sun and rain

paid my phone bill at the mall...  i arrived just as the customer at the counter finished her transaction...  i was next and was done in a breeze...  : )

checked out stuff after...  picked up three items...  i was sooo happy with my intended purchase...  i really liked them...  : D

i proceeded to the cashiers...  eh?!  the lines were soooooo loooooonnggg!!!  waaahhhh!!!

i decided to just return the merchandise and leave...  :'(

♩ ♪  it's not always rainbows and butterflies  ♫ ♬


going someplace...

me to mom:  'what's the address?'

mom:  '<street name>.'

me:  '<street>?  where is that?'

mom:  'they're just near <toot>'s house...'

uhm...  i don't know <toot>'s house...  actually, i don't even know <toot>...

: }

more than i could chew

friend:  'what did you have for dinner?'

me:  'sandwich...  peanut butter and cheesy spread...'

friend:  'you combined peanut butter and cheese?!'

me:  'gah!  no!  separate breads, different spreads...'

friend:  'haha...  okay...'

me:  'and know what, i ate half a loaf of bread...  you know gardenia's regular loaf?  half of that i consumed in one meal!'

friend:  'i thought you said pauper for dinner...
[i like to say:
breakfast like a king,
lunch like a princess,
dine like a pauper.]
were you hungry?'

me:  'not really.  but i noticed my bread's expiring tomorrow so i ate it all today...'

friend:  'what the...  you might suffer indigestion!'

penny-wise, pound-foolish...  :"}


i first came across Titas of Manila in twitter a couple of years ago.  i found it amusing.

i also got to read articles about what certified titas supposedly are and there are aspects that i definitely could relate to, wahaha...

then last week a former officemate added me to the facebook group Classic Pare® Titos and Titas of Manila...  guess what, was i surprised to see that my nieces, who all this time i've still been seeing as kiddos, are in the group!

so my nieces are now certified titas themselves?!


i guess it's time to move to the next level...

"Apo, just saw ur Bora pics. Pls wear a shirt naman. Luv u"
-  @LolasOfManila


friend zone

on the phone...

me:  'what's that?  i hear splashing...  like waves...'

friend:  'rain...'

me:  'oh!  it's raining there?  where are you?'

friend:  'in your elbow...'

me:  'where?'

friend:  'in your elbow!'

me:  'elbow?  my elbow?'

friend:  'yes...'

me:  'i don't get it...'

friend:  'for others, it's "in your heart," right?  me, i'm just in your elbow...'

wahehe...  so near and yet so far...  ; p

as you like it

reminded a friend it's the last day to return the item we ordered online for his mom during the singles' day sale last november 11 (11/11)...
[aw!  sorry i was a bit off on this one...  reckoning date should be delivery date not purchase date]

he tells me there's no need to return as his mom is very happy with the item...

ei, good!  : )

before it was delivered, i told him to tell her to check it thoroughly upon receipt...

me:  'you can return within 14 days...  lazada has a satisfaction guarantee...'

friend:  'maybe i should order my wife from lazada, too...  satisfaction guaranteed!'

me:  'haha...  then pay through paypal so paypal will refund your shipping in case you decide to return...'

; p

make some noise

surprised to be tapped by my sister at a supermarket...  she said she heard me talking to a guy so she got to know i was there...

oh...  that...

so i was next (and last) in line at the cashier when i suddenly thought of getting this bottle of juice...

when i came back, i saw this guy about to push my cart away...

me:  'ay!  that's my cart!'

he apologizes and gives way for me to get back in the queue...

now i don't really know how this works...  i left my cart to get one item on a shelf five meters away...  another customer falls in line, sees my unmanned cart and was about to move it when i show up...  am i supposed to have lost my spot?  i wasn't sure so i decided to err on the side of giving and told him to go first...

he wouldn't though and told me i could go ahead...

me:  'you sure it's okay?'

he says it is.

me:  'it's perfectly fine with me to move behind you...'

he says i should go first.

i thank him profusely (i deeply appreciate considerate people)...

he assures me it's okay.

so that's the conversation my sister overheard.  without that, we might not have known we were at the same place at the same time.

everything happens for a reason...  : )

her everest

sister has pics with this car taken on different dates...

me:  'why do you take pics with that car?  you like it?'

sister:  'not really...  it's right where i pass...  i have pics taken simply because it's there...'

george mallory, is that you?  ; )


called PLDT customer service hotline (171) last night to report slowdown in my mom's internet connection...

the following figures are not precise...  unfortunately, i don't remember the exact pings from last night... i can assure you, however, that the figures stated here are correct in terms of the pings being in the 200+, 100+ then 30+ range.

me:  'ping is high...  271...'

customer:  'can you do speed test again, ma'am?'

i did...

me:  'ei, it became lower!   121!'

customer service:  'can you try again, ma'am?'

i did...

me:  'wow!  it's two digits!  35!  did you refresh?'

customer service:  'yes, ma'am...'

me:  'oh...  i've reported before that there's internet slowdown between 9:00 to 9:30 nightly...  before and after that, it's fine...  around 9:00 to 9:30, it crawls...  do i have to call for a refresh every time?'

customer service:  'yes, ma'am...'

me:  'can't you just do a refresh every 9 p.m.?'

customer service:  'it's not automatic, ma'am...'

me:  'hmmm...  so i have to call every time...  i've reported this before...  can you read to me what you logged in the ticket?'

customer service:  'ping is 35...'

me:  'huh?!  what happened to 271?!'

customer support:  'i disregarded that, ma'am, because i asked you to do another speed test...'

me:  'huh?!  you should include that because that is the reason i called...  i would not have called if ping were only 35...  i called because it was 271...  if technical support reads the ticket they might wonder why the customer is calling when ping is only 35...  include 271 and the 121...'

customer service obliged...

if you're going for brevity, make sure it's not key information you leave out.  that is misleading and would derail troubleshooting.  you don't solve problems that way.


my batt went empty so i charged my phone...

soon after i turned it on, a text message came in...  i think it was sent much earlier but then my phone was off so i wasn't able to read it right away...

i replied...

less than a minute later, a call from someone else came in...  the caller did not mention anything about being unable to get through earlier so i suppose it was a first attempt...

some timings are perfect;
some, off.

win some;
lose some.

kings and queens

joining my batchmates at the table during our high school's alumni homecoming, i noticed that the batchmate to my right had a sash printed with "Batch '81."

me:  'oh...  so you're Mr. Batch '81!'

then i saw that the batchmate to my left also had the same sash...

me:  'oh...  you're Miss Batch '81!  so you two are Mr. and Miss Batch '81!'

the other batchmates butted in saying they, too, have a sash...  then they gave me one as well...

ahahahahaha...  so it was part of our batch outfit!

reminded me of oprah:
'you get a sash!
you get a sash!
you get a sash!
you get a sash!
everybody gets a sash!'

; )

don't just stand there

i attended our high school's alumni homecoming last night...  come dinner time, i positioned myself behind the swan accent piece at the buffet and waited for my batchmates on the queue to appear in front of me so i could take their pictures...

the line was longer than i thought (i didn't see right away that it curled beyond a post) and so for quite a long time i was just standing there side by side with the servers watching other alumni get their food (i wasn't clicking away as i wanted to save my camera's battery for our batch)...

and then one of the servers poked me...  she pointed to my left and there smiling at me were two of my batchmates (i dunno why they were there...  the rest of our batchmates were on the right)...

me:  'ay!  wait!  i'll take your pic...'

and i did...

later at our table, one of the two was relating to another:  'i saw cynthia standing there...  i thought she owned catering...'



in that case, food is on the house, guys...

bon appetit!

; )

save gas

on the phone...

friend:  'what time will you be there?'

me:  '<time>...  i have to be early because <toot>'s shirt is with me...'

friend:  'are you picking him up?'

me:  'no.'

friend:  'how will he get there?'

me:  'gah!  he's a <rank>...  i'm sure he'll find his way...'

friend:  'i thought you were going to pick him up...'

me:  'why?  if anyone has to be picked up, it should be me...  i'm the girl here...'

friend:  'haha...  true...  maybe i could ask him to pick me up...  i'll tell him to tell his driver to fetch me...'

haha...  go, girl...  then i'll just hitch...  ; )

not in tune

talking prophylaxis with my niece...  (she just had a dental appointment...)

then she started humming 'havana'...

me:  'that was number one in the U.K....'

niece:  'prophylaxis?'

me:  'hahaha...  havana!  camila cabello!'

♩ ♪  i knew it when i met him
i loved him when i left him


havana, ooh na-na  ♫ ♬

; p

how could you?

had my mom's and my SIM cards upgraded.  requested customer service to kindly insert my new SIM card in my phone and just give me my mom's as i didn't have her phone.

me to customer service:  'please make sure you don't switch our SIMs...  it would be awkward if my mom suddenly starts receiving my messages...'




virtual friends

mom introduced one of the restaurant's chefs to her friend...

mom's friend:  'i already know you...  i see your pictures in her fb...'

haha...  reminds me of a former officemate...  so someone was waiting for me outside our building and my officemate tells me she greeted him  ->  then she suddenly remembered they don't know each other <-  she actually just saw him in my facebook account.



at a buffet food outlet...  brother pointed out to me where the drinks are...

hehe...  thanks...

actually, i know the place...  i even had a birthday celebration there two years ago...

my mom was telling me she told one of the staff it was her first time there...

the staff told her her daughter has been there several times...

the daughter is me...  : )

you may not always be a part of my day but you will always be a part of my life...  ; )


at a buffet's japanese station...

sister, pointing to tuna:  'i'll have that, please...  just one slice...'

me:  'me, too...  but five slices, please...'

ei, i'm older...  and taller...  and...  whatever...  ;")

find ways

presented my frequency card at the counter...

cashier:  'ma'am has been buying just cakes!'

me:  'oh...  does it have to be different items?'

cashier:  'no...  it just has to be at least P90...'

me:  'just P90?  is it okay if you stamp me extra?  the cakes cost so much more than P90...'

cashier:  'sorry, ma'am...  just one stamp per receipt...'

aw...  next time i'll buy the cake in slices  ->  to be paid separately...  ; )


sister:  'you had a haircut...'

me:  'i cut it myself...'
[i've been cutting my own hair for years now.]

sister:  'yeah...  it has to be shorter still though...'

me:  'really?  ok...  i'll cut some more later...'

there's no queue between you and yourself...  get things done quickly...  ; )

let your voice smile

friend texted me...

i called her in return...


she seems to have forgotten something she used to know very well...

me:  'you've forgotten?'

friend:  '[because] i haven't seen you in a long time!  i'll be back in december...  you just wait!'

me:  'wahaha...  sounds like a threat!  as if i did something wrong...'

friend softens tone:  'okay...  december...  i'll be back...'

ok...  merry christmas...  ; )

what are you talking about?

drove by a condominium building...

me:  '<toot> has a unit there...'

cousin:  'studio?'

me:  'either one- or two-bedroom...'

cousin:  'units now are so small...  imagine, our living room's bigger!'

me:  'yeah...  but <aunt's> is big...  if you look at the floor plan posted near the elevator, it's so much bigger than the other units...'

cousin:  'yes...  some units now though the living room's so dark...  you have to open the bedroom door to let natural light in...'

me:  'designed for air-con?'

cousin:  'it's not that...  there are no windows in the living room...  just like <aunt's>...'

me:  '<aunt's> has windows!'

cousin:  'in the bedrooms...  none in the living room...'

me:  'she has windows in the living room!  behind the sofa...  that's all windows!'

cousin:  'the one in pasay?!'

me:  'haha...  no...  the one in [quezon city]...'

toinks!!!  ;"p


on queue at the bank.  next teller asked customers to transfer to her counter.  guard approached me and told me i could move to the next lane.

me:  'aw, thanks.  but i'm already third here; i'll be fourth there.  i'd rather stay put.'

when you change, you change for the better.

good seed

scavenger knocked at the gate.  he was asking for 'kalakal' [stuff he could sell at the junk shop].

me:  'aw...  i've given mine away...  but i have pizza...  wait...'

so i cut my pizza in half (it's a big slice, the size of a dinner plate.), not quite evenly though so i brought the plate to him and asked him to choose which side he wants.

he picked the bigger size.


then i started eating mine.  i wanted him to see i was not just giving him leftovers but was actually sharing my meal with him.  was i surprised though when he put his pizza inside a plastic bag.

me:  'aw...  eat it now!  i just warmed that.'

scavenger:  'i'm going to bring it home...'

me:  'but it's best eaten now...  it might spoil if you enclose it in plastic...'

scavenger:  'i'll open the plastic...  i'm going to share it with my sibling...'

aww...  so young and so thoughtful!

me:  'how old is your sibling?'

scavenger:  'one...'

me:  'one?!  just eat the pizza...  i'll just give him a toy...'

so i went upstairs and got a mini-van (hehe...  yup...  i have such toys at my place...)...

me:  'here, give this to your sibling then just eat the pizza yourself...  while it's still warm...'

scavenger:  'no...  i'll bring the pizza home, too...'

aaarrggghhh...  so young and so selfless!

some adults could learn a lesson from this boy...

public and private

so someone texted my mom saying she showed her friend a pic of our pool in the province (it's just a simple rectangular pool) and the friend then wanted to take a dip and she told the friend she'd ask my mom.

my mom who has a hard time saying no to anyone said yes.

my dad went along with it but asked, 'why did she have to show others a pic of our pool?'

haha...  true...  that's private property...  there's a public pool there that people flock to supposedly because of its miraculous / healing properties...  why not tell the friend about that one?

this is the same person who offered my credit card for use by her friends, two of whom i don't even know!  and one, just days after i told her not to do something like that again!

she said it's so i could have points.

oh, wow!  thank you very much but i don't intend to take such risks for points.

she said it's her former boss and he's going to buy a watch.

okay, what does my credit card have to do with her former boss's purchase???

she said she's going to guarantee it.

guarantee, my foot!  a cousin herself told me that she has a collectible from this person that has remained unpaid for years!  this person is not qualified to act as guarantor at all!

anyway, only her first friend's purchase was charged to my card.  no, they do not have my card number.  i accompanied them to the store to swipe my card.  the latter two did not materialize.

now it's my sister she's texting to ride on her card.  my sister has been warned and has been declining her, nicely but firmly.

me, i'm just firm...  ; p


weekend gourmet market...

seller offered me a sample of their product...

me:  'could you slice it smaller, please?  that's too big...'

seller:  'that's not big, ma'am...'

me:  'ay, hehe...  yeah...  i just mean it's too big for me...  i'm full...'

seller:  'this won't stuff you, ma'am...'

me:  'even then...  actually your sampler's ten times bigger than the samplers of the other vendors...'

seller:  'so you could taste the filling, ma'am...'

me:  'i can taste it even if it's small...'

seller:  'you have to try it this size so you would know it's really delicious...'

wow...  that's one confident seller...  : )

listen to your gut

supposed to relay a message to my sister-in-law...  i was already about to call her but decided at the last minute to just tell her in person as i was about to go home anyway.  (i live on the third floor of their house.)

so i knock on their door and guess what, they have leche flan!  : D

my love and my joy, hahaha...  <3 <3 <3

she offered me a practically untouched llanera and told me to finish it off.  (yes, i can finish a llanera in one sitting.)

me:  'you should eat this yourself...  i already had some yesterday...  it's good...'

sister-in-law:  'actually i don't know where it's from...'

me:  'it's from <province>...  try it...'

sister-in-law:  'we're avoiding that...  too much calories...'

me:  'you sure?'

sister-in-law:  'sure...  it's all yours...'

wow, thank youuuuuuuuuu...  : D

so finish it off i did!

i'm not counting calories...  i'm savoring sweets...  : )


i've been bringing my store-bought bottled juices to my parents' house but they never really drink it.

then my mom mentioned that fresh juices would be better for my dad.

so i got them a manual juicer.  (they already have a blender.  they don't use it though.)

for months, the juicer was just in their dining area unused.

so now i got them an electric juicer.

me to mom:  'i'm going to get back the manual juicer, you never use it anyway.  this one (referring to the electric juicer), if you don't like it, just let me know and i'll take it, too...'

my dad butts in:  'you know, you shouldn't expect me to operate those things...  just prepare the juice and i'll drink it...'

ooops...  ahahaha...  complete the package  ->  product plus service...  ;")


friend shocked to learn who wrote this certain message i posted in facebook...

friend:  'i never would have thought that was her!'

me:  'precisely!  that's why i posted the message itself (i did black out names)...  i did not describe...  i did not paraphrase...  i let her own words speak for herself...  there's actually more of that mentality in the rest of the message...  different topics that's the underlying mindset...'

friend:  'i couldn't imagine...'

me:  'yeah...  if i just told you you never would have believed me...  so i showed...'

at some point, things do come to light...


sister telling our niece it's okay to have suitors just don't have a boyfriend yet...

me:  'it's okay to have a boyfriend...  just make sure you'll be responsible enough to handle it...'

niece:  'i don't like ugly...'

me:  'i didn't say go for ugly...  i'm not saying go for handsome either...  as long as he won't scare you when you wake up next to him that's fine...  and don't say someone's ugly...  for all you know you just might fall for the guy...'

people have different tastes...  and those tastes could change through time...

beauty eventually fell for beast...

when it comes to love, it's the heart that sees...  <3 <3