baby, maybe

text message from a friend:
"call me baby"

me:  'how come there's "baby"?  it used to be just "call me."  now you suddenly have "baby"...'

friend:  'i had in mind the song:
♩ ♪  hey, i just met you  ♫ ♬'

me:  'carly rae [jepsen]?'

friend:  '♩ ♪  and this is crazy  ♫ ♬'

me:  'yea!  carly rae...'

friend:  '♩ ♪  but here's my number
so call me, maybe  ♫ ♬

ooops...  yea!  that one's "maybe"!'

yeah, baby, yeah!
->  <austin powers  dance>  ; p

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