i dropped my portable drive!  1TB of pics...  :O

guess what, it landed on my footwear then gently slid over to a slipper on the rug...  i didn't feel any pain and i think the drive did not suffer any damage  ->  i'd say it was 'unhurt'...  ; )

they say when babies fall unscathed, their angels catch or cushion them...  hmmm...  maybe my drive has an angel, too?  or my foot?  maybe both...  : )

there's a reason you encounter things

checking out undergarments a couple of weeks ago...  i saw this nice, uhm, bra...  it's not the usual one where you put your arms through shoulder straps...  this one was similar to a necklace in that you put your head through the angled strap...

i was thinking 'twould be good for halter dresses...  i wanted to buy but then i thought i really did not have any halternecks...  i didn't want to be using that underneath my usual clothing as i'd rather have shoulder straps than a neck strap....

hmmm...  hmmmm...  hmmm...  ok...  stop buying things you won't use...  pass...

well, today i was checking out dresses and guess what, i saw a nice halterneck!  trying it on, all i could think about was:  'i should have bought that bra!  why on earth didn't i buy that bra?!  i'll have to go back to that store...'


shared secret

binagoongan by my aunt for dinner...  it's really good...  : D

she says she buys her secret ingredient from this supermarket.  hmmm...  i know someone who makes good binagoongan who buys her secret ingredient from the same supermarket, too.

maybe they buy the same ingredient?

spring chicken no more

last christmas...

guy:  'when are you available?'

me:  'tuesday...'

guy:  'tuesday?  it's only wednesday...'

me:  'i'm going out tomorrow, friday and sunday...'

guy has this weird look on his face...

me:  'you want saturday?'

guy:  'yes, saturday...  what time do you want?'

me:  'well, not morning...  afternoon...'

guy:  'ok...  afternoon...'

: }

new year's resolution:

starting 2014, i'll schedule things at most once a week...  thrice a month starting february...  twice a month come march...


among the gifts i received from my sisters this christmas was a big box of organic coffee.  since i'm not a coffee drinker, i put the box with the other coffee packs in my parents' dining area.

well, i go there this evening and my mom tells me i didn't even open the gift my sisters gave me.

i said i did.

my dad tells me he was telling his carpenter to have coffee this afternoon and when my dad opened the box, it had sleepwear inside!

oh!  the coffee box i did not open...  : }

mom:  'why would you think they'd give you coffee when they know you don't drink coffee?'

me:  'well...  why did they put sleepwear on a coffee box???'

; )

so that's why

opening christmas presents...  when i unwrapped one, i thought, 'hmmm...  this would suit my mom better...'

i decided i'd just give it to her...  i re-checked the card  ->  whoa!  the gift was for my mom!  it was just erroneously included among mine...  ; )

late delivery

my lazada package has arrived!  i placed my order december 12 yet...  5-day shipping supposedly...  >:(

well, they did try to deliver december 23 (i made follow-ups)...  i wasn't around, however, and they would not leave it with my nephew (i left an ID with my sister-in-law)...

uhm, i needed one of the items there for christmas...  : }


i took home a total of 130 pesos from our clan christmas party...  : D

new P10 coin plus a 20-peso prize in 6 categories:

1.  wearing #TulongPH shirt
2.  wearing denims
3.  feeling pretty/handsome...  in other words, crazy (wahaha...  that is the complete category name...  ei, there is no limit to the number of persons who can win in each category...  as long as you qualify or you think you qualify, all you have to do is line up for the prize and you get 20 pesos...)
4.  with mole on the face
5.  single on christmas
6.  it's complicated

ooops...  well...  ; )

tell me

mom about to relate to dad the priest's sermon...

me:  'he heard mass...  weren't we together earlier?'

mom to dad:  'yes...  but did you listen?'

dad chuckles:  'i was seated outside...'

; )

we heard mass at the province this morning.  in the city, my dad sits inside the church with my mom.

substance over form

ordering customized chocs...

reservations:  'what do you want, ma'am...  white, milk or dark?'

me:  'hmmm...  you, personally, which do you like best?'

reservations:  'the white looks good, ma'am...'

me:  'looks good?  does it taste good as well?'

reservations:  'it's a bit sweet, ma'am...'

me:  'hmmm...  but for you, which tastes best, the white, milk or dark?'

reservations:  'taste-wise, it's the milk, ma'am...'

me:  'i'll go for the milk...'


gender neutral

at the mall earlier, i was at the fitting room trying on a dress...  the curtain suddenly opened...

saleslady:  'i'll help you, ma'am...'

me:  'why are you opening the curtain?!  there's a guy outside!'

saleslady:  'it's ok, ma'am...  he's gay...'

me:  'regardless!'

i don't undress in front of strangers!!!


at the mall earlier, i saw something that i liked...  but then it was kinda heavy so i decided to just buy it last...

roam, roam, roam...

when i went back, it wasn't there anymore!  last piece and someone else bought it!  :'(

when you like something, pay for it right away then just leave it at the package counter...  seal the deal lest someone else comes along and acquires it for himself...

blind spot

i was walking by when i saw this dress in the shoppe window...

me:  'how much is that dress on display?'

seamstress:  'with lining?'

me:  'what lining?'

seamstress walks over to the dress and shows me the lining...

me:  'oh...  no...  just one piece of cloth...  i don't want two...  there's already something i'm going to put on top...'

seamstress:  'but you want it like this?'

me:  'well, not V-neck...  i want it round...'

seamstress:  'round...  and then the same cut?'

me:  'well, no cuts...  no stitches on the waistline...  just one straight dress but shape it close to the body...'

seamstress looks baffled...

i keep on describing the dress i want and i found myself tracing the dress i was wearing...

me:  'hey...  this!  like this one i'm wearing!  except different material and no pockets...'

why didn't i notice right away?!  well, yup, sometimes it's hard to see things you have on yourself...

the law of... gravity ;)

i have this little advocacy...  i change old bills for new and stored / loose coins for bills...  the old bills and coins i deposit to the bank...  i've been doing this since college...  uhm, quite a long time...  ;")

yes, i do it for free...  but don't come knocking at my door, ok...  i do it only for relatives and friends...

well, actually, i've done it for a handful of strangers as well...  we'd be at the cashier and i see a fellow shopper take out an old bill, i ask whether she'd like to change it for new...  so far all of them have been happy to change...  but yup, it has crossed my mind that these random strangers might think i'm up to something fishy so i've been ultra-selective...

anyway, this afternoon, i was at the bank with bills and around 300 (!) pieces of five-centavo coins.  the coins were wrapped in paper, 100 coins per roll.  a bit long.  so i placed them on the counter and after totaling the money and giving me my transaction receipt, the teller picked a roll up, holding it at the middle (???!!!)...  :O

me:  'careful!  it might spill...'

ta-daannn!!!  it did!

me:  'be careful what you say...  it just might happen...'

teller chuckles:  'it did happen...'

verbalize to materialize...  \m/

it takes one to know one

' saw a girl with a BIG scar on her right inner calf today...  aw!  i could relate...  i think i know where she got that...

i got mine  getting off a motorcycle in a province last july...  the exhaust came in contact with my leg as i got off and i got burned!  it didn't really hurt...  but the change in appearance of the skin on that part of my leg days after gave me a scar scare...  : }

i'm really thankful mine was not that big...  and i'm very happy it has lightened considerably...  dress-girl still...  : )

fine with me

11:57 p.m...

caller:  'did i wake you up?'

me:  'not really...  i've just put my phone on mute then suddenly i saw an incoming call...'

caller:  'well, it's okay if i'm the one who wakes you up, right?'

ahahaha...  confident!  \m/

sounds off

begging off from a get-together because i have a scheduled dinner...

me:  'but do add it's not romantic...'

inviter:  'ok...  i'll tell them she has an unromantic dinner date haha'

; )

brave little one

at my cousin's place earlier...  they have a superrrrrr cuuuutttteeee puppy, a shih tzu...  the thing is, when it comes to dogs (animals in general, actually), no matter how adorable, i prefer to keep distance...  i often say, scales, feather, fur, they make me cringe...  don't be afraid?  i am afraid...  very afraid...  : }

anyway, i enter their house in my shorts and the puppy suddenly came rushing to me...  yiiiieeeee!!!  i leaped to the chair!!!  how feminine, wahaha...  there i was standing on the chair and this cutie-cute puppy was staring so sweetly up at me...  uhhhh!!!  tugging at my heartstrings but, sorry, it's still a no...  and then my equally cute granddaughter scooped the puppy up and, uhm, saved me (from embarrassment?  ahahaha)...  the brave little girl, btw, is three years old (oh, my...  further embarrassment)...  :"}

so my cousin and i went on to talk and our granddaughter walked over to the other side...  she was playing with the puppy and then i heard her say, 'i'm playing with <puppy> chowder so she won't bother tita bong...'

awww...  :")

happy teeth

i'm an oral-b girl but today i tried the colgate 360 toothbrush because there's a free toothpaste  ->  oh, yes, i love freebies...  :")

anyway, i brush with all my might (my mom says had our house been a hut 'twould crumble with the intensity of my brushing, hehe) and this one felt really good all throughout!  dunno whether it's because of the uneven and patterned bristles...  so gentle...  soothing even...  just like a tooth-massage if ever there is such a thing...

i have found my match and i am sooo happy...  <flashes a toothy smile>

no wonder

brought one of my own shirts to my dad for him to try on.  i'm ordering a shirt for someone and i'm not really sure whether i should go for a Large or a Medium.

instead of putting it on, my dad just told me to check it against one of his shirts.  several times and several ways i requested him to try it on.  he wouldn't hear of it.

uhm, my shirt had a Wonder Woman print.

; )

credit card

me:  'you have visa?'

reply:  'passport only...'

uhm...  the topic was online shopping...  ; )

good and bad

at a stoplight...  street child with soap and squeegee started cleaning my windows...  i handed him money...  well, what do you know, he didn't finish anymore, wahaha...

actually, i have mixed feelings about this:

on one hand, i really appreciate the fact that they're working for the money and not just asking for dole outs.

on the other, these are children so they should be playing, not working especially on busy roads which could be very risky.


last but not the least

balikbayan cousin asking about Cheesecake, etc. which she has seen in my facebook pics.  i told her the Tomas Morato branch i used to frequent has closed but i gave her a list of other branches...

initially i included only
Eastwood Citywalk 1
Glorietta 4
ACCRA Tower 1, 2nd Ave. cor. 20th St., Bonifacio Global City
Mall of Asia (MOA)

then last minute i decided to add
Greenhills Shopping Center.

her reply:  'we're at greenhills now, thanks for the info...'

imagine!!!  : D


bumped into a former colleague...  picture-picture...

colleague:  'tag me, ok...'

me:  'sure...  but then i might upload this january yet...  it's already december, i'm still uploading october...  i want them chronological...'

and i try not to upload in bulk, at least to my own account...

: }

there's reason to smile

family gathering this afternoon...  as is our wont, picture, picture...  ; )

i told my nephew beside me:  'y'know when you were at the hospital, i refrained from uploading (my happy) pics...  then when i logged in, was i surprised to see a pic of your sisters smiling-so-wide in instagram...'

initially i was taken aback...  shortly after i felt kinda relieved...  they were watching over their brother and they posted such a happy pic...  that signaled to me that things couldn't be that bad...  : )