a little boy was asking my dad for a basketball (he has given away quite a few)...

dad: 'i don't have any.  i don't always bring a ball when i'm here.'

boy: 'when are you going to have one again?'

dad: 'i haven't bought yet.  maybe next time.'

uh-oh...  i have a feeling the 'maybe' did not register with the little boy and he will be expecting a ball the next time he sees my dad.

a while later, another boy called out from the gate looking for my dad.  he, too, was asking for a basketball.  this time, it was my mom who was outside.

mom:  'we don't have any balls right now.  he hasn't bought yet.'

boy:  'when are you going to have one?'

mom:  'i don't know yet.  not yet sure when.'

aw...  kinda heart-breaking but maybe a better way to manage expectations.

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