mom's for video...

well, today my mom had lunch with friends...  she doesn't really bother with the different buttons and dials on her cam...  she just snaps pics...  guess what, she was wondering why her cam won't click...  uhm, carry-over from my niece's borrowing  ->  'twas set to video not photo...  ; )

at least now she has not just pics but also videos with her friends...  : )

no picture

guy says it's like things are falling into place.

i say maybe it's just scattering the pieces.

disturbing the peace

i was happy...  and then i became happier...

and then i started thinking...  suddenly i wasn't so happy anymore...

anyway, i bounced back to being happy...

i was okay, fine and everything and then i receive a call...  now i yearn to be happier again...


my dad bought visacar wafer nutlet at the supermarket valentine's day...

mom:  'that's not ferrero...'

dad:  'it's not?'

mom:  'no...'

dad:  'let me taste...'

mom:  'it looks like ferrero but it doesn't taste like ferrero...'

actually, it's not the first time i saw such choc in their house...  dunno whether the buyer was just misled...  or was actually scrimping on chocs...  ; p

pushing the right buttons

me:  'i was there <day 1>...'

guy:  'i go there <days 1>...'

me:  'you do?  i'll just go there <day 2> then...'

guy:  'i'm going to be there <days 2>...'

me:  'you are?!  then i'll just ask them to leave it with the guard...'

guy:  'i'll be the guard...'

huh?!  hahaha...  persistent... i am amused...  i am flattered...  i am afraid i'll fall again...  : }

i wonder

at the supermarket with a guy...  i had no bag, no purse, no nothing...

me:  "i have to pee...   you have tissue?"

guy chuckles:  "'to naman, ako pa!"
->  why, you...  me?!

ooops...  ahahaha...  right, wrong gender to ask...

hmmm...  i wonder how guys clean up after emptying their bladder...  or do they?

forgotten not

on the phone...

me:  'ok...  where do we meet?'

guy:  'at <toot>...  where we ate...'

me:  'the one with a picture?'

guy:  'yes...  you remember that?'

haha... of course, i do  ->  it's etched in my heart...  :")

the choice is made

checking out the time thinking whether i could do a 5-, 10-minute shower in time for the 12:30 p.m. mass (tall order!  i normally shower for an hour)...  other option's to attend the evening mass instead...  suddenly my phone rings...

guy asking whether i want leche flan.

what a question!  that's a fave  ->  of course the answer is "of course!"

well, he's going to buy me!!!  : )))

he's about to leave and will give me the flan at around 2:30...

yea, baby!  i am sooo happy...  : )))

sometimes God answers your questions for you, so clearly, so persuasively...

i'm going to be a really thankful and well-showered churchgoer at the evening mass...

: )


you can't really talk
when you're busy kissing
you can't really blog
when you're busy hugging


; )

obvious not

they say a woman's hair is her crowning glory...  well, mine is just a hair strand away from being a crown of shame...  : (

i don't really comb my hair...  it's so fine if i comb it it's just so flat with no body...  so what i do is just run my fingers through it and that's it...  my friends actually have a running joke about it always being 'mahangin sa labas / sa loob / saanman' ('windy outside / inside / wherever') as far as my hair is concerned...  : }

anyway, there is this worldwide accent project ( and before recording my video, what i did was gather my hair at the back with a clip.  guess what, i've been receiving questions as to whether that's an old video or whether i've cut my hair.  i was really surprised.  i was thinking it was obvious that my hair was just held back.  ' turns out it isn't.

makes me wonder now what other things, about me, about whatever, i've been assuming are obvious but are not.


landline call from a number i don't know...  i picked up... whew!  caller is someone i know and he again is just using a different number...

ironic but now it's calls from a number i know that get me all jittery...  ugh!

how i do it

when i'm holding on:  i gloss over all the pains, all the hurts, all the transgressions

once i've decided to let go:  i try to recall every single one

you don't win this one

on the phone with a friend...

me:  'ok, bye...  watch your movie...'

he's watching, uhm, "friends with benefits,"  hahaha  ->  applicable to him but not to me, ok...  ; )

friend:  'i've paused the video...'

me:  'why'd you do that?  resume.'

friend:  'are you trying to avoid me?'

me:  'huh?!  no!  it's just your scolding i don't want to hear...'

the guy is once again taking issue with my all-out approach to loving...  he says my relationships are doomed with that style (grrr!!!  i don't agree!).

anyway, so we resume our discussion, nay, argument.  suddenly the line was cut.

hah!  draw!  ; p

love vs. lust

guy 1:  "akin ka lang!"
->  'you're mine and mine alone!'

guy 2:  'just do it with me once...  the following day you can do it with someone else...'

stark contrast...  STARK.

long overdue

the shoe is on the other foot...  so now he knows how it feels...  at last this goodbye is gonna stick...