compliance action

i'm trying to help someone make some lifestyle changes.  this guy regularly stays out way past midnight so we've mapped out some targets that would get him home at a more healthful time.

for november, he's supposed to be home by midnight.  for december, home by 11 pm.  and january, home by 10 pm.

last night, the guy called me to sort of report that he was already home.  hey, goody-good!  'twas a few minutes before midnight  : )

i go, 'have you brushed your teeth?'

the reply:  'i knew you were going to ask that so i brushed before i called...'

ooops...  hahaha...  if i were not going to ask, woud he not have brushed?  yuck!  ; )


chat turning serious and then...

guy:  "why are you so...?"

me:  "because...."

guy:  "what?"

me:  "what does your ellipsis stand for?"

guy:  "what's Ellipsis?  sorry."

ooops... hahaha

me:  "the three dots -> ..."


guy:  "why can't you just say "dots"?"

hmmm...  good point...  but i've called them ellipsis from as far back as high school...  next time maybe...  this time though the term diverted the conversation so i guess it was just fine...

sleep already!

i slept around 4 this morning  : }

this guy and i were telling each other to sleep already but then we kept on exchanging messages.

i told the guy pretty woman came to mind.  richard gere was telling julia roberts not to answer the phone and the retort was, 'then stop calling me.'

the reaction:  'naks, you're julia roberts...'

ooops...  i didn't mean it that way.  anyhow, i replied, 'haha...  and you're richard gere?'


unable to think straight these sleepy two...  -_-

crazy minds

i received the following text this morning:

"Dto n k [hospital]. Buntis daw ako 2yrs n kaw nanay. Lol."
-> ' am at [hospital]...  they say i'm pregnant, 2 years...  you're the mom...

huh?!  hahaha...  contact-less pregnancy by a male?!  whoa!

i replied:

"Di tayo pd pakasal, pero pananagutan ko... LOL!"
->  we cannot get married, but i'll support you...

then this evening the guy tells me:

"Paglalaruin k lng anak natn.  Hahaha."
->  i'll just let our kid play

eh?!  hahaha...

i was like:

"nanganak ka na???  hindi mo man lang ako tinawag?!  ano, caesarean?"
->  you've given birth???  you didn't even call me?!  so, was it caesarean?

hahaha...  the story unravels...  crazy!  ; )


i have two mobile lines, one official, the other personal.  (i have a third number, actually, also personal but i haven't really been using it.)  as much as possible, i try to segregate my calls accordingly.  work-related to the official number; personal calls to the personal number.

after office hours, i received a call.

caller:  hi, cynthia...  are you driving?

me:  why are you calling my personal number?

caller:  [chuckles]...  i haven't asked anything work-related yet.  all i've asked is whether you're driving...

me:  nope.  i'm still at the office.

caller:  ok.  i'll switch to your other number.

me:  eh?!  haha...  don't bother.  let's just talk here.

' am not that impractical, guys.  hello!  ; )


i was returning a missed call yesterday but the caller was not picking up his phone so i just sent a text message asking why he called.

a while later the guy called asking why i called.

ooops... hahaha...  i told him i was simply returning his call.  i asked whether he didn't receive my text.

he said not yet.  anyway, he said he just wanted to know whether my friends and i were able to go to this certain place (where he wants to buy something).

oh, ok.

hours later, apparently in reply to my earlier text, i receive a text from the guy telling me he called because he missed me.

eh?!  he told me on the phone earlier he called because he wanted to know whether my friends and i were able to go to this place.  i reminded him and chided him for changing his story.  i jokingly added he was "Bolero, sinungaling, manloloko, babaero, palikero..."  (hahaha...  OA!)

the guy explained his statements could complement each other as they are not contradictory.  he said he missed me and at the same time wanted to know whether i went out.

oh...  really???  hmmm...  your style's rotten, friend.  try something else...  : p

same time, different places

phone call this morning:  'did i wake you up?'

me:  not really...  i'm about to take a shower...  why did you call so early?

guy:  i'm about to take a shower...  i was going to tell you to take a shower now, too...

me:  haha...  so we'll be showering at the same time?

guy:  yes...

we both laugh  ; )

this is not the first time we're taking showers at the same time...  every single one though, we are not at all together.  he'll be at his place;  i'll be at mine  ->  different houses, different cities...  cool...  ; )

sucker : }

i walked past a mirror and blurted out: 'ooops... i thought there was someone there... ' turns out 'twas me...'

my friend chuckled...

i added, 'i was going to say so pretty... joke!'

the guy goes, 'it's true!'

aaaw... sweet, LOL!

a couple of weeks ago we were browsing some pics and i went, 'hey, i like this pic... i look sexy here...'

he replied, 'you really are sexy.'

huh?! hahaha...

i think this guy has a tendency to flatter women... his statements make me happy nonetheless... ugh, sucker! toinks!