captive audience

last night, i overheard my sister's TV...  it was the pinoy big brother 737 finals...

me:  'what does the 737 mean?'

sister:  'i don't know...  i don't really watch this...'

oh...  ok...

then i went downstairs...  my mom was also in front of the tv and it also was showing the pbb finals...

me:  'what does 737 in the title mean?'

mom:  'i don't know...  i don't watch this...'

me:  'how come yours and <sister>'s TVs are both on that channel if you don't watch it?  because it's the finals?'

mom:  'i'm waiting for 'your face sounds familiar'...  it's normally shown before this but now they switched timeslots because it's the finals...'

; }

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