at a restaurant...  someone at our table dropped a utensil...

me:  'fork or spoon?'

aunt:  'spoon...'

me:  'face up or face down?'

aunt:  'up...'

me:  'oh...  pretty!  wait, auntie...  i'll just go out then come right back...'
(nyahaha...  wish!)

a while later, someone dropped a fork and it also landed front side up...

me:  'ei, handsome!'

sister:  'good-looking couple?'

hereabouts, they say if a fork falls to the floor, a guy will arrive.  if it's a spoon, a girl...  front side up, good-looking; back, uhm, ugly.

we were already complete so we were wondering who else would come.  someone said maybe it applies to customers of the restaurant in general not necessarily to our table.


and then, ta-daaannn!  two of my female cousins dropped by together with my little nephew.  pretty and handsome indeed...  : D

old wives' tale lives on...  ; )

perfect combination

picked up a patisserie filipino tablea tart by chef jacqueline laudico at chef laudico ok cafe today.  (yum!  the combination of dark chocolate and dulce de leche was just so good!)

when i called to place the order, i asked whether it's easy to get parking at the place.  i said i still have to catch something after so i'll have to give enough allowance finding parking, if ever.  guess what, the staff told me if i'm going to be quick then i need not park as she could just bring my order to my car when i arrive.

me:  'really?'

staff:  'yes, ma'am...  so you won't have to park and pay anymore.'

awww...  so thoughtful and considerate...

so that is what happened when i drove over today.

in some shops, the product is good but the service is not.  in others, the service is good but the product is not.  my experience at chef laudico ok cafe today combined good food with good service.

thank you, chef jac.  thank you, christine.  may your lives be full of the sweetest blessings...  : )


throwing away expired meds at my parents' place.  this calcium supplement had the following instruction on the label:


i ran through the open holes in the human anatomy where one could possibly insert a tablet:  ears, nose, mouth and, if you really have to stretch it, the privates.

i'm not a doctor and it seems a no-brainer to me that most logical choice would be the mouth.  if this were a manuscript, i'd edit out 'BY MOUTH' thinking it should already be understood.  but yup, these are meds and you cannot overemphasize correct usage.

reminded me of an exercise we had at the UP institute (now college) of mass communication:
describe a sandwich to a martian.

♩ ♪  where do i begin?  ♫ ♬

; )

just right

a lot of sellers provide a satisfaction guarantee.  you're not satisfied with your purchase, you get your money back.  some with conditions; others, no questions asked.

this online shop caught my attention.  it simply states:
"Get the item you ordered or get your money back."

hehe...  of course!

will of the wind


me:  'i'm wearing shorts underneath...'

companion:  'oh?'

me:  'i used to battle the wind for my modesty...  finally i decided to just wear real shorts under my dress so even if it gets blown up it won't be that bad...  i wear shorts at the house everyday anyway...'

companion:  'why don't you just do away with the dress?  you're already wearing shorts anyway...'

me:  'i love dresses!  it will be too much if i concede that to the wind...'

i fight for what i love...  the moment i don't, it means i don't love it anymore...

back off

i have this facebook friend who keeps on adding me as friend  ->  which means we repeatedly ceased being facebook friends somehow.

now i don't unfriend people.  i just put them in my Restricted List.  unless facebook's friending module is glitchy, it's safe to say that the unfriending happens on his end.

i'm not sure whether he himself unfriends me though.  i remember seeing a post where someone was saying this guy keeps on adding her while the guy's girl, using the guy's account, keeps on unfriending her.  if this is a similar case then i just might decide not to re-accept the guy's friend request anymore.

i am clear on priorities:  relationships take precedence over friendships.  i am not gonna insist on a friendship if it strains a relationship.  some things are not worth risking.

simple joys

at a gasoline station in some province...

brother:  'are you the mayor here?'

me:  'mayor???'

brother:  'you check in, right?'

me:  'oh...  swarm!'


right now i hold 31 mayorships in swarm (in foursquare before, you needed only 10 mayorships to become Super Mayor)...

"You become the Mayor of a place by checking in more than anyone else in the last 30 days.  Only 1 check-in per day counts and ties go to the reigning Mayor."

i have 14 mayorships for having the most number of check-ins in the venue within the last 30 days.  the other 17 i've been holding for more than 30 days not because i frequent the place but simply because no one has dethroned me (i'm the only one checking in, wahaha).

foursquare was launched in march 2009 and spun off swarm in may 2014.
their website reports 50 million users per month and they surpassed 12 billion check-ins last month!

i've been doing foursquare/swarm since september 2010.  i so far have only 2,077 check-ins though.  should have been much more but a lot of times i either don't have my phone or there's no free wifi and i don't want to use my plan's not unlimited mobile data...  :"}

my all-time top 5 categories are:
1  States & Municipalities
2  Shopping Malls
3  Banks
4  Asian Restaurants
5  Dessert Shops

i've unlocked 57 of 100 swarm collectible stickers plus 30 special ones.  (i had 33 badges in foursquare before.)

it's interesting how checking in and unlocking badges/stickers give me disproportionate joy.  i check in and i get so happy.  i unlock a sticker and i turn ecstatic, wahehe.

i targeted a Super Mayor badge in foursquare and i got one.

i targeted an Overshare (10+ check-ins in 12 hours),
Crunked (4+ stops in one night)
Bender (4+ nights in a row)
and got them as well.

i've been wanting to unlock a Swarm badge but up to now i still don't have one.  you get it when there are 50+ people checked in at a venue.

i don't usually follow the crowd but for this one i would have to make an exception.  i would get a sticker for it and i will do a dance of joy...  : )


nephew to aunt:  'if we tell them we're your nephews, will we still have to pay?'

aunt:  'yes!'

nephew:  'we'll just tell them to charge it to you...'

; p

billing rate

i tell my dad i'm going someplace.

dad:  'get some coins...'

me:  'i'm just gonna walk...'

dad:  'ride a jeepney...'

me:  'i don't wanna ride...'

dad:  'how 'bout a tricycle?'

me:  'i'm not gonna ride anything...  i'm just gonna walk...  it's so near!'

dad:  'just bring some coins in case you need to pay anything...'

me:  'there's nothing to pay...  unless i pay myself for walking...'

in which case i won't settle for coins...  ; p

in other words

i've been wanting to try max's crispy pata rice bowl since i first saw a poster over a month ago.  today i finally did.

when my sister arrived from the office, i happily told her i've tried the dish.

sister:  'was it good?'

me:  'yes...  i loved the banana!  it had three small slices of banana...'

sister:  'how 'bout the crispy pata?'

me:  'it was good.  tender, not crunchy.  it was the banana that i really liked though [i love bananas]...  perfectly fried...  perfectly ripe...  i'll go back to see whether it's consistently like that...'

sister:  'mom and dad were supposed to eat that today but they decided to go to french baker instead...'

me:  'how did you know?'

sister:  'mom texted me...  she was asking whether <brother> and i would like to join them...  i wasn't keen on crispy pata so i said no...'

me:  'gah!  you're so dense!  that means she wants you to pick them up!'

sister:  'oh!  sorry...  i didn't think of that...  <brother> didn't want to eat, too, so we just went straight home...'

me:  'ugh!  you two were dense!  next time she texts you, just go.  that's her way of saying pick them up...'

; )


Miss Q and A at it's showtime, september 5, 2017...

candidate pau bermudez reconciled with boyfriend she broke up with five years ago and they've been together (again) now for five months.  this triggered the following love / breakup / reconciliation quotes from the candidate and the hosts:

pau bermudez:
"hilom na kasi 'yung sugat.  at saka hindi nawala 'yung pagmamahal."
->  the wound has healed.  and the love was never gone.

anne curtis:
"parang for me, once it's over, it's over, baby."

vice ganda:
"kasi kung naghiwalay kayo, tapos nakipagbalikan ka pa, it only means one thing:  it was never over."
->  because if you break up, and then you still get back together, it only means one thing:  it was never over.

<3 </3 <3

tell me

parking close to the vehicle on my right.  guard approaches my car and directs me to move to the left.  so he waves his hand and i move and he waves again so i move again and he waves some more and i move some more until he tells me it's already ok.

i get off the car and guess what, i see that the space between my car and the vehicle to my left was now too tight for another car!  i just wasted a parking slot! ugh!

reminded me of the time a bunch of guards was giving me instructions on how to jumpstart my battery-drained car.  i decided to just hand them the key and let one of them do it himself.  guess what, they didn't know how to drive!

oh.  my.  goodness.


friend and i ran into someone...

hello, hello, goodbye.

then when friend and i were already at this supermarket, she suddenly squealed:  'ayyy...  <toot> texted me!  he doesn't text me!  look what he said...'

me:  'what?'

friend reads the text message...  it was something flattering about my friend's companion...

me:  'who's your companion?'

friend:  'what the...  you, of course!  we're the ones together when i saw him...'

me:  'haha...  i don't wanna be presumptuous!  he didn't say cynthia...  he just said companion...  for all i know that refers to some other meeting...'

friend:  'this is new!  it came after we saw him...  he really loves you...  after all these years he still loves you...'

me:  'love?!  we were never a couple...  that's too much...'

friend:  'okay, he likes you...  up to now, no matter how much time has passsed, he still likes you...'

me, pointing to my slippers:  'maybe because i wear abercrombie & fitch...  you know the song?

♩ ♪  i like girls that wear abercrombie & fitch  ♫ ♬'

; )


gave friend instructions on what to do while i'm away...  just four things to be done each day...

me:  'make sure you don't skip anything, ok...  if you miss even just one, it will delay us by a month...'

friend:  'yes, boss...'

me:  'haha...  boss?  well, you better complete your assignment...'

friend:  'okay!'

me:  'promise?'

friend:  'yes!  if i miss anything i'm going to treat you to llaollao...'

me:  'what's that?'

friend:  'yogurt...'

me:  'i don't like yogurt...  i prefer ice cream...'

friend:  'their yogurt's really good...'

me:  'regardless...  i don't like sour...'

friend:  'just try it...  it's good...'

me:  'wait, you might not complete your to-dos if the penalty's something you like...  hmmm...  what do i want to eat?  hmmm...  finestra!  you treat me to finestra if you skip anything...  that will cost you, nyahaha...'

friend:  'i'll complete everything!'

good...  : p


friend does not quite remember what his password is.

friend:  'is there a special character?'

me:  'yes...  apostrophe...'

friend:  'apostrophe?!'

me:  'yes...  the <toot>...'

friend:  'exclamation point!'

me:  'oh!  yeah!  hahaha...  sorry...'

friend laughingly scolds me:  'what the...  apostrophe...  what are you talking about?!'

me, laughing my head off:  'hahaha...  it's 1:30 [a.m.]!  cut me some slack...'

my brain's sleepy...   gmornyt...  -.-