suiting up

at a wake this afternoon, a concerned old lady so thoughtfully asked me:  'aren't you cold?'

ooops...  there were heavy rains outside, the air-con was running so efficiently inside, we were at a wake and there i was wearing this oh-so-summery sleeves-sliding-off-the-shoulder top...  : }

uhm...  'twas hot and bright and sunny when we left home...  all my mom told me was that i was going to take pics at the turn-over of an aunt's new place.  'twas a short drive.  i was thinking to-and-fro and everything else in-between will take just two hours, three tops, so i wore something light and comfy.

well, it turns out we'll be out for eight hours  ->  until nighttime...  my mom didn't tell me we were going to proceed to a wake...  i didn't know the weather would change to rain...  i was so inappropriately dressed!  : O

next time i should keep a cover-up in the car...  next time i should ask for an itinerary...  ; )

simply successful

my mom was checking out hats this morning...  while waiting for her, i talked to the very simple and unassuming hat seller who was manning the stall all by himself...

after my mom paid for her chosen hat, i asked the seller to smile for my camera...  he told me he doesn't know how to smile...  i coaxed him to, took his pic then said goodbye...

what do you know, this afternoon i learn from my dad that the guy actually has a very good business with branches in baguio, vigan, boracay and this other tourist place i can't recall right now.

the guy seemed very humble!

hmmm...  good thing i wasn't in my chilly mode and was warm and friendly this morning...  ; )

not fair ; )

last saturday when i got home, my sister went, 'why are you so dark?!'

me:  'i am?'

sister:  'yes!'

mom:  'she kept walking about taking pics so she got dark...'

sister:  'you get that dark doing that?'

well, it was sunny...

then now it's my mom's turn:  'how come you're so dark?'

me:  'i am?'

mom:  'yes...'

me:  'i walked to the supermarket to buy facial cleanser...'

mom:  'you just walked?!'

me:  'yes...'

mom:  'next time don't do that...'


now i'm scheduled to climb a mountain...  boy, do i expect to get burned...  i guess i should expect another round of you're-so-dark-comments...  at least this one's expected...  ; )

blessing in disguise

i wanted to go out to buy some stuff this afternoon...  the thing is, i'm 'coding' today...  my car is supposed to be off the road 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. ...  well, there's a 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. window but that would be too tight for me...  i therefore just stayed home somewhat disappointed that i wasn't able to go out...
and then i receive a totally unexpected phone call...  the caller told me someone's asking for my number...  i asked for the purpose of the request first and after finding out, asked for the requestor's number instead and made the call myself (don't call me, i'll call you, haha)...

what do you know, the conversation turned out really well...  the requestor volunteered (!) to do certain things for me which could at long last give a push to something that has been stalled for quite awhile...  yay!  that is so good!  imagine, i wasn't even doing anything and something like this comes up!  whoa!

after that unexpected development, i again receive another call...  this time it's the courier for a certain magazine...  they're giving me a complimentary copy and they're already in the street trying to locate my house...  aw!

hmmm...  my being unable to go out turned out to be a blessing in disguise...  i would not have been able to answer my phone had i gone out...  i would have left it in the car...

to think i was initially disappointed...  well, God turned my disappointment into joy...  He is just so good  ->  even when i've been, ugh, 'bad'...  He just keeps on showing me His love and i am just so humbled and i really am so thankful...

my fave

' dropped off something at my aunt's place...  she invites me to have some sweets...

i decline saying i have to go...

she then says the magic words:  'leche flan...'

ooops...  sure, i can stay awhile...  hahaha...  ; )

and guess what, i did not just finish the slice on my plate...  she made me bring the whole pan as well...

aw, i am so happy...  i am so thankful...  : )))


me:  'don't call me, ok...  i'll be at <place> till <date>...'

guy:  'ok...'

then it suddenly occurred to me, wasn't i being too presumptuous there assuming that he had plans to call me?  nyahaha...  toinks!!!

not that clueless

a friend downloaded some software for me and put it in my flash drive...  now whenever i insert the stick in my USB port i get a trojan notification...

i text my friend:  '<software> is just being detected as a trojan but it's not really a trojan?'

the guy calls, 'it's your anti-virus that's detecting it as a virus...  for example, norton, it's norton that's detecting it as a virus...'

huh?!  wahahahaha!!!

that much i know, duh!  my question is whether it's a false positive...  \m/

do they overhear?

a knock on my door...  i open it...  it's my sister-in-law...

she greets me with an apologetic, 'are you on the phone?'


limiting the audience

uhm...  changed the privacy settings of some posts from Public to Friends...  the posts themselves are kinda tame...  but the succeeding comments reveal a bit much...  : }

now why do i have Public posts?  they're for those in my Restricted list, among them my mom...  ; )

if you only knew

i was blocking a lane because i tried to break a deadlock.  i was in front waiting to turn left at the intersection and then there was a collision at the rear so i moved to this awkward position to the right so the cars behind me could move.  i still waited for the green light before i made my turn and all the while vehicles who passed me looked at me with this notorious oh-yeah-another-lady-driver expression.

oh, guys...  had i not moved there you'd all still be stuck in traffic honking your noisy horns...

not quite ready yet

on the phone this morning i was telling a friend i'll be off to a family gathering...

the guy went, 'aren't you gonna bring me?'

huh?!  ahahaha...  i wonder how my mom, and my family for that matter, would react if i did that...  file that under 'priceless,'  at least for my family...  for my mom, 'you-wouldn't-wanna-know' would be more like it...  nyahaha...  toinks!!!

a dose of my own medicine

' been calling my mom but she's not picking up her phone...  so this is how my callers feel when i don't take their calls...  wahaha...  karma!  : }

to greet or not to greet

several facebook friends with birthdays today...  i greeted all except for one...  been thinking whether i should...

i've long decided to close that chapter of my life...  i did not reply to the mails...  i rejected the calls...

then a post suddenly appeared on my newsfeed...  from this page!


->  just because your ex added you does not mean he/she still loves you.  presumptuous!

ahahaha...  that should be on his feed...  ; p

of course!

phone call...

friend:  'come over...  they're looking for you...'

me:  'such short notice...'

friend:  'just drop by...'

me:  'drop by...  it's so out of the way...'

friend:  'please...'

me:  'i don't feel like going out...'

friend:  'you can come in your shorts...  just make sure you wear a b _ _ ...'

huh?!  ahahaha...  toinks!!!

super effort

aw, text message:

do you know why GOD gives us another morning to wake up?

it's to forget the pains of yesterday
and see the chance a new day brings...


to make up for the wrong things we've done...



uhm...  trying my darn best to be good...  sooo hard at times...  : (

this is the life

on the phone with my best friend (yup, past midnight : })...

she's convincing me to join them on what i thought was a trip to palawan... so we talk accommodations and prices and schedules... suddenly i got confused...

me: 'i thought you've purchased tickets... why do you need another one?'

friend: 'that's for coron... let's also try to get vouchers for el nido...'

ooops... so we're talking two trips here... plural...

we haven't even taken the first trip and now she wants to book a second one... vacation-mode, eh... ; )

only one matters

i choked...

me:  'number...'

sister:  '10...'

me:  '10?  J again?!'

sister:  'ok...  12...'

me:  'huh?!  the second does not count...'

unexpected discount

ei, a voucher advertised as P475 was billed as just P462.14 in my friend's credit card statement...  'twas from a philippine-group buying site with dollar-denominated deals and approximate peso prices...  yey, yey, yey!!!

good thing we don't use over-the-counter payments...  that would have been full-price OTC...  ; )

not him

my phone rings...  name does not register...

guy with a low, formal voice says, 'hello...'

i rather tentatively say 'hello,' too...

guy suddenly shifts to his normal voice and calls me by our pet name...

what the ... ?!

i chide the guy, 'next time don't make me nervous like that!'

ugh!  the things that make you jittery when you're trying to avoid someone...  : }

language barrier

i was on the phone with my second mom.  she joined our household when i was still a baby and took care of us siblings while my mom was at the office.  she retired in 2009 and has been staying in the province since then.

just a while back, i heard my sister on the phone with her going, 'tagalog, ma, tagalog...  i can't understand you...'

apparently she was talking to her in visayan.

i burst out chuckling.

well, what do you know, just a few minutes later i would find myself echoing my sister's request as she started talking to me in visayan as well.  wahaha...  i was a combination amused and frustrated...  : }

hmmm...  when all else fails, use the language of the heart...  ♥

obvious what i want

Plan A gone kaput...  switch to Plan B...  or go back to Plan A later...  haha...  stubborn...  ; p


on the phone with a friend...  suddenly i hear a knock on my door...  i check and say, not 'who's there?' but 'hello...'


sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare

analyzing some dream i had yesterday morn.  it involved someone who so unexpectedly became a very special part of my life.  i pretty much have everything figured out except for this one object/symbol.

dreams inform you...  they warn you...  direct you...  clarify things for you...

too bad the dream was cut short when i was awakened by a text message.  i wonder how it would have ended, what action i would have taken.  but then maybe it really was not meant for me to see that.  i guess i'll just have to wing it in my waking hours.

live, love, laugh

an aunt was telling us her grandson usually says these things to her before going to sleep:

"love you more, love you o-ways...  mahal kita, wala hanggan..."

aw, sweet!!!  ♥♥♥

sometimes though there's an addendum and the boy's line becomes:

"love you more, love you o-ways...  mahal kita, wala hanggan...  dahil pag-ibig, PBB..."

ooops...  isn't that a rundown of TV shows?  ahahaha...  ; )


finally uploaded pics taken from my friend's phone...  i've been asking him for them since november last year...  he keeps on forgetting...  well, after more than five months, he finally gave them to me...  : }

me:  'where's the max's pic?'

friend:  'isn't it there?'

me:  'it's only shopwise that's here...'

friend:  'it's just there...'

me:  'it's not...'

friend:  'maybe there's really none...'

me:  'i know you took a pic of me there...'

friend:  'maybe i deleted...'

me:  'huh?!  why did you delete?!'

this is gonna be war...  nyahaha...  ; p

left hanging

i had a really good laugh last night.  a friend was telling me about his recent travel and his story made me burst into this long, deep, uncontrollable laughter you feel to your core.  it felt really good, hahaha...  ; p

so their group was going to this province and after being on the road for several hours, the bus driver played this movie.  so they were watching and just around the movie's climax they reached the bus terminal.  aw!  they had to get off the bus without finishing the movie...  : (

my friend was like, 'we were on the road for so long, he should have played that video earlier!!!'  >: (

anyway, return trip and they were with the same driver.  they were requesting him to play the same video and the bus driver reportedly told them he didn't have such movie.

the passengers were like, 'you have...  you played it coming here...'

well, the bus driver reportedly insisted he didn't have it and the passengers were left wondering where on earth did the disc go.

anyway, faaar into the road trip, the bus driver inserted a disc into the player.  guess what, it was the unfinished movie they were requesting him to play earlier!

the passengers were so happy and they again watched looking forward to the ending.

well, what do you know, at around the same part they had to leave during their previous trip, they again reached the bus terminal!  they again had to get off the bus without finishing the movie!  wahahaha...

oh, bus driver...  that is so cruel...  ; )

it's me

my sister made my friend try this green barley juice...  she was telling him it's organic, all-natural, blah-blah-blah...

my friend goes:  'does it have any side effects?  how come i suddenly felt hot?'

me:  'huh?!  hahaha...  that's me...  i turned off the fan...'

table's set you see...  ; p

delivery or to-go?

phone call...

guy:  'i'll go there...  i'll bring the stuff you need...'

me:  'ooops... there's no food, ok...  i just arrived...  as in, i've just parked...'

guy chuckles:  'you order pizza!'

me:  'huh?!  you bring pizza!'

; p

near a square

on the phone...

me:  'what time do you open?'

store assistant:  '10 a.m., ma'am...'

me:  '10?  where are you in farmer's?'

SA:  'near araneta, ma'am...'

me:  'near araneta, as in, across araneta coliseum?'

SA:  'we're near araneta, ma'am...'

me:  'okay...  what i want to know is whether you're across araneta coliseum...'

SA:  'just near araneta, ma'am...'

me:  'so you are not across araneta coliseum?  as in, you're not opposite?'

SA:  'we're near, ma'am...'

me:  'yup...  but what do you mean 'near'?  so farmer's is square, where are you in the square?  the side facing araneta coliseum?  the side facing gateway?  the side facing telus?'

SA:  'we have only one store here, ma'am...  along the row of jollibee...'

me:  'hmmm...  i don't really know the stores there...  never mind...  thanks...  i'll just find you...'


i didn't go to farmer's anymore... i just went to their gateway branch...