brave little one

at my cousin's place earlier...  they have a superrrrrr cuuuutttteeee puppy, a shih tzu...  the thing is, when it comes to dogs (animals in general, actually), no matter how adorable, i prefer to keep distance...  i often say, scales, feather, fur, they make me cringe...  don't be afraid?  i am afraid...  very afraid...  : }

anyway, i enter their house in my shorts and the puppy suddenly came rushing to me...  yiiiieeeee!!!  i leaped to the chair!!!  how feminine, wahaha...  there i was standing on the chair and this cutie-cute puppy was staring so sweetly up at me...  uhhhh!!!  tugging at my heartstrings but, sorry, it's still a no...  and then my equally cute granddaughter scooped the puppy up and, uhm, saved me (from embarrassment?  ahahaha)...  the brave little girl, btw, is three years old (oh, my...  further embarrassment)...  :"}

so my cousin and i went on to talk and our granddaughter walked over to the other side...  she was playing with the puppy and then i heard her say, 'i'm playing with <puppy> chowder so she won't bother tita bong...'

awww...  :")

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