no brains

five of us want to try mystery manila...

me: 'i don't wanna think, ok. i just want to go there but i don't want to analyze clues...'

cousin: 'me, too... i already have so many things to think about, i don't want to do any more thinking there...'

friend 1: 'i don't wanna think, too...'

friend 2: 'me neither!'

friend 3: 'same here!'

me: 'how are we going to get out if no one's going to do the thinking? someone has to analyze the clues so we could get out of the room...'

cousin: 'it's ok... let's just take pictures there...'

me: 'nyeh! i don't think you're allowed to take pictures... besides, when i go there i want to be able to get out because we were able to solve the mystery and not just because time's up...'

cousin: 'let's bring <hubby>... let him be the one to analyze the clues...'

me: 'and then we'll stress him out pressuring him to come up with the solution so we could get out?'

maybe we all should just go to dinner instead.. ; )

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