passed schoolchildren in philippine costumes for Linggo ng Wika...  sooo cute!!!  :")

almost all the boys were wearing red pants and white camisa de chino...  i saw only one in this colorful bagobo outfit...

the girls' dresses had more variety and color...  there was a maria clara plus patadyongs and balintawaks...

i don't really know whether the practically uniform look of the boys were from teachers' orders...  i could imagine, however, a teacher telling the girls to wear a baro't saya and still the outfits will come out varied...

clothes-wise i think it is more interesting to be a girl...  am i glad i'm one...  : )


i started driving in college (a long, long time ago :"} )...  up to now, however, i'm still not good at parallel parking...  i usually end up not quite close to the curb and / or a bit diagonal instead of straight...  actually, i would rather park far and walk rather than parallel park...

well, today, mainly because there was ample space, i was able to parallel park perfectly, in one go at that!  i was sooo happy...  i was sooo thankful...  : D

i excitedly opened my door and suddenly there was a loud thud!  huh?!  the door would not open all the way!  turns out i parked beside a cracked pavement that has risen and the elevated part hit my door!  waaahhh!!!

i ace something i rarely get right and in the process i scratch my car?!  ugh!  life is not fair!!!  :'(

but hey!  God is good all the time...  :")


chatting on the phone and mentioned that i wanted to go to this mall because my combs were on sale...

caller:  'the comb <toot> gave you?'

me:  'huh?!  you remember he gave me???  ei, he gave me just one, ok...  the rest i was the one who bought...'

caller:  'you know it's not good for couples to give each other combs...'

me:  'we're not a couple!'

caller:  'even just suitors, they should not give combs...'

me:  'he's not courting, hello!'

caller:  'yeah...  maybe you're just friends...'

me:  'yes, we've been friends for years...  that's as far as it will go...  anyway, what will happen if you give a comb?'

caller:  'you will separate...'

me:  'haha...  there's nothing to separate because nothing was joined...'

hmmm...  i want another massage comb, please...  ; )


me to nephew:  'your hair looks like that of...  hmmm...  wait...  not johnny rockets...  johnny...  johnny...  ah...  johnny tango!'

nephew:  'johnny bravo!'

me:  'oh...  hahaha...  yup...  johnny bravo!  well, at least i got it half-right...'

uhm...  and also half-wrong...  :"}


guy wearing a shirt with the print:

'If it's a sin to be handsome,

oh...  no need to apologize, guy...  no need...  ; p

just keep it inside

my dad wanted a sunny side up so the kitchen wiz that i am (hahahahaha...  verbalize to materialize!), i set off in the kitchen to indulge him...

break the egg, check...

cook the egg with the yolk intact, check...

transfer the egg from the pan to the plate, waaahhh!!!  the yolk broke!

i decided to just stir it coming up with a swirly not quite scrambled egg...  :"}

take two  ->  i got another egg...

break it, check...

cook the egg with the yolk intact, check...

transfer the egg from the pan to the plate, ta-daannn!!!  i did it!!!  : D

i served the good egg to my dad and, even if i didn't feel like eating, gobbled up the scrambled egg so he won't see...

burp!  ;"p

just because

shared with my sister a chocolate bar my sister-in-law gave me (thank you!!!  <3 <3 <3 )...

sister:  'it tastes like cookies and cream...'

me:  'it is cookies & cream...  it's printed on the wrapper...'

sister:  'oh...  i didn't look...'

me:  'you just put it in your mouth without checking the wrapper?!'

sister:  'it's chocolate!'

oh...  haha...  yeah...  that is reason enough...  ;")


my niece and i paid her tuition this afternoon...  so we were on queue and when our number came up, the guard called us to one of the windows...

ok...  i gave the enrollment slip plus my credit card to the woman at the counter...

she took them and then proceeded to count and check a wad of one-dollar bills...

so there i was watching her through the glass window and, not really noticing that i was thinking aloud, blurted out, 'how come she's counting dollars???'
[local currency is the philippine peso]

the guard overheard me and asked, 'are you paying in dollars?!'

me:  'no!  mine's credit card...'

so she was checking the dollar bills and looking at this slip where i think serial numbers or whatever was listed and then she stood up and disappeared!

in the meantime, the guard has already called two payees to the next window...

i told the guard, 'next time a window opens up transfer us there...  the cashier here left...'

the guard peeks through the glass and goes:  'she's still coming back...'

me:  'even then!  she's not processing our payment...  she's still attending to something else...  you shouldn't have called us to this window if she's not yet ready to attend to us...  just transfer us...'

guard:  'but your papers are already with her...'

me:  'then get them and bring them to another window...'

and then the woman came back...  she was still checking the wad of bills, one dollar each!

me, noticing and aligning my mouth to the speaker that would allow her to hear whatever i was saying behind the window:  'what's she doing?!  it's so rude to be calling someone comfortably seated to stand in front of you then make them wait while you take so long attending to something else...  people might even think we're the one holding the line...'

she suddenly glances at me then puts the dollars down...  she then processes my niece's payment...

gah!  some people are not able to recognize rude things on their own...  you have to point it out to them before they remember to be considerate...  >: }

face it

joining my mom on a lunch out (actually, i'm primarily just a driver)...  i was wearing a dress that was business in front but party in the back  ->  not a wild party, just a little fun mid-back plunge...

my mom sees me and goes:  'there's going to be a priest there!'

me:  'mom, it's a restaurant not a church...  and it's lunchtime and it's hot...'

besides, people are not really supposed to talk behind your back...  ; p

gone too soon

saleslady offering me a P1,600 bar of soap...

me:  'aw, thanks...  the organic soaps i buy cost so much cheaper...'

saleslady:  'but this is really good, ma'am...'

me:  'yeah, i've tried it...  no, i didn't buy...  my sister bought it for me...  i won't buy such an expensive soap myself, hehe...'

saleslady:  'but this one will already last you a year, ma'am...'

me:  'one year?!  how come mine lasted just weeks?!  not even a month!'

saleslady:  'maybe you were soaking it?'

me:  'no...  but i do take hour-long showers...'

saleslady:  'that long?  even then...  you're supposed to use this just for the face...'

me:  'nyeh!  i used it all over...  for both face and body!'

waaahhh...  ignorant user...  wasted resources...  :"O

love is in the air

checking out beddings...  i only need a queen but the designs i liked kept on turning out to be for kings...

me:  'actually, i want a king bed, california king, but there's no more space in my room...'

: }

= = = = =

crossing over to another store, rihanna's song played in the airwaves...

'♩ ♪  in this california king bed
we're ten thousand miles apart  ♫ ♬'

me to companion:  'wow!  i was just telling you about california king and then we hear that song?!  telepathy!'

: D

= = = = =

deciding on drinks at a food court...  i saw a 'goto king' outlet...

me:  'what do they have at goto king?'

companion:  'goto!'
->  porridge / congee

me:  'not king?'

; p

= = =

three kings all in a day...  does that mean valentine is just around the corner?  <3 <3

through the years

i have this denim dress that i wear A LOT...  it's long and loose and comfortable and it has pockets which is perfect given that i don't like to carry a bag around...

so my phone rings and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...

then the caller tells me that she just might show up where i'm going...

caller:  'maybe you'd be wearing your denim dress again...'

[ #uniform  ;"p ]

me:  'haha...  i dunno whether you saw the throwback pic i just posted...  the one driving...'

caller:  'the 2003?'

me:  'yes!  i posted that because i was just wearing the same dress and then i saw that pic and i was surprised the denim was so dark...  i've forgotten it used to be dark blue!  it's so light now!'

old clothes never dye...  let them fade away...  ; )

a long while

i called this office...  i was told the one i was looking for just went out...

me:  'awww...  do you have other phones there?'

OJT:  'none, ma'am...'

me:  'there's only one phone in your office?'

OJT:  'yes, ma'am...'

me:  'in the whole ground floor, are there other phones?'

OJT:  'none, ma'am...  why?  have you been calling awhile?'

me:  'i've been calling for weeks...  the line is always busy...'

actually, i was already wondering whether the phone was out of order or, uhm, even hung...  one time i was there i noticed the phone was not properly put down after a call...

anyway, good news...  just as i said i'd rather wait on the line lest i be unable to connect again, i was told the one i was calling just came in...  whew...

be careful

the doctor gave my mom a stress ball that looked to me like a heart but i wasn't sure...

me:  'is that a heart, doc?'

doctor:  'yes...'

me:  'she has stress balls...  but they're round...'

doctor to my mom:  'so you have stress balls...  let me have that back...'

mom:  'you've given it to me...  you're not supposed to take it back...'

me:  'that's a heart, mom...  hearts can be taken back...'

you bruise it, you lose it...