keep it or lose it

friend asks whether i've checked his message...

me: 'no...'

friend: 'check it...'

me: 'i don't wanna go back to that anymore...'

friend: 'how would we know if it's correct or not if you don't check?'

me: 'i don't care if it's correct or not...  i told you i don't wanna think about it anymore...'

friend: 'but why?'

me: 'it irked me!  i've told you three times, you still kept on asking me.  you wouldn't remember.  if it's not important to you, why should i make it important to me?'

friend: 'it's not that it's not important to me...'

me: 'then why did you ask repeatedly?  i've told you several times...  verbally, on facebook, in text...  you wouldn't even bother to scroll back...  now you're asking me to check?  you shouldn't require people to do what you yourself are not willing to do...'

friend: 'hey, i checked!'

me: 'only after i refused to do it myself when you asked for the nth time...'

friend: 'okay, okay...  but please check now so i would know whether i missed something...'

me: 'i don't wanna waste time on that anymore.  i've put it behind me.  my life is simple. i try to stay away from things that annoy me. if something irritates me, i ask myself, 'can i take this out of my life?'  if yes, then i take it out.  if no, then i put up with it.  simple.'

friend chuckles:  'is that also what you applied to <toot>?'

me:  'haha...  yes...  some people complicate things because they don't even consider their options.  me, i exercise my options.  if you annoy me and i have an option not to put up with you, i stay away from you.'



cousin tells me she was checking out mice for her computer.  she initially had in mind something cheapie.  and then she remembered my line:

'i'm good to myself.'

with that she thought she'd be good to herself, too, and searched for something of better quality.

: )

let me count the days

i try to avoid going out when it's raining but this afternoon i went ahead and dropped by this supermarket to return something i bought last week.  it turned out the color does not match the color of the fixture to which i intended to attach it.

i called them yesterday to inquire about their exchange policy.

customer service:  'we have seven days for returns, ma'am...'

me:  'i bought it on the 23rd so if seven days i can return it up to...'

customer service:  '23?  29, ma'am...'

me:  'not 30th?  you count from the day it was bought?  there's a legal definition for the number of days...  as far as i know one starts the following day...'

customer service:  'wait...  i'll check, ma'am...'

he comes back and tells me last day for return is really the 29th...

me:  'hmmm... okay...  good thing you told me...  i would have come on the 30th...'

customer service:  '30 would already be too late, ma'am...'

me:  'yeah, following your convention...  but that is how i would have counted...  i dunno how your policy is worded but i know there is a prescribed way legally on how you count days...'

to be safe, i'll keep in mind to ask for the last day instead of the period next time...


going up my place when i saw my small-built seven-year-old nephew on their roof trying to push a broken chair off the edge with a long stick. what the ... ???!!!

trying to sound as calm as i could (aaarrrrggghhh!!!), i told him to leave the chair alone and climb up the balcony right away.

i watched as he clambered up the railing and heaved a big sigh of relief once he was safely in. whew!

i sternly told him never to venture on the roof by himself ever again. the boy who was so cool on the roof suddenly looked scared (of me, wahaha!)...

good thing i don't have a child... i'd readily banish some nanny to oblivion letting her ward do such things unattended... : }

some risks are just not worth it...  \m/

walking in the rain

tiptoed quite a distance in my flats through rain-soaked grounds to minimize shoe wetness... as if i was wearing invisible heels...

pak! pak! pak!

; )

hallo, maria sofia love...  peace...  : )

online shopping

i like shopping online:

-  no traffic...

-  no parking...

-  no mall hours...

-  no waiting while sales personnel check whether your size or preferred color is available...

-  no queueing to pay...

-  you see so much more in a shorter span of time.


-  there's a waiting period between order and delivery (compensated for by the joy i get when the package finally arrives : D )...

-  you cannot try on stuff...  they may not fit well...  what looks good in pics may not necessarily look good on you...

-  shoes are tricky...  sizes are not standard across brands...

i order this size  ->  it's small  ->  i have it replaced with the next bigger size...

succeeding order, i get the bigger size  ->  it's too big  ->  i have it replaced with a smaller size...

i keep on bouncing between these two sizes...  hit and miss...  hit and miss...

-  you cannot check the material...  one time, for reasons i don't know, chiffon entered my mind...  when my order arrived, i was surprised...

me:  'is this chiffon???'

mom:  'yes...'

me:  'i was thinking it's smooth...'

then it dawned on me:  i actually wanted silk!  : }

-  and then now i was just checking out dresses...  what the...?!  there was this Large size dress and the bustline is just the size of my waistline!  is it too small?  or am i too big???

ugh!  let's close that browser and switch to youtube...


my man

guy asks me what my ideal man is...

me:  'i want someone who would be on my side...  you know 'rated K'?  korina sanchez...  i like their tagline...  'kaibigan' [friend]...  what's the other one? i can't recall right now...  'kakampi' [ally]...  i want someone like that...

and it's important to me that he would at least treat me as well as he treats others...  if you're going to cancel me for everything and for everyone then i'm going to cancel you out of my life...  is that unreasonable?'

guy:  'no...'

me:  'haha...  good...  i've long realized that there are two kinds of spouses...  those who reserve their best treatment for their spouse because you're the spouse, you're supposed to be special...  and there are those who reserve the worst treatment for their spouse because you're the spouse, you'd understand...  if you're the latter type then you're not the guy for me...'


wake up

guy tells me his girlfriend stresses him out...  he says instead of making him happy, she too very often makes him mad.

me:  'you know, you should examine what makes you mad...  is it something within her control?  you shouldn't get mad at people for things that are beyond their control...  for example, it rains then there's heavy traffic and it irks you...  don't blame it on her...  it's not her fault it rained...  now if it's something she willfully did or failed to do, then ok, get mad at her.

go over the things that made you mad...  this one she could have done but did not do or did but should not have.  okay, that's minus one point.  this one there was nothing she could have done to avoid,  don't count it against her.'

then guy tells me he broke up with his previous girlfriend because she told him she dreamt he had someone else.

me:  'what?!  you broke up with a girl because of a dream?!  she has no control over what she dreams about, hello!'

guy:  'but it wasn't true!'

me:  'precisely!  it's just a dream...  it doesn't necessarily mean it's true!'

guy:  'i was so busy...  i was studying...  i was working so hard...  i was barely getting any sleep and then that's what she thinks about?!'

me:  'you, can you control your dreams?  maybe exceptional people can but normally no...  you dream what you dream...  that's it!  you don't end a relationship because your girlfriend dreamed about this or that!'

nightmare boyfriend...  gah!

only you

aunt not feeling well so i ran some errands for her...

aunt:  'we were able to do everything that needed to be done today...  well, except the one for the dentist...  my dentist wants to have a panoramic picture of my teeth...'

me:  'hehe...  i couldn't have pics of my teeth taken on your behalf, auntie...'

; p


accompanied my mom to the bank...  there was a long line...

me:  'i'll line up for you, mom...  i'll just call you when it's your turn...'

mom:  'no...  i'll go there...  senior...'

i look at the counter...  no queue!  : D

some things get better with age...  : )

yours and ours

my sisters' and my room in the province has three beds placed close together side by side so they appear like just one big bed.

i got a king-size sheet...

me:  'have you tried the king, mom?'

mom:  'no...'

me:  'oh...  i wanted to know whether it fits...  if it does, i'm going to order another one...'

mom:  'it's sure to fit...  the queen fits what more king...'

me:  'but the queen does not cover the whole bed...'

mom:  'it does...'

me:  'but you have to use two sheets...'

mom:  'just one...'

me:  'there are two...  a big one and then a small one for the third...'

mom:  'what third?'

me:  'the third bed...'

mom:  'oh...  in your room?'

me:  'yes...'

mom:  'i thought in our room...'

: }

it depends

clearing the dining table...

spicy santol...

sister:  'there's little left...  you finish it...'

me:  'there's more in the ref...  just put it there...'

salad dressing...

sister:  'finish this so we won't have to store...'

me:  'i've eaten so much...  they might rumble inside my tummy...'


sister:  'why don't you finish this?'

me:  'okay...  thanks...'



after mass this afternoon, i once again saw a desk with a "Free Dressmaking" sign at church...  now learning how to sew is on my bucket list (as well as learning how to crochet...  and having at least one specialty dish which my loved one would find really, really delicious <3 )...  this time therefore, i inquired...

me:  'is this just for the depressed areas?'

guy:  'no...  it's for everyone...'

me:  'do you have to bring cloth?  a sewing machine?  what?'

guy:  'they'll be telling you at the orientation...'

he hands me a piece of paper and i see that there's a three-hour orientation...

me:  'oh, ok...  i'll sign up...'

ooops...  the list is blank!  :O

me:  'i'm first???  no one has signed up yet?'

guy:  'you can attend the orientation even if you don't sign up...'

me:  'hmmm...  i'll write my name so that list won't be empty anymore...'

write down my name i did...

guy:  'the classes will be for six months...'

me:  'six months?!'

guy:  'you'll get a certificate after...'

me:  'certificate?!'

guy:  'from TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority)...'

me:  'what???!!!  TESDA???!!!  you should have told me that before i wrote my name!'

all i want to do is sew bags and pouches for my stuff!  : }

in the moment

me:  'did fate bring us together?'

sister:  'you want cheese?'

me:  'do you think fate brought us together?'

sister:  'do you want cheese?'

me:  'why do you...???  my topic's romantic and you keep on talking about cheese???!'

sister:  'because we're eating...'



me:  'it's an old song but i so love 'clarity' right now...'

niece:  'zedd?'

me:  'yup...

♩ ♪  if our love...  ♫ ♬

aw!  i just said i so love the song and now i forget the lyrics...'

niece:  '♩ ♪  if our love is tragedy
why are you my remedy?  ♫ ♬'

me:  'oh, yup...  remedy...

♩ ♪  if our love's insanity
why are you my clarity?  ♫ ♬'

<3 <3 <3