let me count the days

i try to avoid going out when it's raining but this afternoon i went ahead and dropped by this supermarket to return something i bought last week.  it turned out the color does not match the color of the fixture to which i intended to attach it.

i called them yesterday to inquire about their exchange policy.

customer service:  'we have seven days for returns, ma'am...'

me:  'i bought it on the 23rd so if seven days i can return it up to...'

customer service:  '23?  29, ma'am...'

me:  'not 30th?  you count from the day it was bought?  there's a legal definition for the number of days...  as far as i know one starts the following day...'

customer service:  'wait...  i'll check, ma'am...'

he comes back and tells me last day for return is really the 29th...

me:  'hmmm... okay...  good thing you told me...  i would have come on the 30th...'

customer service:  '30 would already be too late, ma'am...'

me:  'yeah, following your convention...  but that is how i would have counted...  i dunno how your policy is worded but i know there is a prescribed way legally on how you count days...'

to be safe, i'll keep in mind to ask for the last day instead of the period next time...

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