earth hour

earth hour...  lights out...

sister to mom:  'i'm thirsty...  how can i drink?  i can't see...'

mom:  'huh?!  you turn on the light!  that's better than you tripping...'

haha...  makes sense...  ; )

the joke was on me

this afternoon, this certain guy sent me more than 30 messages in a span of two-and-a-half hours...  (i was rejecting his calls)...  nope, it wasn't an exchange...  the messages were for the most part one-way...

i made the mistake of making a half-joke about something really serious and the guy pounced on it and would not drop it trying to wear down my resistance...   aaarrrgggghhhh!!!

i never expected things to turn out the way they did!  i simply humorously replied to a sweet and caring message, so unguardedly being totally honest and what do i get?  i was brought face-to-face with the abyss of my downfall!  i've been tethering on the brink for so long and i'd like to think (although i myself am not convinced at times) that i've so far managed not to fall off.  well, this afternoon i was soooooo close!


-  some jokes are no laughing matter
-  some things are better left unsaid

the pain in my heart

"i still love you, cynthia..."

said to me this morning...  still echoes in my mind, more so in my heart, up to now....

aww!  :")  <3

ouch!  :'(  </3

discount vouchers

just purchased five vouchers for a friend...  uhm, these group-buying sites are addictive...  ' am not really sure what to make of this...  you save on purchases you really had no intention of making in the first place...   ; )

i'll do it for you

what the...?!  my mom went to the mall to have some pictures printed and they did not accept her order because her memory card has a virus...  huh?!  you'd think being a professional / commercial photo shop they'd simply remove the virus themselves!

oh, well,  never mind...  i'll print her pics myself...  my photobooth printer actually produces lab quality prints...  yeah, baby!!!  \m/

it fell from the sky???

aaarrrggghhhh!!!  i was on the road and this lizard was on my windshield while i was driving...  it was making me crinnngggeeee!!!  yuck!!!

i was at the open parking, how on earth did that lizard get up there???

young miss no more

i was having dinner with a friend.  so after eating, he asked for the bill.  when the waiter approached our table, however, he was handing the bill to me.

i chuckled to my friend, 'why is he giving me the bill?  so i really look like a wife now, huh!'

my friend goes, 'you look like you have a lot of money...'

me:  'haha...  it's not that...'

i explain to my friend:  'when there's a boy-girl and the waiter hands the bill to the guy, it means he thinks they're boyfriend and girlfriend.  if he hands the bill to the girl, then it means he thinks they're husband and wife...'

friend:  'why is that?'

me:  'because when you're sweethearts, the guy pays for the meal.  but when you're married, it's already the wife who handles the money so she pays...  well, either that or i look like a sugar mom...'

wahaha...  yuck!

naughty : }

on the phone... office hours...

me: 'are you laughing?'

caller: 'no... i'm breathing...'

me: 'why are you panting?'

caller: 'i said i'm breathing, not panting...'

me: 'yeah... but you're breathing too heavily it's as if you're panting... why are you panting? you just finished?'

ooops... nyahaha... toinks!!!

windows task manager

tech support mode over the phone...

me:  press ctrl-alt-delete...

user-in-distress:  ok

me:  you see task manager?  click that...

UID:  there's none...

me:  no?  what's on your screen?  you don't see a blue windows screen?

UID:  no...

me:  what happened when you pressed ctrl-alt-delete?

UID:  nothing...

me:  you sure you pressed ctrl-alt-delete?  try it again...  press the ctrl key and the alt key and the delete key...  press all three keys simultaneously then let go...

UID:  ok

me:  what happened? you see several choices task manager at the bottom?

UID:  ok...  i see task force now...

wahehe...  ad hoc?  say hi to the chairman as well...  ; )

what lies beyond

some dynamics are just so extraordinary, they're intriguing...  they're exciting...  they're scary...

my curious side is really, really tempted to explore and take it to the end...

my think-beyond-yourself side is telling me to drop it and let go...

numbers game

overseas call...

suddenly i choked...  i asked for a number...

caller said 19...

i went, 'S???'

caller counted and said it was 'N'

i said 19 is 'S'

caller kept on insisting 19 is 'N' and only belatedly realized that it really is 'S'

but given that everything supposedly happens for a reason, e.g., the insistence on 'N,' the caller was convincing me to believe that both 'S' and 'N' are thinking about me now...  hmmm...  i really don't think so but just to close the topic, ok...  whatever...

everything else pales in comparison

guy wanted to talk to me over the phone...  that got me kinda worried so i asked whether he's ok...  he tells me he is but not quite...  aw!  : (

he, too, asks whether i am ok...

i tell him i am...

he notes i'm always smiling...

i go, "oh, no...  i do frown...  of course, there are bad days...  but, as i've said so many times before, after having survived a failed marriage, i think i can handle anything..."

different thresholds

sister to me:  'you want squid balls?'

me:  'i'll just taste...'

sister:  'it's spicy...'

me:  'it's ok...'

i take a bite while my sister warns, 'it's very spicy...  can you take it?'

me, after waiting for a sting that did not come:  'it's not spicy...'

sister:  'no?!  i found it very spicy!'

well,  it wasn't at all spicy to me...

not worth it

me:  'i was trying to make a deposit and my card was captured...'
(i was trying to look for deposit in the menu and there was none.  i cancelled the transaction and then the card would not go all the way out.  i could not pull it out and then the machine captured it.)

phone banker:  'we'll block it, ma'am...'

me:  'you're going to block it?'

phone banker:  'just temporarily...'

me:  'if it's temporarily blocked, do i have to have it unblocked?'

phone banker:  'you'll have to apply for reactivation, ma'am...'

me:  'what if we just leave it unblocked?'

phone banker:  'we're supposed to block the card upon report of capture, ma'am...'

me:  'can i just zero it out anyway i'm enrolled in expressonline?'

phone banker:  'can you do that right now, ma'am?'

me:  'yes...  i can go online...'

phone banker:  'ok, ma'am...  so i can confirm over the phone...'

i transfer the balance to my other account.

me:  'ok...  it's zero now...  if it's zero balance, will the account close?'

phone banker:  'it might, ma'am...  why don't you transfer a small amount so it won't be closed?'

me:  'ok...'

i transferred one peso...

tough luck, thief...  ; )

the heart's eye

some guy who failed to win me was reportedly telling my friend, 'but i am good-looking!'

ooops...  hahaha...  it's not about the looks, guy...  i've actually fallen for ugly...  : }

love is not about what the eye sees but what the heart feels...  

unexpected freebie

whoa!  i downloaded a trial version of this software...  saw a number of typos on their website...  e-mailed them about it, suggesting corrections...  and they e-mailed me back saying, "Your favorable suggestion is highly appreciated.We are glad to provide you a license ... free of charge."

wow, wow, wow!  free license!  i really wanted to buy!

i am soooo happy...  i am sooo thankful...  yea!!!  : )

fare hike

on the phone...

friend:  'hey, i just want to tell you, fare starting today is already P8.50.  you might go to cubao and you might not have enough money for the fare...'

ooops...  hahaha...  thanks...

you see, i'm used to going around without any cash on me.  i've been doing it since high school.  (my mom is aghast!)  and whenever i go to araneta center without my car, i bring just the exact fare, as in, P16.00, P8.00 to and fro, plus my credit card.  nothing else.  no bag, no wallet, no nothing.  just the coins and the card in my pocket.

my sister has been telling me, if i drop a single coin i won't have enough fare anymore...  hmmm...  warning hasn't deterred me...  ; p

the boy or the toy

me to my mom's friend:  'wow...  so nice your new car...'

mom's friend:  'oh...  just put in your mind that you'll get such a car and you will have one, too...'

me:  'oh, yeah?  then i'd rather think i'll find someone who will love me for keeps so i'll have someone for keeps...'

mom's friend:  '<chuckles>...  i prefer the car...'

ooops...  hehe...  ; p

suddenly i felt senile

at a first death anniversary...

priest to me:  'you look familiar...'

me:  'oh?'

priest:  'were you here last year?'

me:  'yes, father...'

priest:  'that's why...'

wow!  good memory, father...  i wish i had such recall...

selling strategy

grrrr!!!  i was in a hurry to buy these discount vouchers because the deal was supposed to be ending in an hour and then after i've purchased, time to buy changed to 48 hours!  what the...?!  i almost tripped earlier rushing to get my credit card!!!

i know i've seen something similar from another group buying site before...  time left to buy extended from an hour to a couple of days...  that actually entered my mind when i saw that this voucher deal was ending in an hour...  ugh!  i should have learned...

lipstick marks

i just saw a jeepney covered all over in lipstick mark print...  if it's any consolation for the wife, at least it's the vehicle that was kissed all over and not the driver...  ; )

i hope it's handsome ; )

yesterday i dropped a serving spoon...  now it's a fork...  and it also fell face up...  so does that mean a good-looking guy will be showing up today?  or does it simply mean i'm getting clumsy?

at least say something

i have several times received a blank message from this guy...  the first time, i told him and asked what he wanted to say...  guess what, his reply was that he didn't know what to say that's why it was blank...  oh, hahaha...  ok...

and then it happened a second time, i replied...

when it happened again after that, i didn't respond anymore...

don't expect a reply when there's nothing to reply to...  i can't read between the lines if there are no lines...  ; )


i saw a guy at the bank and he was looking at me and he smiled at me...  he looked familiar so i smiled back, the thing is, i could not remember where i met him...  i think he, too, was trying to recall where he first saw me...  ugh!  we really are getting old...

hot lips

fried bananas on the table...  i love them...  i got one from the bottom of the pile thinking 'twas taken out of the pan earlier and therefore colder...  boy, was i wrong!  : O

i bit quite a portion and now my lips and tongue feel swollen and burnt...  what a way to start the day...  ugh!  : }

how informative

me to my sister:  'where'd you buy the lumpia?'

sister:  'at proj. 2...'

me:  'where in proj. 2?'

sister:  'guyabano st.'

me:  'where's guyabano st.?'

sister:  'at proj. 2...'


of course i meant it

i was on my way out when i saw my mom eating chocs...  without slowing down, i went, 'may i have some?' and continued walking out the door.

when i came back 10 minutes later, she has finished the chocs...  she thought i didn't mean it...  aw!  : (


on the phone...  caller apologizes for not being able to call earlier...

me:  'ei, no need to apologize...  actually i'm the one who's going to apologize for...'

the guy cut me off with, 'accepted!  whatever it is, apologies accepted.'

huh?!  hahaha...  aw, that is sweet...  :")

reminded me of an ex...  he is so quick to apologize, even if i'm the one at fault...  not that i wasn't going to say sorry...  nope, he just beats me to it...  actually, he apologizes even if there's nothing to apologize for...  i'd be unusually quiet, just because i'm tired, or i'd be irked, not because of him, and he'd apologize hoping it will make me feel better...

stark contrast with this other ex...  no matter how hurt i was...  no matter how annoyed...  he never once uttered the word sorry...

a more emphatic 'no'

phone call...

caller:  'let's go to the <place>...'

me:  'oh...  you'll get a better view on TV...'

caller:  'we'll be given good seats...'

me:  'it's raining... i don't feel like going out...'

caller:  '<toot> says to bring you...'

me:  'huh?!  all the more that i'm not going then...'


do i look like a vampire?

on the phone...

me:  'do they have parking there?'

caller:  'yes...  but then it's full around that time...  better if it's nighttime...'

me:  'i'm used to going out late...'

caller:  'so it seems...'

me:  'huh?!  what made you say so?!'

caller:  'nothing...'

me:  'what nothing?!  what made you say i look like i'm used to going out late?'

caller:  'you said it...'

me:  'that's not it...  what???'

the guy wouldn't explain...  grrrr!!!

good enough is not good enough

i arrive from church and i see a missed call on my phone.  i return it and it's a prospective client asking for a photobooth setup at 3 pm in sucat.  huh?!  it was 1:45 and i'm in quezon city!

i'm really sorry but i had to decline...  much as i would like to accommodate the request i'm not sure about the traffic and i don't want to be showing up at events late...  note that i still would have to set-up and do some test shots and test prints on-site...  i don't want to risk mediocre service...  even if the customer is willing to settle for good enough, i could not find it in me to deliver a mere good enough...

spontaneous combustion

i was trying to determine the place where this certain pic was taken so i checked back to my july 2010 facebook status updates.  well, this forgotten exchange on my facebook wall caught my attention:


July 19, 2010, 6:31 pm
fb friend:  May ipapadate ako sayo.. Game?! :)

July 19, 2010, 11:51 pm
me:  nyeh! suwerte naman niya! dami gusto mag-date sa 'kin di ako sumasama diyan biglang game? bakeeeetttt???!!!

July 20, 2010, 9:24 am
fb friend:  lol! ganun ba..:) o sya iba na nga lang..

July 20, 2010, 9:01 pm
me:  haha... 'yaw ko ng sine-set up... gusto ko spontaneous... combustion... LOL! ; )



ooops...  fifteen months later, i had this blog post:

talk about combustion...  i almost got knocked off my senses by this guy!!!  (uhm, maybe not just 'almost.')  we were on a totally unexpected irrational ride, good thing we did not careen out of control (or maybe we did, ugh!)...  whatever, be careful what you wish for...

talk to me

international call...

caller: 'what are you doing?'

me: 'tagging pics in facebook...'

caller: 'you're on facebook right now?'

me: 'yes...'

caller: 'go online...'

me: 'i don't chat...'

caller: 'go online...'

me: 'i don't like...'

caller: 'go! c'mon!!!'

ei, demanding, huh!

biker chick ; )

just went to the supermarket riding a motorcycle...  i usually just walk going there but my best friend's housemate suddenly showed up in his bike to drop off something  ->  and he is on his way there, too...  perfect timing!!!

i feel like a biker chick, yea!!!  ; )

to think i was curious

last december, a friend was telling me that we two have a pic that her friend and she herself found really nice.

i asked what pic it was.

she said it was in this someone's account and she'll show me when we see each other.

we've been together several times since then and oftentimes i'd ask her about the pic as i was curious what sort of pic her friend would like.  we, however, never really got a chance to check out the pic.  well, today she was at the house to while away the time while waiting out something and we were able to do a search for the pic.  we scrolled through hundreds of pics in this account and she couldn't find it.

i went, 'what pic is that really?  how does it look?'

my friend described the pic and i remember i have one like that from my cam so we logged in to my account and i showed her a pic.

she went, 'that!  that one!'

huh?!  i was the one who uploaded that pic!  i was the one who tagged her actually.  of course, i have seen it.

curiosity satisfied...  so it was mine all along...

crowning glory not

on the phone...

me:  'i'll be hearing mass...  just go straight to the church if you want...'

friend:  'where will you sit?  around the same place?'

me:  'yup...'

friend:  'ok...  i can easily spot you...  i'll just look for the girl with uncombed hair...'

huh?!  waaaahhhhh!!!

i should stick to pants

on the phone...

friend:  'our photographer has resigned...'

me:  'oh!'

friend:  'and the office has assigned me to handle our camera...'

me:  'really?  why you?'

friend:  'they noticed that i've been taking good shots even if i've just been using my phone...'

me:  'wow...'

friend:  'i got it from you...  i clamber all over unmindful of everything...  the way i've seen you stand up on chairs to take pictures while your dress gets blown upwards and sideways...'

huh?!  waaaahhhhh!!!