i gassed up and, as usual, the gasoline attendant checked the stuff under my hood (oil, brake fluid, power steering, etc.).

he said i needed more oil so i told him to check the trunk and if there's no oil there i'll buy from them.  well, he was able to get some oil from my trunk.  he did his thing then told me i still needed more oil unfortunately they've run out of mine.

i told him i'll just get from another station.

we said our goodbyes (wahaha...  sounds like some sad love story...  toinks!!!)...  i drove off.

guess what, about a kilometer away from the station, i saw my trunk lid high up!  he forgot to close it!  ugh!

i was on the innermost lane, approaching a flyover and there was neither sidewalk nor shoulder...  : }

i turned my hazard lights on, slowed down, stopped on my lane right beside an island, got off and closed the trunk...

it was nighttime and i was at a major and busy thoroughfare...  :O

isn't it basic?  you open it, you close it.  but yup, people forget.

my spare oil keeps on bouncing between the trunk and the backseat.  it used to be in the trunk.  then it was in the backseat.  after a while, i put it in the trunk again.  i guess it's time to put it in the backseat once more.  it will stay there until the time i forget why it's there and i will transfer it to the trunk again...  ;"}

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