i received the following text this morning:

Eow pow.  Je je je.  Je jemon kuh bah?  Je je je.  Ü

it sent me chuckling, hahaha.

i first encountered the word jejemon two days ago.  an officemate showed me a supposedly funny photo of gibo teodoro holding a piece of paper on which was written:  "Pababalikin ko Ang mga Jejemon sa Elementarya."  (i'm going to send the jejemons back to grade school.)

the humor was lost on me because i didn't know what jejemon was.  i asked her.  she explained.  i sort of got it... i think...

and then yesterday, a male officemate (no doubt about his masculinity) used the word during conversation.  i was surprised.

me:  jejemon?!  you know the word?!  what does it mean?

he explained.  i was amused.

initially i thought it was just some obscure coinage.  on hindsight, maybe it's now part of popular parlance?  a presidential candidate no less was photographed holding a piece of paper with the word.

on the phone later, i excitedly told my caller i've learned a new word  ->  jejemon.

he didn't know the word.  he asked whether it was a pokemon.

huh?!  hahaha.  my initial reply was a quick no but then i don't really know all the pokemons so maybe it could be.  i told him to google it.  well, apparently he did as this morning he sent the above text.

hhoOowWwRrreeeeiiiiiizZz  fPoWrh  jejemons  ; )

rain on my parade

i was on the phone with a friend.  i gushed, 'i'm soooo happy... i wonder up to when...'

friend:  'until you bang your head again!'

ooops... talk about dampening my joy.  that was a rhetorical question, if at all.  i wasn't expecting a reply... ugh!

a dozen figures

1.  How old are you?

old enough

2.  How tall are you?

5' 1 1/2"

3.  How much do you weigh?

125 lbs

4.  How many social networking site friends do you have?

friendster:  155

facebook: 445

5.  How many e-mail accounts do you have?

seven... i regularly check only two though...

6.  How many unread mails do you have?

yahoo:  17,564
gmail:   8,081

: }

7.  How many credit cards do you have?

three... all from the same company... i want to pool my points together...

8.  How many cities have you lived in?


9.  How many countries have you visited?


10.  How many languages do you speak?

right now two... i've known, at different points in time, a total of seven languages though...

11.  How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?


12.  How many sex partners have you had?


35 questions

1. What are you currently doing?

ha-ha... answering this survey obviously

2. What's your favorite color or colors?


3. What is your hair color?


4. Do you have a best friend?

yup : )

5. Who is your favorite teacher in school?

dr. amado castro and dr. emmanuel de dios

6. What are you listening to right now?


7. Do you like rock music?

some songs

8. Do you only drink bottled water?

not really

9. Do you like to snowboard?

' haven't tried

10. What instant messaging service do you use?

yahoo messenger (invisible mode), facebook chat

11. When was the last time you took a nap?

i sleep loooong weekends unless i have to work overtime

12. The last thing you ate?

drank -> pineapple juice

13. What's your most hated food?

cinnamon... raisin... teriyaki... kikiam...

14. Are you a generally clean or messy person?

i'm very orderly but i don't clean so my stuff are in order but dusty : }

15. When was the last time you saw a movie in theaters?

last month, alice in wonderland

16. Have you smoked anything in the last week?

i don't smoke... i've never...

17. What is one emotion you are feeling right now?

hmmm... nothing noteworthy really...

18. How has this week been?

busy : }
happy : )

19. Who did you hang out with yesterday?

my best friend

20. Opposite sex on your mind?

my crush... ugh! i'm too old for this...

21. Is there a person of the opposite sex who means a lot to you?

yup... my dad... my brother... my nephew... the one who puts a smile in my heart, ha-ha-ha...

22. Do you miss anybody?

not really

23. What was on your mind most yesterday?


24. Any plans for tomorrow?

on leave from the office tomorrow. going to the dentist to have my tooth (re-)filled. it got chipped, i had it filled last friday. then yesterday, the filling came off! last time i had a tooth filled was either grade school or high school yet (so looooooong ago)...

25. Have you ever liked anyone on your top friends?

i pinned them there precisely because i like them...

26. Who was the first person that called you today?

the last person who called me last night...

27. Who was the last person to send you a text message?

my best friend

28. Is there anybody you wish you could be with right now?

my crush, ha-ha-ha

29. Anything you wish you could tell someone but can't? why?

i love you... it's not that simple...

30. What is one thing you can't wait for?

someone who'll make me take the plunge again...

31. What was the reason behind the last time you cried?

frustration over people who, even after a loooong time (as in, more than a year, two even), still don't know the basics (!) of what they're supposed to know... and then when you try to assist and tell them, they get mad... ugh!

32. Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?

yup... but not a third...

33. Do you find the opposite sex confusing?


34. Are you gonna be home alone tonight?

nope... i'm sleeping over at my parents' place tonight...

35. What are you going to do after this?

clean my face, brush my teeth, pray, sleep

i was amused

i was at my best friend's place this evening. we uploaded some pics.

i told her i was going to leave at 9. well, pic upload done by then but not girlie talk so we overshot 9.

i told her i'll leave at 9:30. well, we again overshot 9:30.

i told her i'll definitely leave at 10. guess what, as i was getting ready to leave, my phone rang. the caller has to be up early tomorrow so instead of postponing the talk to after i got home, i stayed on the line.

as we were talking, someone popped in my facebook chat. i requested my best friend to reply to the guy. ooops... i can very well see the exchange and felt i had to butt in at certain points. my best friend would type something, i'll add something. ' must have confused the guy in chat : }

anyway, my friend on the phone wanted me to say goodnight to the friend in chat for him. i asked what for. (they are not exactly friends.) he said, 'just say goodnight for me.' hmmm... obedient me, i relayed the message.

the chat friend's reply made me chuckle: 'it's morning here' (he's in a different time zone)

i relayed it to my friend on the phone.

his response: 'it's nighttime here'

oh... hahaha...

i relayed it to the friend in chat. his reply: 'cool'

good repartee... i like that... : )

keep it close

seven calls to my mobile, i missed every single one!

i returned the call, rang his two mobile numbers. one couldn't get through; the other one, he was not picking up.

an hour later, he called again. i missed it again.

i again called back. he again was not picking up.

ugh!!! is this hide-and-seek or what?

things turned out well

i attended a funeral this morning, an officemate's dad's. the text i received said interment is at 10 am. well, i've been at the cemetery awhile and i still could not see my officemate.

near the plot was a whiteboard and listed therein was a 1 pm interment for my officemate's dad. uh-oh. i was three hours early?! yikes! i was by myself and i am uneasy at cemeteries... : }

i was thinking maybe there was a change in sched and my officemate, in his grief, was not able to notify me anymore. (i was the only one from the office attending the funeral. all the rest went to the wake earlier. i wasn't able to join then.)

hmmm... hmmm... hmmmm... so much time on my hands... i called a friend, asked whether he was busy and, when the answer was no, told him to chat me up. nothing new. game. talk, talk, talk... talk, talk, talk.

he wanted me to leave the place and grab a bite. i said i don't feel like eating. besides, i was perfectly parallel-parked. i am awful at parallel-parking. this one i got right. i was telling him if i go out i might not be able to park that well anymore. he was amused, hahaha.

later, he made a remark about the basketball game on TV.

me: oh, you're watching basketball?

friend: yup.

me: ooops, sorry. you didn't tell me. ok, bye.

friend: what the... you're much more important than basketball.

aaaawww! i was touched. now let's hear you say that during a championship game, haha.

it reminded me of a suitor from way back. so he visited me at the house and the TV was on. we were chatting and suddenly he requested me to turn the TV off.

me: don't you like the show?

suitor: i do.

me: then why do you want me to turn it off?

suitor: it catches my attention and i can't focus on you.

oh, hahaha.

anyway, so my friend and i continued talking. and then at 11:20, a funeral car arrives and i see my officemate among the throng. oh. so interment won't be at 1 pm after all. good thing i did not leave the place. otherwise, i would have come back at 1 and i would have missed everything.

everything fell into place. i was perfectly parallel-parked. i stayed on the phone with a friend. i was able to witness the interment.

: )

come up to speed

with certain positions come certain responsibilities.  these responsibilities require a certain amount of knowledge and, in some cases, a minimum skillset.

initially, of course, you may not be properly equipped to handle your new responsibilities right away.  so others assist you, handhold you, take on certain things for you.  that could go on a month maybe, three months, six months, a year, longer (!) but it should not go on forever.

during the time that others are performing your duties for you, you yourself should be responsible enough to try to acquire the necessary knowledgebase yourself.

in the work environment, each office has a certain function, each person has a certain deliverable.  given that there is a fixed number of hours in a day (if only we can stretch it to go beyond 24), whatever time is spent doing something is time taken away from doing some other thing.

it's easy to appeal for kindness and understanding and consideration and assistance if you are at the receiving end, if you are the beneficiary.

but if you are the one who has been dispensing this kindness and understanding and consideration and assistance for so long, with no end in sight (!), and you yourself are subject to all sorts of demands required by the functions of your own office, then things could become frustrating, they could come to a head.  being only human, you reach your breaking point.

people should realize that they should not rely on others standing in for them indefinitely.  there will come a time when they will have to deliver the goods themselves.  others will help, sure, but they, too, should help their own selves.  otherwise, they are being remiss in the performance of their duties.  and they are doing a disservice to the organization.

this is not about how much you get paid.  it is about taking on a certain position.  if you are a math teacher, you cannot not know one plus one.

not for me

i was cleaning up my phone's inbox and found this message i received from an aunt in april 2008.  sharing:

what will you do with something which is lost?

find it...

if you can't find it?

replace it...

if you can't replace it?

forget it...

here's the question...

what will you do with something
which is lost,
can't be found,
can't be replaced,
and can't be forgotten?