givers and takers

so this woman was trying to get a sympathetic ear and this girl she was talking to was unable to sense the tone of frustration in her voice.

the woman was narrating things she's been doing for someone and the girl kept on reacting like:
'oh, you're so responsible.'
'oh, good thing you're like that.  not everyone is.'
'that's really how it is.'

talk about dense.  the woman was fed up and the girl was not at all getting it.  so sadly hilarious and unbelievably insensitive!

and then the definitive line:
'i've been doing that for her all these years, up to now she still expects me to do it for her???  no!  it's too much!  i don't want anymore!'

awkward moment...  : }

the statement was direct and unequivocal.  it was the message of the whole story!

yes, the woman you're talking to was all along complaining about people like you and you were so callously missing the point.

when your mindset is about what you think others should be doing for you, it doesn't occur to you that you should actually be doing things yourself.

open your mind.  you might finally realize that you've long been overdue to step up to bat.

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