common cold

i return missed calls on my phone...

guy:  'why are you whispering?  where are you?'

me:  'i'm not whispering...  i have colds...'

guy, chuckling:  'maybe you had your back to the air-con...'

me:  'of course!  you lie face down during massage...'

guy:  'you also have it face up...'

me:  'ooops... yup...'

guy, in what seemed to me a naughty tone:  'so why do you have colds?'

me:  'huh?!  hey!  i've been good...  i'm being good...'

it's just colds...  they call it the common cold...  don't read too much into it...  ; p

could have been so beautiful

i dreamt about <toot>...  he was looking for me...  i hid...  he didn't find me...  we both were very sad...  </3

comeback to the comeback

my friend needed some stuff from the grocery...

me:  'i need to gas up...  let's bring my car...'

friend:  'no...  let's bring mine...'

what followed was a series of 'my car - no, mine' exchange...

i delivered what i thought would be a decisive statement:  'how am i gonna gas up if we bring yours?!'

well, it wasn't logical enough...  i was knocked down with, 'you gas up later...  let's bring mine now...'

: }

once bitten, twice shy

whoa!  i was having fun size milky ways and suddenly i choked...  nothing solid in my mouth, just a SMALL amount of melted, liquefied choc yet i was choking BIG time!  really major!!!  uuuuhhhhhhh!!!

so there i was coughing and turning red and all and silly, trivial, shallow me was thinking, 'who on earth is thinking of me at this time?!'

(hereabouts, they say if you choke, someone's thinking of you.  if you bite your tongue, someone's talking about you.)

well, when the crisis passed (hahaha...  it was faaarrr from your ordinary choke), as expected (<blush>), i posted the incident as a status update in facebook.  guess what, in my inbox, timestamp exactly 30 minutes before my post, was a totally unexpected message from someone, uhm, that i used to love (ugh!).  he's asking how i am and saying he thought of me.

aha!  so you are the culprit, huh!  forget it, guy.  i've said this many times, i'll say it again:  stay away from me!!!  go on with your life as if i don't exist.  you broke my heart.  i'm not gonna risk a repeat.

talk not cheap

i'm using a different phone right now and i don't have my complete contacts list.  i call my sister in one of her three numbers, the one where she texted me last.  so we were talking, talking, talking and suddenly she goes, 'wait, are you calling me on <network 1> or on <network 2>?'

me:  'dunno...  i just pressed 'Call sender' from your message...'

turns out i called the 'wrong' network  (she has a number from each network), not the same as mine where we could talk endlessly for free...  abruptly she cuts the conversation  ->  so i will not be charged for the call...

nyahaha...  stingy much...  ; )

a girl thing

on the phone with a friend for whom i'm supposed to bring some clothes...

she describes this blouse, it's georgette...  then this other blouse, it's cotton... then that legging, korean fabric...  i felt so ignorant, hahaha...  to me they're just clothes, i don't really know what you call the material...

well, what do you know, just a little later i was having this exchange:

me:  '...  this certain blouse with sequins...'

guy:  'what are sequins?'

me:  'the shiny ones...'

ei, i'm not that bad after all...  ; )

carry on

life has unexpected twists and turns and even sudden stops...  the temporal ends to give way to the eternal...  prayers for both the living and the dead...

not low-key

i just walk to church and all i bring with me is money for the offertory, normally bills.  well, this evening, i had change in my pocket from parking at the mall earlier and i thought i should give it during offertory as well.  guess what, as i was emptying my pocket for the collection basket, the coins fell and rolled on the floor!  yikes!!!  so much lower the value and yet they're the ones noisy...  : }

take a break

on the phone...

me:  'are we pushing through?'

friend:  'what do you think?'

me:  'you?  what do you want?'

friend:  'is it gonna inconvenience you?'

me:  'haha...  it does...  but it's only once a month so it's ok...  just don't make it weekly, that's another story...'

some things are tolerable because they're not frequent...

ponder and learn

different guys...  same story...

one says it did not happen...  drop it...  move on...

the other concedes it did happen...  forget it...  move on...

contrasting views...  same advice...

well, i definitely don't intend to dwell on it forever...  the thing is, i'd like some questions answered before i put it behind me...  sometimes you cannot just brush things aside...  you need to talk it out to get it out of your system...  you need some clarifications to prevent it from happening again...