you will find it when you need it

there's this picture i've been looking for for two weeks now...  it's for something my mom has requested me to do for my dad...  i've gone over family albums...  even opened boxes i haven't touched in a loooong time...  in the process, i saw other pics i've forgotten we have...  some captured moments i still remember...  others showed times i could not at all recall happening...  : }

anyway, nearing my target date, i half-heartedly placed a similar but not quite as good shot as a contingency measure (hope for the best, prepare for the worst)...  all along, however, i kept on repeating to myself, 'you will find it when you need it...  you will find it when you need it...'

well, this afternoon i decided to go to my dad and ask whether he has this certain picture...  guess what, he said he was just looking at it and so very quickly pulled out a bunch of pics from this envelope...  among them was the pic i've been looking for!  that pic was taken more than fourteen years ago!!!  wow!  wow!!  wow!!!

yup, you will find it when you need it!  i am sooo happy!!!  i am sooo thankful!!!  yea!!!  : D

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