transferring nuts from a half-empty container to a smaller one...

me to sister:  'you think it will fit here?'

sister:  'no...  that's too small...'

me:  'what if i eat the excess, will it fit?'

sister:  'of course!  if you eat the excess then there'll be no more excess!'

wahaha...  what was i thinking?!  sorry...  sometimes some questions are just not, uhm, too smart...  :"}


neighbor cousin watching eat bulaga's kalyeserye on a phone...

me: 'oh... so you watch aldub...'

cousin: 'yes... you?'

me: 'i watch them nightly on youtube...'

cousin: 'me, i watch them wee hours of the morning... 1 a.m... before dawn...'

me: 'oh! so this is where it's coming from! i can hear it from my bed and i was wondering whether aldub has invaded my dreams...'

; p

call a friend

urging a friend to go to this trick museum as he gets in free a day before, on and a day after his birthday.

he asks me to go with him.

me:  'why me?  i was just there last saturday...  bring someone else...'

friend:  'who do i bring?'

me:  'anyone!  go outside...  ask any girl you see there...'

friend:  'who?'

me:  'whoever...  or bring your niece...  she'll like it there...'

me:  'what if i bring the mother and daughter who were with me yesterday?'

me:  'ok...  but you'll have to pay for two instead of just one...'

friend:  'what if i go alone?'

me:  'you can't go alone there!  well, you can but that's not how it's supposed to be...'

friend:  'no one will take my pictures?'

me:  'yes...'

friend:  'i'll ask the guard to take my pic...'

me:  'that's not the function of guards...  how can they guard if they're taking your pic?'

friend:  'i'll ask any of those who work there to assist me...'

me:  'there are so many paintings, duh!  don't tell me you're going to have them take your pic through all those...'

friend:  'pathetic...  'don't you have a friend, sir?''

; p


so the movie 'se7en' is twenty years old.  i saw that in the theater in 1995.  i don't think i was the one who wanted to see it.  it must have been my boyfriend at that time.

anyway, i am surprised to read and see in the clip now that the supposed head in the box was not actually shown in that film.  ugh!  i looked away during that scene!  i was afraid of what i would see.

twenty years later i learn that what i thought i avoided was not even there in the first place.

next time face your fears...  they might just disappear...  \m/


told my sister that the 5-peso coin i forgot on my outdoor table was still there after a day even if there were others who've already passed that way.

sister:  'try P500 and see what will happen...'

: }

she loves me... she loves me not...

i was watching today's episode of eat bulaga's kalyeserye ( #ALDUBOurMissionisLove ) and yaya dub was piqued at alden because he was not able to get her the lumpia she's been craving since yesterday (he eventually did).

i was thinking, 'it's just lumpia...  why be mad???'
(wahahaha...  reacting to acting...  i am silly like that...  ;") )

immediately after, that was followed by, 'it's just lumpia...  why couldn't he produce it???'

then i thought, 'hmmm...  that's a measure of love...'

if you focus on the inability of your partner to do something that is not really difficult, then the love is weak...

if you focus on the triviality of the matter to even be an issue in your relationship then the love is strong...

me, that's how i know whether i am actually holding on or already letting go...

when i keep on justifying the pains my loved one is causing me, then the relationship is safe...  once i start to question why i put up with the hurts then the relationship is at risk...

don't let it get to the breaking point...  the moment i walk away, you're never gonna get me back...

it's me

unexpectedly saw someone i verrrry rarely see... guess what, i was wearing the same long, loose, decades-old, faded denim dress i was wearing the last time we bumped into each other... :O

uhm, the better to recognize you, my dear... ;")

know your job

paying for my order with my stored value / rewards card...  ooops...  the cashier didn't know how to process it...  he directed me therefore to the next cashier...

uhm, i was already up at his counter; i dropped to second in line... : }

guess what, his next customer also had a card like mine!  again, he was passing her on to the other cashier...  she'd be third in the queue if she transfers...

me:  'hmmm... you better start learning how to do this, man...'

my cashier came to the rescue and gave him an on-the-spot tutorial...  he processed my payment showing each step to the newbie who echoed them in processing the payment of the lady he initially asked to transfer, too...

both transactions were processed slowly but successfully...

function fulfilled... : )

you do you

saw a girl with really nice legs and she had them tattooed -> big one! :O

why, oh, why, oh, why??? if those were mine, i'd leave them pristine... any tattoos, if ever, would have to be those temporary / adhesive ones...

sometimes we have to leave well enough alone... but yeah, 'well enough' is relative... people have different aesthetics... the owner does have final say...

it's her legs... she can do what she wants to...


this concept suddenly crossed my mind (hint: jim carrey). ' will give it a month-long try. we'll see where it leads me....

all the best, self!  : )

mwuah!  :*


eating out...  sister ordered potato salad...

me:  'you make good potato salad...  why are you gonna order it here?'

sister:  'i just wanna try...'

me:  'up to you...'

her order is served...  sister eats...

sister:  'mine is better...'

me:  'that bar is high...'

there's no plate like home...  : )


here's a special shout-out for leah and james of sugarhouse robinson's magnolia.  i was there yesterday to pick up a marjolaine cake.  when they showed it to me, it had a crack in the middle running the whole length of the cake!

me:  'aw!  how come there's a crack?'

leah explained to me the composition of the cake, blah-blah-blah.

me:  'you know, regardless of the makeup of that cake, i don't think it's supposed to be sold cracked.'

leah says since the chocolate is frozen, a crack is unavoidable.

me:  'unavoidable?  i've bought countless cakes.  i'm the one who buys cakes for our family.  i've been doing it since high school.  how old am i now?  that is a looong time.  i've never bought a cracked cake.  i'm going to take a picture of that.  i don't want a crack to show...'

leah:  'that won't be noticeable in the picture, ma'am...'

me:  'hello!  my camera will capture that...  i can see it...  it is noticeable...  don't you have another stock?'

they have just one, just the one i ordered.

leah offers to get another cake from another branch.  she called the branch and was told the marjolaine there also had a crack.

me:  'really?  that seems to be a lapse in QA...'

leah offers me some other cake.

we check their display.  i've tried most of the cakes.  i want something new and of the ones i haven't, two i'm scheduled to get next month.  the rest don't appeal to me.

leah suggested i switch one of those i'm getting next month with the marjolaine.

me:  'aw!  those two cakes seem more appropriate for oldies.  this one i'm giving to a teen.  if it's just for me i won't fuss about the crack.  i'll just eat and enjoy.  but i'm giving that to someone.  i don't wanna give cracked.  what can we do to remedy this?  do you have icing?  let's cover the crack...'

they don't have icing.

they have these white edible letters i wasn't quite sold on.

they offer this round scallop-edged emblem.  it comes in blue or pink though.  it does not quite match the cashew nut encrusted sides of the cake and its dark chocolate top.

i check out the chocolate strip on top of their midnight cake.  that would cover the crack.  well, they don't have a spare strip.

then they offered meringue sticks.  they said we could put them on top of the cake just like how it is in their truffle cake.

ei, that would cover the crack!  i get excited, hahaha.  okay, try.  put one here; another one there.  add some more.  move that.  flip that.  here, here, here.  there, there, there.  we ended up covering not just the crack but the whole top of the cake with meringue sticks it now looks more like their concorde.

the cake actually looked nicer.  i was sooo happy.  i am sooo thankful.  my annoyance turned to appreciation for these two commendable employees who went to such lengths to ensure customer satisfaction.

good staff, sugarhouse.  you have gems in leah and james.  kudos...  : )

oh my...

coincidence or what? i unintentionally shake the palawan souvenir rainmaker a friend gave me and suddenly i heard the rain fall... : O


over and over

dad asked me to type something...

dad:  'make the letters small...  really small...'

ok...  i used size 10 font then left the printout for him...

dad calls me back...  'what's the next bigger size?'

me:  'that's 10...  next is 11...'

dad:  'make it 11...'

ok...  again i leave the printed copy for him...

again he calls me back:  'this is 11, right?  could you make it 12?'

me:  '12 or you want me to make it 15?'

dad:  'no...  just 12...'

me:  'maybe i should print you different size test fonts first so you could see how big they are before i edit the doc...'

dad:  'no...  just print this in 12...'

well, if you want to keep the peace you just do as my dad says, wahaha...  i print the doc in size 12...

dad:  'this is 12?'

me:  'yes...  you want it 13?'

dad:  'no...  make it 14...'

me:  '14 or 15?'

dad:  'just 14...'

ok...  again, i edit and print the doc (color printing!  \m/)...

dad sees it then goes, 'okay...  this is fine...  thank you...'


yearsss back (yup, i haven't forgotten!  wordstar days, waaahhh!), my dad was still not quite satisfied with the version he had but settled nonetheless, wahehe...

so he asked me to type something...  the doc was short...  i can't recall anymore how many pages but i do remember he wanted 30 copies...

i wanted to print just one copy first in case he wants to modify (which so far has ALWAYS been the case) but he was insistent that was already the final version and he wanted a final printout, meaning printed in high-quality...

okay...  first batch of 30 copies...

he reads...  he wants something changed (ahahaha...  i knew it!)...

i edit and give him just one copy printed draft quality in case he again wants some changes...

dad was irked and insisted i give him a final printout, i.e., 30 copies, high-quality...

okay...  okay...  i re-print 30 copies in high quality...

again he reads...  again he wants something changed...

again i edit and again i print 30 copies in high-quality...

again he wants some changes and again i edit and print...

this went on and on and on until <drumroll>... the printer ran out of ink!  wahahaha...

my dad still wanted some edits but when i told him i'll have to buy a new ribbon first (yiiieee!!!  dot matrix days) as the ink has ran out, he suddenly settled for the last printout...

over...  ; )

wrap rap

i bought six items at the department store.  i placed two small ones each inside the two biggest and then opted for recyled paper packing instead of plastic bag.

i saw the wrapper move one of the inner items from vertical to horizontal.

me:  'don't...  just leave it standing...'

wrapper:  'it won't fit the wrapper if it's vertical...'

me:  'oh?  it's just as high as the outer one...  when you wrap the outer item you'll cover the inner as well...'
[turns out i was not quite accurate there...  i measured when i got home...  the inner is taller by about an inch than the outer...  just one inch!  less than one inch!]

wrapper:  'our paper is just this size!'

me:  'oh, it's ok...  just let it peek...'

wrapper:  'why don't you want it horizontal?'

me:  'i don't want it to slant the other item...  if it's vertical there's plenty of room...'

wrapper:  'it won't fit our paper!'

me:  'fine with me even if it's partially exposed...'

wrapper:  'our paper is just this size!'

me:  'that's not really a problem.  either let it peek or add paper.  is that so hard?

you know, you're not very pleasant to customers...  who's your trainer?  that's not how it should be...'

whoa!  suddenly there was a change of tone...  the raised voice became soft...  the irritated demeanor changed to solicitousness (they offered to wrap the item i don't want squeezed separately...  they offered to tie the packages so they'd be easier to carry...)

me:  'oh!  suddenly you're kind...'
[ugh!  sorry...  i couldn't help it...]

moral of the story:
next time bring a reusable bag...

; p


dictating something on the phone...

me:  'M...'

staff:  'M...'

me:  'Y...'

staff:  'Y...'

me:  'number 8...'

staff:  'is there really 'number,' ma'am, or just '8'?'

me:  'hehe...  just '8'...  i just added 'number' because the previous ones were letters...'

i was aiming for clarification; the result was confusion...  ;"}

old songs

i went to my parents' place and heard old songs being played on the radio...

♩ ♪  let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees
and the flowers and the trees
and the moon up above
and a thing called love  ♫ ♬

me: 'whoa! so that's how the song goes! i only know the part up to '♩ ♪  the flowers and the trees  ♫ ♬'...'

and then

♩ ♪  lonely table just for one
in a bright and crowded room  ♫ ♬

me: 'their songs are old, huh! don't they have 'delilah'?'

<song>, <song>, <song>...



i went home.

a few minutes later i went back... guess what!

♩ ♪  i saw the light on the night that i passed by her window
i saw the flickering shadows of love on her blind  ♫ ♬

me: 'hahaha... 'delilah'?! i had a boyfriend who used to sing that really well!'
(ei, the lyrics have nothing to do with us, ok...)

i hear the song and he comes to mind... those were the days...

♩ ♪  ... my friend
we thought they'd never end  ♫ ♬


big boy

friend tells me he slept at 7 a.m.

me: 'aawww! so pitiful... what did you do?'

friend: 'i played [online games]...'

me: 'nyeh! i thought you didn't get sleep because of work!'

i take back my pity... that's pathetic...  ; p


me to niece: 'nice smell... is that the one you searched online?'

niece: 'yes, tita...'

me: 'so you're still ok, right? no need to re-order yet...'

niece: 'it's easily running out actually...'

me: 'so fast!'

niece: 'my classmates ask to spray, too...'

eh?!  nyahaha...  toinks!!!  ; p


pope francis streamlining the annulment process in the news...

i ran to the tv to watch...

my mom teased me...

i broke out in a silly grin...

♩ ♪  if you're not afraid
of what love brings
then endings are beginnings
of beautiful things  ♫ ♬


blame it on the rain


dad:  'the soup seems to have made me drowsy...'

mom:  'it's not the soup...  you didn't take a nap so now you feel sleepy...'


perfect timing

supposed to go out this morning but i did not because i was expecting a delivery.

mid-afternoon already and the courier has not arrived.

i decided to make a quick trip to my destination hoping to get back in time for the delivery.

guess what, coming out of the building soon after finishing my transaction, i saw the courier near the stoplight! whoa, whoa, whoa!

ooopsss... he was about to start his motorcycle!!!

waiiitttt!!! i tugged at his shirt and asked whether he had something for me.

he was surprised to see me, hahaha...

anyway, right there beside the road, he searched his box for my package, handed it to me and made me sign the slip.

at the right place at the right time. perfect! : )

love love

sister asked something...

me:  'yeah...'

sister:  'ya?  ya, ya?  yaya dub?'

me:  'haha...  what happened to yaya dub?'

sister:  'i don't know...  i don't watch them...  you do, right?'

me:  'yes...  i watch them on youtube...'

♩ ♪  'cause it's magic when two people fall in love <3 <3  ♫ ♬



sitting back after my communion prayer at mass earlier, i noticed that i suddenly have seatmates...  ooops...  i had the pew all to myself before communion!  :O

i looked behind me...  the pew was vacant...  'uh-oh...  i went back to the wrong seat...'  :"}

i transferred...

hmmm...  the view seemed different...  and then i saw my parents in front of me across the aisle...  huh?!  we were seated along the same row earlier!

i went back to the correct seat after all...  it was my seatmates who took the wrong pew...  : }

we should be sure about what is right so we could confidently stand our ground...  otherwise, the ones who are wrong could lead us elsewhere...


phone call...

niece: 'tita, may i borrow your duracell? it's still with me...'

me: 'how can you borrow it when it's still with you?'

niece: 'i'm about to return it to you... i just charged it first...'

me: 'oh... ok... you can keep it longer...'

she actually has a cute PNY macaron series power bank... compared to hers, my duracell looks drab... i guess she brings hers for looks and mine for performance... form and substance... ; )

give way

old man and i entered the bank at the same time... we were approaching the kiosk side by side and i went, 'you go first, sir...'

senior smiled: 'no, you go first...'

me: 'no... go ahead, sir...'

senior: 'no... you first...'

me: 'okay... thank you...'

and then i suddenly realized in our full view are two machines...

me: 'aw... yup, they do have two machines... we can use simultaneously...'

so we did...

and then my queue number was called...

me: 'oh... i'm going first?'

senior: 'yes... my queue number's <mine + 1>...'

aw... age before beauty (hahahahaha)... i should have tapped slowly... ;")


looking for something to wear for another one of our clan's themed get-togethers... i saw one from my mom's clothes...

i asked her whether i could borrow...

she said yes.

me to sister: 'i already have something blue for the party... : ) '

sister: 'where is it?'

me: 'there... mom's...'

sister: 'oh... that's mine... but you can use it...'

me: 'it's yours? i was borrowing it from mom, how come she said yes?'

mom: 'that's hers but i wear it more often...'

; )


<toot1> and <toot2> said the same thing at the same time...

<toot1> made a wish: 'car, money, house...'

me: 'no love?'

<toot1>: 'car, money, house, love...'

me: 'love should come first!'

<toot1>: 'love of money, car, house...'

; )

use it

sister came to my house and saw my cute stuff (hey, they're cute to me!)...

sister:  'maybe you should box your toys...'

me:  'how will i see them if they're boxed?'

sister:  'use a transparent container...'

me:  'i don't want to put them inside a container...'

sister:  'they'll get dusty if they're exposed...'

me:  'i clean them...'

sister:  'they'll easily look old if they're just out there...'

me:  'so?  i'd rather they look old on display than look new hidden...  i like to enjoy my stuff...  i don't buy for storage...'