looks like

wearing a gingham dress...  stopped for lunch at a no-frills eatery...

me to niece:  'do you know why they don't have tablecloths?'

niece:  'why?'

me:  'because i'm wearing it...'



i was walking past when this guy suddenly jumped at his friend and pulled down his pants exposing the friend's butt...  the friend was red-faced with embarrassment while the guy just kept on laughing so hard.

i don't know what it is about guys that make them pull such pranks.  i remember when we were young, there was this phase when my brother and his friends did that to each other a lot.  they play basketball, someone makes a layup and boom!  someone else pulls down his shorts.

there'd be laughter and embarrassment but curiously, no one gets mad.  they simply find it amusing.

i can't recall any instance when i've seen girls do that to each other.  i'm thinking if ever girls would flash or moon, they'd expose their own bods not someone else's.

oh, well,

"sugar and spice
and everything nice"


"snips and snails
and puppy dogs tails"

it figures...

clear and complete

i went out with a friend last night and he dropped me off at my place around 12:45 a.m.

12:47, i texted him that my phone batt's already empty and i just connected to a powerbank to send him a message.

then i went to sleep.

9:17 a.m., i received a message from him telling me that he was already home.


i asked whether the message was just late or he really just got home that time.

he said the latter.

whaaattt???!!!  why???

i know traffic is really terrible these days but eight hours in the wee hours of the morning for a distance of not even 15 kms. is way beyond too much!

maybe he went on a 'detour' and spent the night at some other place?  ; p

well, it turns out he got home around 1 a.m., fell asleep right away, then went out again in the morning to attend to something.  the 9:17 a.m. message is actually already for the second going home.


some information are material.  if you leave them out, the message will be misleading.

needle in a haystack

my mom asking me to buy this versatile pair of pants you can wear from home to a casual day out.

me:  'what color?'

mom:  'black.'

me:  'what material?'

mom:  'i dunno...'

me:  'where'd you see it?'

mom:  'online...'

me:  'what store?'

mom:  'i didn't notice...'


versatile black pants women

google search results:

; p

you oughta know

depositing checks at the bank of the philippine islands branch in blue ridge...

the teller told me one of the checks will be on-us while the other will be local.


then she asks me:  'does <supposedly on-us check issuer> know you'll be depositing it today?'

me:  'aw, i dunno...  that's my mom's...  she just told me to deposit it...'

teller:  'can you ask your mom whether <issuer> knows the check will be deposited today?'

me:  'is that necessary?  the check is dated october 15.  it's already 24th.  that should be funded already.'

teller:  '<issuer> might not know you'll be depositing it today...'

me:  'do you know <issuer>?  has he bounced checks before?'

teller:  'i don't know <issuer>, ma'am.'

me:  'neither do i.  i'm just running an errand for my mom.  just deposit it.  if it's not funded then let that be a lesson to the issuer that he should fund his checks on time.'

teller:  'is it okay with you if i just process it as local?'

me:  'you were the one who told me it's on-us...  why will it be  local now?  what will happen if you process it as on-us?'

teller:  'it will be blocked, ma'am...'

me:  'really?  why will it be blocked?'

teller:  'because the issuer does not know that it will be deposited today...'

me:  'are you sure?!  how would the system know the issuer does not know the check will be deposited today?'

teller:  'i'll just call <issuer>, ma'am...'

me:  'ok.'

then teller comes back and tells me she could not contact the issuer.

me:  'is it really your policy to inform the issuer of every check deposit?'

teller:  'it depends, ma'am...  if the amount is big...  if...'

i blurt out:  'so P10,000 is big?!'

teller:  'no, ma'am...'

me:  'then why did you have to call the issuer before processing the deposit?  is that really your policy?'

teller:  'it varies, ma'am...  in this case we have to inform the issuer because it's on-us and it's interbranch.  if it's local there'd be 3-day clearing.'

me:  'actually, it doesn't really matter whether you process it as local or as on-us because my mom's not going to withdraw the money anyway.  but because of the things you've been saying i wanted it processed as on-us because i could not make sense of your policy and i want to test it.'

teller again asks me whether she can just process it as local.

me:  'okay.  but you better be sure that's really how it's supposed to be because i'm going to blog this.'

teller says yes.

my errand is complete.


stay away

sister:  'i bought chocs...'

me:  'i thought you're not supposed to eat chocs anymore?'

sister:  'it's for you...'

me:  'yeah?  but if it's in the ref it would be too easy for you to get some, too...  don't test yourself...'

it's easier to avoid temptation than to resist it.

last minute

i was supposed to go out today but i cancelled because my mom will be seeing her doctor and i was going to accompany her.

thursday i was asking her what time we'll leave.

she said she hasn't made an appointment yet.


friday i again asked.

she said she has yet to text the secretary.


this morning i asked again.

mom:  'the doctor will be there at 1 p.m.'

me:  'so what time do you want us to leave, 12:30 or 12:45?'

mom:  'actually, i can go by myself.'


cue alanis:

♩ ♪  it's like rain on your wedding day
it's a free ride when you've already paid  ♫ ♬

; }


picking up my sister at the office...  i was maneuvering to park when the guard approached me...  he said their vehicles are arriving soon and will be parking there...

me:  'aw, sorry...  where can i park then?'

guard:  'you can wait at the lobby, ma'am...'

me:  'yes...  but where do i park?'

guard:  'just wait at the lobby, ma'am...'

me:  'does that mean i have to park outside?'

guard:  'no, ma'am...  the lobby is inside the building...'

me:  'haha...  i know...  but then i'm alone...  if i go to the lobby, what happens to my car?  i can't bring it inside...  do i have to park outside the compound?'

guard:  'no, ma'am...  you can park at the side...  just go straight then turn left...'

whew!  that was my question from the start...


phone call from a friend of my mom's...

mom's friend:  'thanks for coming...'

me:  'my pleasure...  thanks for inviting...'

mom's friend:  'you were so pretty...

<i grin...>

you had no makeup...

<i smile>

you had no bra...'


me:  'i was wearing a bra!'

mom's friend:  'were you?'

me:  'yes!!!  but then my nipples are so perky sometimes it seems like i am not...  i need a thicker pad...'

mom's friend:  'the dress that you were wearing, it was ok not to wear a bra...'

me:  'maybe...  but i did...'

actually, i'm not a fan of bras...  i forgo them at the house and when i'm going someplace where no one knows me...  but a gathering with friends of my mom's?  i definitely would wear one!

as they say,
you eat for yourself;
you dress for others.



for the first time since i blogged last october 7 about my not so pleasant experiences at the Philippine National Bank branch at the corner of Lauan St. and Aurora Blvd. in Proj. 3, Quezon City, i went back to the bank again to make another interbranch deposit on behalf of my mom.

so i entered the bank and went to the counter to fill out a deposit slip.  whoa!  the branch manager walked over and made small talk with me as i was filling out the slip.  (she had actually called me last october 11 profusely apologizing for what transpired.)

then when i sat down to wait for my queue number to be flashed onscreen, one of the tellers, who i suppose was on break as she invited me to eat, approached me and was getting my slip for processing.

i said it's ok, i'll go through the regular process and just wait for my turn.  (actually, initially i was the only customer at the bank but another one showed up while i was filling out the slip so i became second.)

both the manager and the teller were very friendly, solicitous and apologetic.  they were telling me not to be angry anymore.

oh!  i told them i wasn't angry.  i said i simply blogged about my experience and it was basically just a factual narration.

anyway, i am not asking for special treatment.  that was not my objective at all.  what i want is for the process to improve not just for me but for every other customer as well.  from the looks of it, they seem to have started taking action.

thank you and i wish you success.

shooting and sharing

caller:  'friend!  you're uploading decades-old pics!'

me:  'that was thursday...  throwback!'

caller:  'the non-throwback?  when are you going to upload our pictures?'

me:  'i've uploaded the one at the house...  i posted it on your birthday...'

caller:  'how about the ones after that?  our pictures in <place>?'

me:  'haha...  i'm still in august 2015...'

caller:  'so you'll post the 2016 pics in 2017 yet?'

me:  'maybe...  or if it's your birthday again then i'll post one of ours ahead again...'

i have a LOT of pictures and i want them posted chronologically as much as possible...  exceptions are when there's a time element or someone might want to see it right away...

i also prefer to post just one place per day...

plus i don't want to bleed the feed...

the consequence therefore is that my uploads are super-late...  it's already october 2016 and i'm just now uploading august 2015 pics in my facebook account...  #ThrowbackEveryday...  ;"}

i actually cringe everytime i see 'late upload / late post' captions in facebook...  seems to me like it's an obligation to post pics right away...  i take pics to capture moments and things that i like...  the posting is just something like an afterthought...  it's optional...  actually, the most special pics i don't even post...  they're just for certain eyes...  and in my heart...  <3 <3

pics of others i do post (in other accounts) soon enough...  it's just me-stuff that i've been uploading really late...  it's my timeline anyway...  i can take my time...  i don't see any urgency in having to show people my pics...  for all you know they're not even interested...  wahaha...  toinks!!!  ;"p

this is not about logic

today i took apart my broken washing machine (yup, i like doing traditionally manly things around the house)...  nope, not to repair it...  i wanted to keep the inner stainless steel and plastic tubs before disposing of the rest...

guess what, i think my hands thickened and hardened the equivalent of ten years given all the screws i had to remove!  i never thought that thing had so many nuts and bolts!

after what seemed like forever turning this, this, this and separating that, that, that, i thought i could finally pull up the tubs...  well?  i could have torn a muscle trying to raise that cylinder!  it was so heavy!

i flipped the thing upside down and unscrewed the bottom...  ta-daaannn!!!  there i saw attached to the tubs what i think is the motor plus this very heavy steel thing that could have anchored a ship!  (okay, okay, exag!)  what more, there were several screws, the types that did not have grooves!  waaahhh!!!  how do i unfasten those things?  pliers?  wrench?  ugh!

when i think of all the effort i will have to put in again, i'm inclined to do away with the tubs...  but when i think of all the effort i've already put in, all the more that i'd like to get them...

bottom line, is it worth it?  depends on how much i want it...  how happy will i be having it?  how sad will i be without it?  hmmm...  hmmm...  hmmm...  i'll have to rest and think awhile ->  then listen to my heart...  ;")

keep distance

guy inviting me to lunch, dinner, whatever...

i decline...

he's persistent...

i'm adamant...

guy:  'ok...  so what i'll do is i'll just inform you where i'll be...  i'll be having breakfast at <place> or i'll be having lunch at <place>...  in case you want to join me, just show up...'

me:  'haha...  you do that you're erasing all probability that we'll bump into each other...  i'll make sure i stay away from the area where you are...'

guy chuckles:  'that's precisely why i'm telling you...  so you can avoid...'

hahaha...  deal...  ; p

take it easy

finalizing the date for some dinner...  the original reservation was for a friday but, taking into consideration possible overtime work and the turtle-pace traffic, i was inclined to move it to a saturday...

my friend, however, wanted to stick to a friday...  he texted me for confirmation so, he said, he could file a leave already...

whaaattt?!  OA!

it's just dinner!  well, kinda, sorta, somewhat special but not THAT special...

we've had other dinners before, he's never had to file a leave...  at least as far as i know...  wait, now i'm not sure...  has he?

he does know i hate waiting so he makes it a point to be punctual, sometimes even too early...  hmmm...  suddenly i'm wondering what it took for him to make it on time the previous times we went out...

announcement, friends...  i value punctuality but i am a reasonable person...  i understand if people are late EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE...  just don't make it a regular thing and we'll be fine...


talking about septic tanks (of all things!  ugh!)...  segued...

friend:  'you know what the worst-smelling part of a person's body is?'

me:  'what?'

friend:  'the belly button...'

me:  'huh?!  the belly button does not smell!'

friend:  'it does!'

me:  'it does?!  well, if it does it shouldn't smell bad...'

friend:  'when you clean your navel, smell the dirt, it smells awful...'

me:  'haha...  why on earth would you smell it???  anyway, i'm sure mine doesn't...'

friend:  'because your navel isn't deep...'

me:  'who told you my navel isn't deep?  it is...'

friend:  'you know they say if your navel is deep your v_ _ _ _ _ is also deep...'

me:  'so?  is there anything wrong with that?  that's really how it's supposed to be, isn't it?'


don't sweat the small stuff

asked my sister whether this dish in front of us is good...

sister:  'i didn't like it...'

me:  'oh...  ok...'

sister:  'try it...'

me:  'no...  you didn't like it...'

sister:  'the ones i find delicious, you don't like...  the ones you find good, i don't...  that means we have different tastes...  try it, you just might like it...'

me:  'the ones you find delicious, i don't...  what more the ones you don't like?  pass...'

hmmm...  not sure whether my inference is valid...  anyway, i'll just apply stringent logic when there are no other dishes on the table...  ;")


i entered a bank...  then suddenly i remembered that i forgot (haha...  'remember' and 'forgot'...) something in the car...  so out i went again...

and then as i was about to re-enter the bank, ta-daaann!!!  the 'Closed' sign was already up!


well, good thing the guard opened the door for me and i got in again...

imagine,  i was parked just a few steps away from the door and i think it took me less than a minute to pick up what i forgot in the car.  but yup, things can change in a moment, in the blink of an eye, in an instant...


for the fifth time today, i encashed a check at the Philippine National Bank branch at the corner of Lauan St. and Aurora Blvd. in Proj. 3, Quezon City.

i am not a depositor of the bank.  my parents are and i basically just go there to encash and to run errands for my mom.

i really haven't done a lot of encashments in my life.  i usually just deposit checks to my account.  traffic, however, is unbearably awful these days i've deemed it better to just encash the checks at a nearby bank instead of enduring the slooow vehicle crawl to my bank.

well, guess what.  i was able to avoid the traffic crawl but i have had to contend with slowness of some other kind.

so i go to PNB to encash a check in the morning and every single time i've done so (five times from july 1 to oct 7), they ask me to just come back for the money.  yes!  as in, i give them the check and my ID, wait for them to photocopy the two, get my ID when they're done, then go home and come back to claim the money after i receive their text message.  (their notifications have ranged from an earliest of 10:36 am to a latest of 3:34 pm.)

this morning i asked the teller whether they do that for every single encashment.

she replied, "ganu'n talaga." -->  that's really how it is.

she said some customers opt to wait though while others go out in the meantime.

i asked what the average processing time is.

her reply?  minimum of two hours, maximum of four.  whoa!

as far as i know, check encashment is a party-waiting transaction.  i never thought it was a come-back-when-we-text-you one.

i'm not really sure whether the problem is with the system or with the people.  i did notice that even just the photocopying of my ID they take quite a while.  as in, five minutes to as long as around twenty five minutes!

the times i've been there the bank is not at all full.  there'd just be a handful of customers and there was even a time there was just me.

you'd think being slow they would be thorough.  unfortunately, no.  there was this time i made an inter-branch deposit.  my fault, i did not check the receipt at the counter.  when i got home and scanned it, i noticed that they got my mom's middle initial wrong.  i told the teller about it the next time i came back.  i was surprised at how nonchalantly she brushed it off saying it's the account number that matters not the name.  wow!  coming from bank personnel that is alarming.  aren't they supposed to be a  stickler for correctness and accuracy?

they also should not be careless, right?  guess what, they just lost the plastic jacket of my ID!  i usually give them my driver's license but given their slowness, today i decided to just give them my TIN card.  when after five minutes they still were not done with photocopying, i told them i would just leave the ID with them and just get it when i come back for the money later.

i have had that TIN card since 2005.  i've shown and left it with so many offices and buildings before.  this is the first time the jacket got lost!  at a bank to boot!  ugh!

they actually have this feedback mechanism near the door.  it's a transparent box where customers are supposed to drop their queue numbers in one of the three holes:  Happy, Neutral, Sad.  all the queue numbers are in the Happy slot.  the Neutral and Sad slots are empty.  i do not believe that paints a truthful picture.

one time i was transacting with the teller, the guard walked over and picked up the used queue numbers on the teller's desk.  i didn't really think much of it.  i thought he was just going to throw them away.

then before leaving the bank, i asked the teller for my queue number as i was going to drop it in the box.

he said the guard has taken it.

i therefore asked the guard for my queue number.

the guard said he has dropped it in the box.

me:  'huh?!  where'd you drop it?'

the guard points to the box where only the Happy slot has contents.

me:  'why'd you drop mine in the Happy?  i wasn't satisfied with the service.'

the guard tells me to just get another queue number and drop again.


i wonder how many of those slips were actually dropped by customers themselves.  i further wonder whether the Sad slips are actually left intact.  lemme therefore just express my feedback through this blog.

may your process improve.