this afternoon, we were at a meeting with a couple of foreign consultants.

one went, 'you are maria, right?'

i go, 'maria cynthia.  i prefer cynthia but maria's just ok, too...'

he said, 'i remember maria.  one is a good singer and you are a good dancer...'

huh?!  the first and last time we went singing and dancing was seven months ago.  a big group.  he remembers my dance?!  ooops... i wonder what i did that time... : }

happy shopper

i'm a market! market! regular and only now did i discover that they have a cart at the department store.  or do they have really?  come to think of it, so many people (christmas shoppers!!!), and i was the only one with a cart.  everyone just had baskets.  hmmm...

i was lugging a basket earlier and one of the salesladies obviously noticed i was having a hard time, she offered me a cart.  i oh-so-thankfully took it.

so there i was comfortably moving from floor-to-floor just pushing my cart.  then when i was done shopping (actually, not yet.  but then the gift wrapping  section was already closing so i decided to wrap up), one of the salesmen escorted me all the way to the parking lot and he was the one pushing my cart.

this was a very good day for me.  from mass i skipped the car wash (ooops...) and went straight to the mall.  i didn't want to be parking outside the regular slots which is what happens when parking is full.  well, there were still slots available when i arrived but the lines at the store were already looooooooong.  i, however, was spared the hassle of long lines as, with my cart and the elevator, all i did was go all the way up to the appliance/furniture section where there were not that many people at the cashier.

i had a happy time shopping for presents.  i hope the recipients will be happy opening them as well... : )

one to many

i was at the supermarket clutching, embracing and balancing so many items when i bumped into a relative.

she went, 'why don't you have a basket?'

me: 'i was supposed to buy only one item so i didn't get a cart anymore...'

i dropped by the supermarket to buy pineapple juice. i ended up buying:

- pineapple juice
- fresh milk
- vienna sausage
- cheese spread
- peanut butter
- cereal
- oatmeal
- chocolates, chocolates, chocolates -> hey, i was running a fever... a sick girl has to have her indulgences ; )

now that's just the supermarket. you can just imagine what happens when i go to the mall... ; )

different girl

i was on the phone with someone yesterday.  i was telling him to just tell his girl to bring a car.

he went, 'cannot be...'

me:  why not?

friend:  she doesn't have a car.

me:  she has!

friend:  none!

me:  huh?!  what happened to her car?

friend:  (emphatically) she has no car.

me:  you told me before when you went to this place she brought a car...

friend:  that's someone else...



my office and the adjacent one had a joint presentation at the monday flag ceremony this morning. we sang along to star ng pasko by the ABS-CBN talents.

thursday, my officemates chose a song.  friday, they practiced. i was trying to finish something last week so i wasn't able to join. anyway, i was told that our office is supposed to wear green while the other group will wear red. i was also given a copy of the lyrics, shown where i should position myself and assigned to introduce the group. ok.

come presentation time, we had our formation in front of the office crowd. we all had our mini-lanterns and sang and swayed to the song. i was waiting for someone to break out from the formation, do whatever to provide a highlight but there was none. start to finish we were just singing along and swaying oh-so-gently to the music. sooo dry, hahaha. (usual flag ceremony presentations involve lively and/or meaningful dances.)

after the presentation, i asked my officemate what they practiced last friday. she said they just practiced the formation. huh?! we didn't even change positions throughout the song : }

anyway, back at our building, another officemate greeted me with, 'i saw your presentation!'

me: 'how was it?'

his reply? 'maybe you're just really busy...'


i don't want to lose them

i was at an officemate's area when the six-year old daughter of some other officemate from the adjacent room popped in.  she started asking me about the stuffed toy to my left.

i said, "ooops, sorry... i really don't know... this is not my place... this chair is (officemate's name) and this is her desk, too..."

the girl went, "why?  don't you have your own chair?"

ooops, haha...

later, i was already at my desk.  she again pops in and sees my own stuffed toy.

she remarks it's nice.

i say, "thank you."

a short while later, she comes back and asks whether she can borrow the toy.

i say, "sure."

she gets it and plays with it.

later, she again comes back, and, clutching the toy, tells me, "it really would be nice if i can have something like this..."

ooops... my heart was torn.  i like that toy.  do i give it to her or not?  hmmmm.... i told myself if she asks for it explicitly then, with a tiny bit of a heartache, i will.

she, however, puts it back and sees this time my tiny bear holding up a bouquet of roses.

she tells me, "your stuff are really nice."

i again say, "thank you."

i was wondering whether she'll ask for the bear.  she did not.

she left, came back again, this time bringing some other little girl with her.  she shows the girl my stuff, they squeal in delight, then they both leave.

hmmm... seems like nothing to the kids that they left without the toys.  such joy to me that i got to keep them.

i've had said toys in front of me for the longest time.  i just take for granted that they're there and that they'll remain there.  then there loomed the possibility of parting and suddenly i realized how dear they are to me...

outside the box ; )

i was in a meeting earlier.  flashed onscreen was:

due date = December 4, 2009 - Friday

one of the attendees asked:  'what does that mean?  due date equals December 4, 2009 minus Friday???'

huh?!  LOL!

in the same meeting:  'we have to consider short period (blank)...'

me:  'what is short period (blank)?'

no response.

me:  'is that the time you don't wear pants?'

yuck!  corny...  : }

better when shared

my officemate was giving me her adobo roll last night.  i declined.

this morning she offered me one again.  again, i declined.

then this afternoon, she brought out the rolls at the counter.  an officemate then cut the bread into four slices each to share with everyone.  with the slices so tiny and people so many, suddenly i found the bread appealing.  i took a slice even without her offering me any...  : }