math wiz not

mom gives me money and asks me to buy some pastries...

me:  'so what's the proportion?  how many pastry1 and how many pastry2?'

mom:  'maybe 3 dozen of pastry1 and 1 dozen of pastry2...'

me:  'oh!  that big a difference, huh!  not half-half?'

mom:  'well, you can make it 2 1/2 and 1 1/2...'

me:  'ooops...  i'm not good at fractions, mom...  don't make it hard for me...'

wahehe...  toinks!!!

the sweet life

friend preparing to print her discount vouchers:  'i have another cake voucher...'

me:  'you already have three...  two sugarhouse and one secret recipe...'

friend:  'i know there's another one...'

me:  'toy cakes and pastries?  we weren't able to get that one...'

friend:  'not that...'

me:  'what group-buying site?'

friend:  'i don't remember...'

uh-oh...  we subscribe to around twenty group-buying sites...

i do a search and find the missing vouchers (turns out there's two more)...  well, as of now she has five cake vouchers from three different group-buying sites...  that's a lot of sweets, sweetie...  <drool>

spending wisely

showed my mom a pic of shoes that would go well with her new dress...  she said they're nice but she's not keen on buying them because they're too formal and she doesn't really go to a lot of formal occasions...  she says she wants something she can wear more often...

hmmm...  good thinking, mom...  i think i'll adopt that...  : )

again, again...

at the mall...

me:  'hey, i think this is where we checked out wedding rings before...'

companion:  'you should have told me before you got married...  we could have made you...'

me:  'you make wedding rings?'

companion:  'that's our family business...'

me:  'aw...  i didn't know...'

companion:  'never mind...  next time...  on your next wedding...'

ooops...  : }

friends in different dimensions

surprised to receive a message asking how come this supposedly common real-life friend is not my (facebook) friend anymore...  huh?!  really?!  immediately i did a check...  ei, we're still friends...  the person just has multiple accounts and only one is a facebook friend of mine...  whew!  unfriended not...  ; )

singer not

overhearing 'if i were a boy'...  is that beyonce or the new neighbor singing?  hmmm...  i don't hear any accompaniment so it must be the neighbor...  good voice, huh!

if i were the one singing you'd definitely not confuse me with the real thing...  yiiiieeee!!!  toinks!!!  ; p

not just another lullaby

young neighbor singing to her baby...  nope, not lullabies...

celine dion:

♩ ♪  you're here
there's nothing i fear  ♫ ♬


♩ ♪  there were moments of gold
and there were flashes of light  ♫ ♬

rihanna, too:

♩ ♪  in this california king bed  ♫ ♬

cool mom...  : )

ask before you tell

phone rings...

caller:  'i'd like to talk to <mom's name>, please...'

me:  'oh, she's out...'

caller:  'is she at <place>?'

me:  'who is this please?'

caller:  'what time is she coming back?'

me:  'may i know who this is?'

caller:  'is this <sister's name>?'

me:  'who's calling please...'

caller:  'this is her friend...'

me:  'oh...'

caller:  'are you <sister's name>?'

me:  'may i get your name, please...'

caller:  'i'm <name of mom's friend>...'

me:  'oh...  hi, tita...  this is <my nickname>...'

caller:  'oh...  hi...  <question> <question> <question>...'

me:  '<answer> <answer> <answer>'

; )

chili's big mouth burger day

my friends and i were at chili's last night...  it was the 5th annual big mouth burger day...  for this single day of the year, burgers regularly costing P395 went for only P120...  yay!

that was an unplanned night out...  i was at my best friend's place to upload some of her pics when she suddenly announced that she wanted to go to the big mouth burger day...  huh?!  i walked over to her place with nothing but my house keys!  i didn't bring my car...  i had no phone...  no wallet...  my hair was uncombed (when is it not?  hehe)...  i was wearing a top from early afternoon fit for a really sunny day not at all a night out...

well, she really wanted to go...

i said we're sure to have a hard time getting parking...

she said we'll take a cab...

whoa!  intent, huh!

well, this other friend said chili's is actually only one jeepney ride away...  she suggested we just ride a jeep and have an adventure...  oh!  why not?

so off we went and boy, was there a crowd at the place!  : O

(within the 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. to midnight discount window, that branch served a total of 1,540 burgers...)

they were calling out page 6 diners when we arrived...  we were listed on page 9...  we arrived just in time...  my friend says they stopped accepting guests after page 10...

i wasn't able to keep track of how long we waited, maybe an hour, could be more...  we whiled away the time talking and people-watching and laughing and, of course, taking pics...  ; )

it was a really enjoyable night...  there is fun in the unplanned... : )

bird eggs

sister-in-law, checking out the teeny eggs of their pet lovebirds:  'will they grow bigger?'

me:  'they'll become eggs...'

sister-in-law:  'they're already eggs...'

me:  'ooops...  i meant they'll hatch into birds...'

hehe...  erroneous mistake...  ; )

at my pleasure

on the phone...

friend:  'you're a member of the group, right?'

me:  'yup...  they added me...  you can invite, you can add...  i wasn't invited, just right away added...  maybe they're thinking if they invite i won't accept?  hehe...'

friend:  'a lot of discussions...  did you see?'

me:  'oh...  i've turned off notifications...  i didn't leave the group but i've turned off notifications about group activity...'

you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink...  ; p

it's you

sales guy:  'next time you get such calls refer them to me...'

me:  'ay, yeah...  i've referred them all to your company actually...  i told them to go to your website...'

sales guy:  'give them my number...  refer them straight to me...'

me:  'oh...  i don't want to refer people i don't know...  i prefer to refer to the company...  at least it's the company...'

sales guy:  'it's okay...  direct them straight to me...'

me:  'ooops...  no offense meant...  not you personally but in general...  i don't want to refer people i don't know...'

sales guy:  'that's okay...'

me:  'i don't like...  what if they're not good...  at least if i refer to the company it's the company, not a person in particular...'

sales guy:  'ok with me even if they're not good...  even if you don't know them...'

me:  'haha...  i'm referring to you...  i don't know you...  i don't know whether you're ok...  so i'd rather direct them to your website...'



doing tech support over the phone...

friend: 'security question... where did you spend your honeymoon?'

me: 'where did you spend your honeymoon?'

friend: '<place1>?'

me: 'haha... i dunno... where'd you spend it? you have to type there whatever your answer was to that security question before...'

friend: 'i don't remember...'

me: 'then just type there where you spent your honeymoon...'

friend: 'i'll try <place1>'

me: 'haha... ok...'

incorrect... : (

friend: '<place2>?'

me: 'haha... i wouldn't know... that's your honeymoon... where'd you spend it?'

friend: 'where'd you spend yours?'

me: 'you have to put there yours...'

friend: 'yes... but where did you spend yours?'

me: 'me?  <country1> and  <country2>... but initially it was just here... at <hotel>...'

friend: 'what if i put <place3>?'

me: 'haha... you can put anything as long as it matches the answer stored in their database... the one you provided them before...'

friend: 'i don't really remember... never mind...'

oh... so that's something you forget, huh!  memorable not?  ; p

memories of the heart

bumped into someone i very rarely see.  the guy greeted me by my nickname.  i, in turn, greeted him with his.  i think he was surprised.  well, he was my childhood crush.  i still remember...  :")

friends still

i know i've confirmed this guy's friend request before...  now he's adding me as friend again...

i was thinking maybe he unfriended me...  : (

' turns out he just has another account...  : )


dad to mom, referring to my nephew's lovebirds...

dad:  'there's another egg...  two now...  and they're so small...'

mom:  'uh-huh...'

dad:  'they're really small...  <tries to locate a small slice in the bowl of caramelized bananas>...  smaller than this...'

mom:  'oh...'

dad, still sounding amazed:  'they're maybe just half the size of quail eggs...  so small really...'

mom, chuckling:  'of course!  you don't really expect them to produce eggs the size of chickens'...'

listening instead of talking

i called a friend to tell her about a common friend i saw yesterday.  well, she picks up the phone and immediately tells me stories.  then she went on trying to persuade, convince, beg me to do this certain thing.  i kept on declining and our phone conversation ended on that note.

i wasn't at all able to take up with her the topic that was the reason for my call.

: }

making a call

there's this someone i've months back told to stop calling me.  that was not an empty bluff, i sadly meant it.  well, things have a way of not going your way and up to now, more than five months later, the communication hasn't stopped.  nope, it hasn't been continuous.  there really have been attempts to totally cut off but for some reason the cold treatment does not last long.  we just keep on resuming and building up where we left off.

and when i made the mistake (?) of chiding the guy for not keeping his part of the bargain and breaking his promise never to get in touch with me again, he countered with, 'but then didn't you wish that i would un-promise?'  ugh!  yup, in my heart i was hoping we could go on but i've had so many desires before that i did pass up.  just because you want it does not mean you go for it.

anyway, irony of ironies, a couple of weeks ago, he pissed me off when he failed to send me a single text message when just the day before he told me he would call.  nope, i actually do not require nor expect any call from him.  i, in fact, haven't stopped trying to get him to stay away from me.  the thing is, you tell me you're going to do something, i expect you to make good your word.  (yeah, right!)  anyway, that oversight cost him ***BIG*** time.  blessing in disguise, i would say.  hah!

he was apologizing and explaining and appealing but sorry, baby, i was really piqued.

nevertheless, we agreed to remain friends.  hmmm...  he really did not agree.  i imposed it on us, haha.  i find it amusing though that he does not like it when i call him 'friend.'  we were on the phone and i called him 'friend' and he immediately objected.  he said i could call him anything but that.  oh?  how 'bout 'enemy' then?  toinks!!!  ; p

this afternoon i received a call from him.  did i almost drop my phone when he opened with, 'sorry, i wasn't able to call you this morning...'  huh?!  wo-wo-whoa!  with a chuckle i told him i really was not expecting a call from him.  i mean it.  we've already exchanged messages, there was no need to call.

actually, i already got a pleasant surprise this morning.  his call was a totally unexpected surprise in the afternoon.  my day is doubly made...  :")


i call a friend...

me:  'you had missed call on my phone last night...  sorry, i wasn't able to return...'

friend:  'oh, yup...  because <inaudible>...'

me:  'what?'

friend:  'the <inaudible>...'

me:  'i can't hear you...'

friend:  'aw, i'm low batt...'

then the line was cut...

wahehe...  ; p


confidant to me:  "Everything you claim to believe in seems to be thrown out on this one - I don't understand why"

i, too, don't understand... : (


on the phone...

me:  'i don't wanna promise but i'll try...'

caller:  'why don't you want to promise?'

me:  'hello!  i'm already super full eating my words for the longest time...  i keep on saying no more and then just a while later it's there again...  ugh!'

: (

why and why not

a fixture
a surprise

a part of your day
a part of your life

a guy who makes you rush
(because you're excited)
a guy who makes you wait
(because you are not a priority)

someone who goes out of his way
someone who does at his convenience




i love you
i want you

begs to hold on
willing to let go

ever after
goodbye after

for keeps
for fun

the choice is clear...

all of me

guy to me:  '2nd even 3rd fiddle wl hv 2 do'

ooops...  sorry...  the one who occupies top spot in my heart has my full attention...  there's nothing left for anyone else...

selfish ; )

on the phone...

guy to me:  'half my time is spent thinking about you...'

just half?!  why not all?

nyahaha...  toinks!!!

master and servant

hmmm...  my mom tells me these people told my sister-in-law they couldn't approach me because i'm snooty.  oh, really, huh?!

well, i was in my big shirt cleaning stuff, looking dirty and they ignored me.

then when i was fresh from the shower, cleanly dressed, taking pics with my DSLR and i've already been introduced to them as the owner's daughter suddenly i'm the one snobbish?  well, i'm telling you, guys, if you're not nice to me if i look like a maid then i'm not gonna be nice to you when i'm dressed like a mistress.

if only in my shirt

packing clothes...  noticed just now that the brand of one of my night shirts is this VERY special guy's name...  awww...  i guess i won't feel the same sleeping in that shirt tonight...  ♥

last saturday of march

on the phone...

friend:  'aw...  we weren't able to observe earth hour...'

me:  'we did...'

friend:  'we did not...  we were together at the party...  there were lights...'

me:  'huh?!  earth hour's saturday, 8:30 to 9:30...  we were at the party sunday...'

a father's love

last night i attended a party celebrating a schoolmate's daughter's 18th birthday.  at the end of the program, the debutante's dad delivered a speech.

he said when his daughter was still a toddler, she had no hair.  and he saw this bewildered look in her eyes wondering why her head was different from the rest.  so what the dad did was to go bald.  and he vowed that as long as his daughter didn't have hair, her dad would have none as well.

awww...  that is just so sweet...  ♥

shoes that don't match

could not decide which shoes to wear...  i saw my dad...  i put one from each pair on each foot and asked:  'which is nicer?'

my dad goes, 'both.'

me:  'which looks better?'

dad:  'both are nice.'

ok...  i'll wear a different one on each foot...  ; )

remembering the complex, forgetting the simple

my niece gave me the login and password to my granddaughter's facebook account so i could upload pics...  it's a simple plus complex combination...  well, i focused too much on not forgetting the complex now i can't recall the simple...  : }

perfect timing

i want to wear this certain dress tonight but it's a bit creased...  i was half-heartedly considering wearing something else but then when i walked over to my parents' place, i see that my mom's ironing lady is there.  whoa!  her usual sched's ordinary days!  ' turns out she had to attend to something so she requested that the date be moved.

i am sooo happy...  i am sooo thankful...  God is really good...  : )))