a note of thanks

i like to commend people...  and call out wrongdoing, too, wahaha...  the first, to show appreciation for and encourage good deeds...  the second, to make the person aware that he is out of bounds and to prevent him from inflicting the same behavior on others...

this blog will deal about the first...

so today i was supposed to deposit my sister's money in her account...  as is my usual travel ultra-light mode, i brought only a small pouch the size of my phone with me...  i didn't bring my sister's ATM card...  neither did i bring her passbook...  her account number is stored in my phone anyway  ->  ahahaha...  suddenly my ordinary phone increased in value...  ; )  don't get your hopes too high, thieves  ->  no PINs...

well not well, my phone batt went empty while i was still roaming the mall...  : }

i was saved by the saleslady at this juice stall who was kind enough to grant my request to very quickly charge my phone with her charger just enough to power it up and get the account number...

i asked for her name after, saying i will send a commendation to her employers...  she didn't want to give it to me at first telling me not to write her employers anymore as it is probably prohibited ("baka bawal") to charge phones in their stall...  aw!  yup, the commendation could backfire!

i said i won't write anymore but i'd like to get her name still so i would know who did me good...  she gave it to me...  : )

i won't write to her employers but i'm sure to mention her to the One Up Above tonight...  i'm sure He'll know what to do...  : )

knowledge is power

there is this couple neighbor who like to unilaterally pop in my inbox.  just the other night, the husband was at it again.  for some reason, they disable replies.

well, i can blog.  had he read my blog last night, he must be thinking he should just have enabled reply.  hah!

last may, i got mad at this neighbor, face-to-face, for throwing their trash in the trash sack i just put out.  you know what happened next?  i received a looong facebook message from the wife explaining not just the trash but also things from years back.

eh?!  i wasn't even thinking about those things anymore.  she resurrects them  ->  with the most ridiculous explanations i've ever read in my whole life!  no, i am not exaggerating.

she was pointing out (and belaboring!) causations where the supposed causes came after the effects.  not just in one instance, not just in two, but in three instances!  thrice, her chronology was off!

it did not stop there.  she explained things using logic that was not at all sound!

what more, she made statements that were self-incriminating! 

it was insane!

i was finishing something that time so it was already more than a week later when i sent her my reply.  (i did inform her right away that i was going to reply.)  i did not know that in the meantime (i have a ton of unread messages so my information is not updated, wahaha), the husband has sent me a message saying his wife will not read my reply anymore.  that was in june 2017.

jump to january 2018 and the wife still maintains that she has not and will not read my reply.  in separate instances, she and her husband have told me that they just burned the printout that i sent.  (i sent them a printout of my e-mail reply months later.)

hmmm...  that is just a reply.  what's so scary about it?

shutting such information out is folly.  keeping a closed mind is your undoing.

there are stories (i'm not saying they're true; i'm not saying they're  not) of document handlers getting rich during a major court case.  the opponent reportedly pays them off to get a copy of whatever document the other party has.

you want to know what they know.  you want to know what they say.  you want to anticipate what they think.

information is king.  without it, your arguments have been demolished, your lies have been exposed, and you continue spouting them.

it's disgustingly amusing / amusingly disgusting to listen to a lie when you already know the truth.

fools.  please. stop.

burn a death, jeer all

last december, i was sweeping the alley between my brother's and this neighbor's house and i found myself trying to remove soil from the gutter in my brother's side of the street.  that was also the case the previous day.  now i sweep the alley everyday so i know that is something new.

coincidentally, i did see a broken pot with disproportionately little soil behind the neighbor's garbage bin.

when i went to my parents' place, i asked my dad whether he was the one dumping soil in the gutter.

my dad was irked.  'why would i dump soil in the gutter?!'

me:  'there's a broken pot outside.  is that yours?'
(my dad has plants.  the broken pot, however, is smaller than the pots my dad has.  still, i wanted to be sure so i asked.)

dad:  'was a pot broken?  i don't know of any broken pots.  where is it?'

me:  'behind the trash bin of <neighbor>.'

my dad then ordered me to go to the neighbor's and talk to them about the gutter.  he said the neighbor has been making the gutter a dumping place ("ginagawa nilang tapunan!").

true.  i've witnessed it myself  ->  spanning years!

nevertheless, i told my dad to just ask my mom to tell the neighbors instead.

my mom was just there, scrolling on her phone, not saying anything.

my dad kept on asking me.

i kept on declining and telling him to tell my mom instead.

finally, my dad stood up and was going to walk to the neighbor's himself.

my mom suddenly panicked and stopped him:  'don't!  don't!  i'll just text <neighbor>!'

so my dad went back to his seat.

a couple of days later, i saw the neighbor through their window and my dad in the alley just outside the neighbor's gate.

i called out to my dad, '<neighbor> is here!  you tell her yourself what you wanted me to tell her the other day...'

then i called the neighbor, '<toot>!  my dad has something to tell you...'

the neighbor replied, 'i'm eating!'

me:  'it won't take long...'

the neighbor repeated she's eating.

the neighbor's friend, the one who wanted to and did go swimming in the pool at our house in the province the previous month,  butts in, 'she's eating!'

i again say it won't take long.

one after the other they both go, 'can't it be later?!  i'm/she's eating!'

imagine!  the distance between their dining table and the gate is just around 2 to 3 meters.  passing through the door, she'd have to walk a total of not even 10 meters!  but no, she won't come out.  my dad ended up giving instructions to her maid instead.

confronted about it later, the neighbor says she did not come out because she did not know my dad was there.

i go, 'how could you not know my dad was here when he was right here [i demonstrate my dad's position beside their gate]?  he's been talking with the carpenter!  i could hear his voice from my bed!  all the more that you could from there!'

she says she did not see him.

you ordered your maid to talk to him and you did not see him?!

she then says she did not come out because she heard my dad say, "tama na." (stop it already.)

[when she was refusing to come out, my dad eventually said, "tama na.  tama na.  tutal nag-text na ang nanay."
->  stop it.  stop it.  anyway, mom has texted [the neighbor].

my mom actually has a track record of sugar-coating and even suppressing our complaints.  i therefore asked the neighbor whether my mom texted her.

the neighbor's reply was no.


i blurt out, "ang tanga naman nu'n!"
->  that is stupid!

if in the first instance (january 13, 2018 blog) i could apologize for labelling her action stupid, in this case i emphatically repeat the call.  she heard my dad talking and yet she did not know that he was there?!  if that is not stupid, what is it?  a lie?  insanity?

i yell at her her father is buried in my dad's nephew's land and she could not even get up to talk to him?!  he is [86 years] old, for heaven's sake!

her reply?  "so kailangan bang ilipat???"
->  so do we have to transfer [her dad's remains]???


me:  "that is not the point!  alangan namang hukayin ninyo 'yun du'n!  the point is ni hindi ka mangabalang lumabas sandali samantalang 'yung tatay mo forever nang nakalibing sa lupa ng pamangkin ng tatay ko!"
->  that is not the point!  don't tell me you're going to dig him up!  the point is you didn't even bother to come out for a while when your dad will already forever lie in my dad's nephew's lot!

i added my mom was even making arrangements for her dad's funeral!  my dad told her that time:

"ba't ikaw ang nag-hahasikaso niyan?
tatay nila 'yan.
ang dami nila, kababata, kalalakas.
bakit ipinapasa sa matanda?"

->  how come you're the one taking care of that?
that's their father.
they're many, young and strong.
why pass it on to someone old?
[my mom was 79.  the bereaved neighbors, 45 and younger.]

the parts my mom could not handle, she passed on to me.  the neighbor should know this.  i was the one who asked her for (and, when she gave me questionable figures, personally checked) the measurement of her dad's urn so the ones in the province would know what size hole to bore in the existing tomb.  when my mom could not hear what the person on the other end was saying, i was the one who took the phone to talk to the person.

were they devastated to the point of incapacity?  well, the daughter was actually sorting through and giving away her dad's stuff even when her dad was still lying in state!  appalling!  why the rush?  is it because they were in a hurry to demolish and rebuild his house?  three months after the dad's death there actually already was a new house on his property.  the daughter has been saying it's what the dad wanted.


i was talking to the dad march 30, 2017, less than 3 months before he died.  true he was mad at the disturbances of the building across but the most important point is he was feeling pressured to leave because the moment his house is rebuilt he has to vacate the place.

messages have timestamps.  on june 29, 2015 (!), the neighbor/daughter furnished me a letter she intended to send someone.  her parents were still very much alive that time.  in that letter she said they intend to start adding a second floor to her dad's house so they could transfer right away.  she said she has asked the ones who will handle the construction how long it will take.  she said she was told 3 months.  she said they need to build three floors because the space is small and they are many.

as far as i know the letter was not sent because i was able to dissuade her. but the fact remains that she did write such a letter as early as 2015.

the house as currently built is not 3 floors.  it is unoccupied up to now.  but the point is she wanted the house rebuilt for herself.  the dad made the offer for them to transfer to his place? why? because of her play-underdog-routine!

the dad's sister offered to build him a new house there years back.  he won't have to spend a cent.  everything will be shouldered by the sister including rental for his temporary living quarters.  but no, he declined.  he was younger then.  stronger.  healthier.

jump to 2017.  he is older.  weaker.  not in the pink of health.  the dad has been living in the same house for years and suddenly he is pressured to leave.  he was actually trying to find a place to rent and pay for with his own money!  imagine, 73 years old and you suddenly have to look for a place in which to live!

they keep on citing something else as the reason.  well, days before he died the dad was still holding this document lacking someone's signature.  as in, the daughter even assigned to the dad the task of securing the necessary signature. the moment that person signs, construction will start. the dad would have to move out.  well, he did not have to transfer residences anymore because he unexpectedly passed away.

while living they couldn't wait to ease the dad out of his own home.  in death they pass on arrangements for his resting place to someone else.  it is their last chance to make amends!  it is their last hurrah for their dad!  is it because they're grieving?  my mom was grieving, too! 

the neighbor says my mom volunteered.

me:  'she did?'

neighbor:  'ay, no...  it was the sisters who volunteered.'

me:  'they did?'

neighbor:  'ay, no...  the sisters just talked among themselves, i was not part of it, ("sila-sila lang nag-usap, hindi ako kasali") and someone suggested to just entomb with the parents because i don't have a plot...'

me:  'what have you done to get a plot?  a plot does not just materialize from nowhere.  did my mom have a plot?  no!  it's my dad's nephew who has.'

she says the youngest aunt volunteered to help her and even hugged her after the funeral saying, 'see...  we pulled this off...'

okay.  so what has that got to do with the point?  the point is my dad through his nephew provided a final resting place for your dad and you would not even bother to get up to talk to him!

last night her husband again meanly messages me in facebook indignantly asking whether i would say the same thing about the elder brother.  the brother passed away three months after her dad and was also laid to rest in the same tomb.

hello!  the answer is a resounding NO.  please!  your analogy is flawed!  you are NOT in the same league.  i am sure, even if my dad has not done anything for them, this other daughter would have gone out to talk to him.  the rude, greedy, lying neighbor (yes, i can support every single one of those adjectives with verifiable facts) for whom my dad has done so much did not.  she relegated him to the maid.

the actions won't be the same.  the reactions, too, won't be the same.

this neighbor should stop playing victim to circumstances she herself created.  she was rude and off the mark.  that is part of the story.  don't leave them out when she tells her tale.

it's bad enough to be behaving the way she did.  it's worse that she tries to spin the story to make themselves look good.  it's worst that she tries to do so at the expense of others.

when i was talking to the neighbor's dad less than three months before he died, the dad had unflattering things to say about his son-in-law:

"hindi naman kasali, nakiki-komento sa bentahan."
->  he's not part of it yet he makes comments about the sale [of his wife's late grandparents' property]

"mula nang ikasal, kay <daughter> na umasa ng tirahan."
->  since the wedding, depended on <daughter> for a house

"tuwing may problema, kay <daughter> iniaasa ang solusyon."
->  everytime there's a problem, relies on <daughter> to come up with a solution

okay.  knowing this couple's shoot-the-messenger-mentality, they will again get mad at me.  just as annoying, they will again try to give me illogical explanations that miss the point.  for the record, i am simply stating what the dad told me.  if there's any explaining to do, they explain to the departed dad.

this is what happens when you have someone who tries to play ultra-pitiful underdog.  you try to get someone's sympathy and in the process, wittingly or unwittingly, end up putting others in a bad light, in this case, your own husband.  too late to correct the impression now.  whisper to the dead.

funeral arrangements they had to pass to my mom.  but locating their prospective inheritance they could do on their own.

years back when the dad was still alive, this couple was able to go to the province on their own to check this parcel of land which the dad would be leaving behind when he dies.  they went there without so much as a say-so to my mom who they very well know goes there regularly (my mom sends them goodies upon her return).  i tell the neighbor my mom told me then she was surprised to see them there.

she says she does not remember seeing my mom.

i tell her my mom told me they accidentally saw each other and my mom was telling me she and her husband were able to ask around and find someone who could help them locate the dad's property.

not informing my mom about their trip to the province seems odd.  this neighbor texts my mom about all sorts of things (she takes pride in saying she is like a daughter to my mom).  going to my mom's turf she forgets to tell her?

she tells me it was her dad who told them to visit the site because he was already starting to feel unwell.  oh, that makes it doubly odd.  both she and her dad did not inform my mom about the provincial trip?  her dad calls my mom about things major and minor.  i know because i'm the one who usually answers the phone.  my laptop is just 18 inches away from the extension phone at the second floor and diagonally above the main phone at the first floor.  he sends his beloved daughter to unfamiliar territory and he does not inform my mom who regularly goes to the place?

she says they went because this uncle got mad at the caretaker and told her dad to check the site.

if i remember right that is a more recent occurrence.  later than when they went to the province.  i could be wrong but so far my memories of chronology have been matching with timestamps.  the neighbor's?  off by years!  she has messaged me incidents plotted in the wrong sequence and she's been making excuses and finding causalities where the causes come after the effects.  insane.

anyway, what has the uncle getting mad at the caretaker got to do with not informing my mom about the provincial trip?  i'm not saying they should update my mom about everything they do.  actually my mom has nothing to do with their prospective inheritance.  but given everything that they've bothered to inform her about before, it just seems highly unusual that they would not even mention to her this provincial trip.

sooner or later, more truths will come to light.  better discard the pretenses.  don't wait to get exposed.

as you like it

there is this orange juice that i've been drinking everyday.  i don't take vitamin capsules/tablets and i consider it a regular source of my vitamin C.

i started leaving a bottle at my parents' place last year.  i offered my dad a glass and for the longest time he wouldn't try it.  then one day he did.  and it turned out he liked it.

i thought it was just a regular like.  today i realized it's probably a little more.

so my parents were having snacks and right next to them is a cabinet with my dad's usual drinks.  my dad tells me to prepare him a glass of the juice i usually prepare ("ipagtimpla mo nga ako nu'ng juice na tinitimpla mo.").

me:  'the orange?'

dad:  'yes...'

me:  'aw!  there's none right now...  i'm supposed to buy tomorrow...'

dad:  'oh...  never mind...'


i've always had a bottle of that juice everyday for years!  the day that i don't have is the day my dad asks for one!  uuuhhhh!!!

the only reason i haven't bought was because i had another juice that was expiring and to force myself to finish it, i didn't buy my other drinks.  even then, i was already set to buy tomorrow as i'm scheduled to go someplace near the supermarket and i intended to pass by after.

ugh!  ugh!  ugh!

i usually schedule my outings to cover as many to-dos as possible.  i even think out the most efficient route.  if it's just one task, i delay whenever i could and try to lump it with something else.

this afternoon, however, i made an unscheduled trip to the supermarket.  i bought the juice my dad was asking for (plus a loaf of bread) then went home right away.

my dad likes that juice.  i promise he'll always have a bottle every single day of his life.

little things mean a lot...  <3

look out

my sister bought prescription medicines at mercury drug ali mall the other day (january 25).  then nighttime she tells me that it turns out the drugstore has given her a different tablet and she has taken it!


she says she compared the newly bought ones with the old and the names and appearances are similar but not quite the same.


i went to mercury drug ali mall yesterday to have the meds replaced.  i told the pharmacy assistant the meds they gave my sister was different from the one on the prescription and my sister has taken a tablet!

the pharmacy assistant looks at the box i was returning, compares it to the doctor's prescription then tells me i have to pay additional as the one in the prescription is more expensive.


no problem about payment.  my concern is to get the correct medicines.

me:  'how come you gave something different from the prescription?  isn't that dangerous?  you should be careful about these things.  these are meds.'

the pharmacy assistant tells me it's just a different brand and it won't harm my sister.

i said it's fortunate that it's just a brand difference in this case but what if next time it's not?

i asked whether the prescribed tablets are not available.

she checked.

they are.

then that's what they should have dispensed!

i told the pharmacy assistant to tell her colleagues to be extra careful and double check next time.

the pharmacy assistant went to the back and talked to this girl.  then she entered a room to my left and stayed there a few minutes.

when she came back, she was with the manager.

the manager asked where i'm from, whether quezon city.

i said i live nearby.

he told me i won't have to pay anything anymore.  (it turns out the receipt shows that my sister actually paid for the more expensive brand.  it was just in the dispensing that she was given the cheaper brand.)

the manager said they're going to give me the prescribed tablets and won't charge me for the one my sister has taken.

eh?!  of course!  why should they?!  my sister actually took wrong meds because of their mistake!

the manager reiterated the tablet my sister took is okay.  it won't harm her.

i said good thing we got lucky in this instance.  the point though is they should be dispensing the correct medicines.  it is risky otherwise.

anyway, the pharmacy assistant processed the replacement plus my additional purchase (i paid for the latter).  while waiting, i told the customer to my right to double check what she'll be given as my sister was given a different med just the day before.

a short while later, the manager again appeared, at my side of the counter this time.  he asked whether we could talk at his office.

i said i'm in a hurry as i have to be home by noon because my sister will be taking the meds noontime.

the manager and i therefore didn't get to talk anymore.  i wonder what he had to say.  maybe i'd drop by next time i'm in the area.

do your share in checking your own meds.  don't rely on the pharmacists alone.  people make mistakes.  when it comes to health, those mistakes could be costly.

life and death

at a resort in antipolo...  sign says luljetta...

me:  'how do you pronounce that?'

resort personnel:  'lul-yetta...  it means flower of life...'

me:  'aww, that's nice...  there's flores para los muertos (flowers for the dead)...  yours is flower of life...'  : )

we live and we die...  take time to smell the flowers...

colors of the heart


aunts and cousin wearing green posed in front of a restaurant named Verde Restaurante (at Loreland Farm Resort in antipolo)...

aunt:  'what shade next?'

me:  'how 'bout white, auntie?  <pointing to cousins>...  she's wearing white...  she, too, white...'

aunt:  'you, too...'

me:  'wahaha...  this is blue, auntie!  pale blue...  it's not faded...  it's really just pale...'

actually, it could have faded and i'd wear it just the same...  i love blue...  when all else fades, my love remains...  yeeha!  ;")

in all honesty

so someone was telling me that the neighbor i've been blogging about told a friend that no matter what happens, she (the neighbor) won't talk bad about me because i had been very good to her.  (oh, boy, have i!  it was a test of patience and endurance.  unfortunately, my patience ran out and my endurance did not hold up.)

well, thank you very much.  for the record, however, she has actually been rude to me.  that is why her january 5 message i got to read only on january 8 came as a big surprise.  the tone was markedly different from how she's been talking to me and messaging me in the past.

i would like to quote her own father.  for more than an hour we were talking march 30 of last year.  (less than three months later he unexpectedly passed away.)  he told me he was teling someone, "si bong nakakatakot kausap.  palaging sa tama."  ('it's scary to talk to bong (my nickname).  [she's] always for what is right.')  i take that as a compliment.

[the neighbor's dad requested something from me before.  it was a simple request and i easily could have done it.  but i declined because it was something i was not supposed to do.

on a much bigger scale involving some other people in some other circle, there was a document before that 'documented' something that did not at all happen.  when i saw the signatories, i asked how come those people are the ones who signed.  more than they, i should be the one whose name should be there.  the reply made me so proud of myself:  a higher up reportedly said, "huwag nang papirmahin si cynthia.  siguradong hindi papayag 'yun."  ('don't make cynthia sign anymore.  for sure she won't agree.')]

so the neighbor won't be talking ill about me?  much as i would like to attribute it to goodness of heart, my logical self is telling me it's because her falsehoods don't stand a chance against the truths i know so well.

what drives you?

i was at a wake and was talking to one of the bereaved...  he said his late mom's room (at the house) is just as she left it...  they haven't touched her things (she passed away at the hospital)...

that's actually what i've been hearing from those who've suffered a loved one's loss...  they leave the departed's stuff as is for sometime...

stark contrast to something i encountered for the first time in my life last year...  someone unexpectedly passed away and within the not-even-week-long wake, my mom was already handing me and my sisters pictures taken by the one who died...  no, he did not bequeath them to us...  the deceased's daughter gave my mom the pictures  ->  not just our family's but even others'  ->  for distribution...

i refused to take the pictures...  i said the one who took them is still lying in state...  i don't feel like getting his things...  more so since he died at his house...

(ironically, however, i ended up distributing the pics (and letters and docs) myself...  my mom, who too was grieving, was not able to attend to it...  for three months, the items were just at my parents' house until my mom asked me to bring them to the houses of the intended recipients...  i balked...  the departed's daughter has a maid who passes by those houses when she fetches the granddaughter from school.  why not let her deliver the stuff herself?  why did the daughter have to course them through my mom?  my mom insisted i just be the one to do it as it's been at their house too long...  so there i was, not wanting to touch my own pics taken by the departed, but carrying stuff from the same deceased to be given to other people...)

after the wake, still within the novena for the dead, i saw a multi-page document littering the alley...  i recognized the departed's sister's handwriting so i called the neighbor (daughter of the one who passed away) to ask whether it is theirs...  it is theirs alright  ->  her late dad's...  she said she was sorting his stuff and it must have flown away...

then within three months from the father's death, the daughter already had his house demolished and rebuilt...

i must say i found the behavior unsettling...  but people do have different ways of coping...  there are those who take things slow...  and there are those who purge in haste...  regardless of speed, what matters is what is in the heart...


leaving a wake with my mom...  a dear family friend rushed to us, greeted my mom then, pointing to a guy at his table, told me:  'that guy is also from <neighborhood>...  he says he sees you whenever you buy pan de sal at the store...'

me:  'haha...  you know, either he's mistaken or he's outright lying...  i don't buy pan de sal there...  it's dad and <brother> who do...'

; p

with you in spirit

i was (late-)uploading photos of a nephew's song number at an aunt's birthday celebration last night. during the upload, facebook auto-tagged some people and, as is my wont, i untagged them. (i don't usually tag people unless they ask.)

so i was removing album tags and i saw a late uncle's name! (he unexpectedly passed away last september.)

i checked the pics. he was tagged in only one photo. the tag was attached to another uncle's/his brother's face.

i took a screenshot of the auto-tag.

i was thinking whether i should remove it. i decided to just keep it.

of course there is a logical explanation to the tag: his resemblance to his brother must have thrown off the face-recognition algorithm.

still, i'd like to go by the explanation of the heart: he was present during his sister's birthday celebration and watched his grandson's performance. you know what the grandson did? he lip-synced "i don't wanna miss a thing"... <3


yesterday i saw what looked like a roll-on littering the alley...  the name of this multinational company came to mind...  after that, 'blog'...

ahahaha...  word associations...  ; )

i googled what deodorant the company carries...  in the process i saw that this ice cream brand is theirs as well...

today i saw a tub of their ice cream at my parents' house...  i've been seeing ice cream there all my life and it has always been just ice cream to me...  now for the first time, i see a tub and this multinational company enters my mind, followed by 'blog'...

i find it weird...  and amusing...

i'm sure there are others who won't feel the same...  i even know someone who would definitely dread the thought...

well, we each have our demons (luckily or not, my demons tend to be follies of the heart)...  i can smile at this one because it is not mine...


i unexpectedly saw the neighbor's brother today.

i asked him whether i told him about the arrival of these balikbayan aunt and cousin.

he said yes.

i asked whether he's sure he heard me.

he said yes.

i asked whether it angered him.

the guy looked puzzled and answered no.

i asked whether it scared him.

still looking puzzled the guy asked why it would.

he was about to explain why they were not able to attend the party but i cut him short asking whether informing him about the cousin's arrival was an issue with him.

the guy looked like he couldn't grasp why i was asking these questions still he said no.

well, i told him it was an issue with his sister.

[it triggered a message, imagine!  two messages, actually.  plus repeated off-the-mark verbal explanations that she and the cousin are okay.  gah!  i never said they're not okay!  why so defensive???]


some things are just like litmus paper, the color it takes depends on what it comes in contact with.

i told both the neighbor and her brother that the cousin was arriving.  i think it's safe to say that the information did not bother the brother.  but it did his sister.

tell me why.


my niece tells me she put agua oxigenada on her head...

me:  'don't...  you might damage your hair...  why don't you try hot oil?  my friend and i had a scalp test...  her scalp was so nice...  mine was dry...  she gets hot oil treatments...  me, i just use body wash on my hair...  and shampoo on my feet...'

head to toe of a different kind...  ;"p

nothing but the truth

shirt print:

"If karma does not strike you I will."

ahahaha...  seems appropriate at what has been transpiring lately...

lemme just say this,
i take misinformation seriously...  i feel a need to correct...  now if that misinformation is spread on the sly, i will correct by discussing the truth publicly...

i am putting my statements out for everyone to scrutinize...  they are the same statements regardless of who i'm talking to...  i don't alter what i said when someone brings up the matter...

i've said this a number of times, i can make my statements under oath and i'll be fine...  you make some people do the same and they run the risk of being penalized for perjury...

what is it to you?

my mouse almost died.  or maybe it already did, it just got resurrected?

i was using it last night and i thought my laptop was freezing...  i used the touchpad, it worked...  i changed ports (i prefer wired mice...  i try to avoid battery changes whenever i can), the mouse won't work...

this morning i tried it on my mom's laptop.  the cursor won't move!

it's the mouse...  : }

i was telling my sister our aunt gave me a mouse yesterday and i returned it!

they were sorting (their) spring cleaning stuff for giveaway/distribution.  she handed me a plastic pack containing miscellaneous items and told me i could have them all...  i remember the contents included:
-  three USB car chargers (white, green and purple)
-  one USB plug (blue)
-  an earphone
-  a mouse!

i got only the USB plug, primarily because it's blue, my favorite color.  everything else i returned to her.

she was asking whether i don't like them.

i said i don't need them.

in less than 24 hours my mouse almost breathed its last...  :O

my sister was telling me i should have gotten the mouse.

i said mine was still working so i did not.

she said, 'for spare!'

well, i was thinking it would be better to give the mouse to someone who will be using it already than to someone who will just keep it as a spare.

sometimes when we think of others it becomes at our own expense.  that is just fine.  my dad asked me to type something before.  it's been quite sometime and i still remember one of the lines:

"The true measure of giving is in the level of sacrifice."

shedding light

so it's january 14 and i've broken my new year's resolution to

1.  be home by 11 p.m. five times  ->  the maximum breaches i've allowed for myself in 2018

2.  be in bed trying to fall asleep and not doing anything else by midnight.  i still have a two-breach buffer...

my third resolution for 2018, to blog everyday, so far i've been able to keep...  the topics i had hoped to leave behind in 2017 i've still been writing about these past few days though...

false and misleading stories you just have to address...  brazen behavior you just have to expose...  ignoring them might just embolden the perpetrator to spread some more...

faster, higher, dumber

so i was talking to the neighbor and i blurted out, "ang tanga naman nu'n!" (that's stupid!) a couple of times.

she got offended.

first instance (second instance in tomorrow's blog):

they built this house and were having work done seven days a week and three months later the house is still unoccupied.

she's been saying they were having construction work done even on a sunday because she pitied the carpenters.  she said this guy's wife was going to give birth and he needed money.

i said if she really pitied him then why did she not just lend him money for sunday then just have him work on monday?

she said it did not occur to her to do that.


she could have stopped there but she added they were rushing the noisy-even-on-a-sunday-morning construction on her late dad's property because her mom might die anytime and construction would have to be stopped during the wake.

i blurted out, "ang tanga naman nu'n!"

okay, i must concede i would have to apologize as not everyone knows this but here is why:

if someone is dying, you try not to improve that person's property for the meantime because estate tax is based on the value of the property at the time of death.

she retorts she's not thinking of estate taxes.

well, that is fine if you are the sole heir because you're deciding only for yourself.  if you have co-heirs, however, maybe you should get their agreement first unless you intend to shoulder everything yourself.  tax liabilities are tax liabilities whether one likes it or not.  one cannot just opt out and say the responsibility would be some other person's alone.  it's not that simple.  and ignorance of the law is no excuse.

moreover, if you intend to buy out your co-heirs then if you jack up the value of the property at the time of death that could mean you are increasing the buyout price as well unless you had prior agreement that the buyout price, if ever, would be based on the pre-improvement value.

i'd say that was an uninformed decision for which the heirs, if they declare everything correctly, literally have to pay a higher price.


so it turns out this neighbor who for some reason likes to pop up in my inbox spoiling my happy times again sent me a message in facebook last january 5.  i got to read it only last january 8.  unlike the harsh and impertinent messages she and her husband have been unilaterally (they disable and burn replies) sending me earlier, this one was markedly restrained and even peppered with numerous pos.

so she starts by saying she does not like discussions and quarrels anymore.

good.  so please you and your husband stop unilaterally popping in my inbox annoying me with your illogical and insensible statements and then refusing to read my logical and sensible reply.

then she says she and this friend of hers (i rarely see!) are already okay.

1.  i didn't even know they were not okay.
2.  it's really none of my business whether they're okay or not.

i don't really understand what sort of criteria this person uses to disclose information.

she told me about her own child's misuse of tuition money and about the money her sibling owes their uncle and about the issues of her cousins both of whom i don't really know.  (well,i know their names and i know their faces but that's about it.  frankly, i don't want to hear about their problems.  i actually lent this neighbor 'The Secret' by rhonda byrne for months!)

yet she failed to mention that my very own cousin has been trying to collect money from her for years!  that is relevant to me because she has been charging amounts up to P100,000 per transaction to my credit card!  she even volunteered my credit card for use by her friends, two of whom i don't even know and one, just days after i told her not to (yup, this person has such gall).  she said she'll guarantee it.  she couldn't even pay my cousin in full!  what makes her think she is qualified to do guarantees???

now she justifies the omission by repeatedly insisting she and my cousin are okay.  ugh!  that is not the point.  the point is she withheld material information while at the same time supplying irrelevant ones.  maybe, just maybe, i would understand her failing to mention that if she also did not tell me about the others.  but she did.  all the more then that she should have told me about herself and my own cousin.


so it turns out the neighbor again unilaterally (she disables/burns replies) sent me a message last january 5.  i got to read it january 8 already.  she again tried to explain a number of things which i will just blog about later.

anyway, i asked her personally what triggered the message.

she said she couldn't take anymore that i keep whispering whenever i see her.

eh?  whenever i have something to say to her i make sure she hears it!  the track record shows when i want to tell her something i tell her loud and clear through their window.  why would i whisper?  when did i whisper?

she says whenever she passes by the alley.

hello!  i am sweeping whenever i'm at the alley.  i don't go to the alley to harass people.  i go there to clean.  we have trees at the side of my brother's house that shed leaves copiously.  i try to clear as much of the fallen leaves (as well as cat- and man-strewn litter) as i can to minimize my dad's and my brother's efforts.  (my dad always beats me to it in the morning but at least i get to help later in the day.)  i sing softly while sweeping the alley (full-blast in the car, nyahaha!).  does that mean all this time she's been thinking i'm whispering about her?!  conceited!  and paranoid!

a few years back, i lent this person 'The Secret' by rhonda byrne to help her acquire a positive mindset.  she had the book for months.  apparently it did not work.

anyway, she says it's not a song.

well, i'll be the first to admit i don't have the best singing voice so she probably just did not recognize the melody...  ;"p
or maybe i was singing despacito.  if she does not understand despacito then she could go google it.
i ask her what i was whispering.

she said i said this cousin is arriving (the one who's been trying to collect money from her).

gah!  that was not a whisper.  i repeated how i said it.  i demonstrated our positions while i said it.  i was hunched sweeping when she appeared from the corner two meters away so i told her.  i was not whispering at all.  i was really telling her!

she asks why i have to tell her.

because they're invited to the party!  i told her brother as well.  is it an issue with him, too?

she says she and the cousin are okay.

did i say they're not okay?  all i've been saying is she did not tell me the cousin has been trying to collect money from her when she was charging up to P100,00 per transaction to my credit card!  my concern is that she withheld material information, not whether she and my cousin are okay.  she even volunteered my card for use by her friends (yes, she has that gall) saying she'll guarantee it.  what makes her think she is qualified to guarantee???  she couldn't even pay my cousin in full!  how long will it take for her to pay me back if something again happened?  don't tell me she's going to pay me ahead of my cousin.

she asks why i have to mention the cousin.

because she's a balikbayan and it's not usual to see her at the parties.

then why single out the cousin and not the aunt.

did she hear just the cousin?  she can ask her brother.  i told him both the aunt and the cousin are arriving and will be at the party.

then yesterday she sends me a screenshot of the cousin's message to her and her brother sending condolences on the passing of their mother.  i suppose she was again trying to tell me that she and the cousin are okay.  she just really misses my point.  if there's any message that would be relevant to my point it would maybe be a screenshot showing her schedule of payments or that she has no debts.

how come informing her of the cousin's arrival is issue enough to trigger unilateral messages?  the cousin is not voldemort who shall not be named.  she herself says she and the cousin are okay.  what is the problem?

this is the same person who messaged an aunt to request financial assistance in the renovation of her father's house (the aunt did offer to shoulder everything years back but the dad refused) then stressed out while she has not replied.

she worried the aunt was angry at her that is why she did not reply.

i told her the aunt is so far (in another country thousands of miles away).  what could she have possibly done to suddenly make her angry?

what if the aunt did not like what she said?

what did she say?

i don't remember the exact wordings now but, at least the way she told me, i didn't find it offensive.

maybe the aunt is just busy.

but she usually answers promptly.

not all the time people could answer right away.  i myself have a lot of unread messages but that does not mean i am angry at the sender.

she points out the aunt and i are different.  maybe the aunt is angry at her for some reason she does not know.

i said she should have an idea why the aunt would be angry at her.  if she culd not come up with a reason then the aunt is probably not angry.  maybe she's really just busy.

finally the aunt replied.  was she relieved!  the response was not what she was hoping for but at least she realized the aunt was not angry after all.

another time she was agonizing over her uncle's delay in sending her daughter's tuition money.

is she going to enroll already?

not yet.  but the uncle sends the money within a certain lead time.

maybe he just got busy so he's late.

even if he's busy he still sends it on time.

he's a businessman.  something urgent might have cropped up so he was not able to.

what if he forgot?

then remind him.

he was the one who offered to pay for her daughter's tuition.  she shouldn't have to remind him.

then just wait for him to send the money.

what if he does not?

then call him.

it would be an embarrassment on her part to call him for money.

i told her the guy is financing her daughter's tuition.  if embarrassment over a reminder phone call is something she has to contribute for her daughter's education then let that be her sacrifice.  that is not so bad.

for a full hour, we were going back and forth on whether she should call him or not.  it ended only because i had to go to the bank.  if i did not have to leave, we probably would have hammered the topic for another hour more.  exhausting.

some people create their own ghosts then live scared...  maybe they should seek professional help.


so i again received a unilateral message from the neighbor (she disables/burns replies) explaining, among others, toy gun pellets (the others i'll blog about tomorrow).  she says she cannot monitor the pellets scattered on the street 24/7.

eh?  who told her to monitor pellets 24/7?  do i badger them about pellets?

she says i told her maid.

i ask for the maid.

me:  'do i complain to you about pellets?'

maid:  'palagi (always)...'

nyahaha...  toinks!!!  ; p

well, i know how to ferret out the truth, girl!


me:  'did i complain to you about pellets today?'

maid:  'no.'

me:  'did i complain to you about pellets yesterday?'

maid:  'no.'

me:  'the other day?  did i complain to you about pellets?'

maid:  'no.'

me:  'i thought you said always...'

maid:  'you asked me to remove pellets from the gutter and from your garage...'

me:  'that was before new year, right?  so what date is it today?  9th...  from before new year to today, did i ever ask you to remove pellets?'

maid:  'no...'

me:  'so how many times did i ask you to remove pellets?'

maid:  'twice, the gutter and the garage...'

me:  'so twice last year and none yet for 2018.  is that always?'

the maid is silent.

the story on why i asked her to remove pellets.

first instance:
i was removing pellets from the gutter in front of my brother's house.  the maid comes out sweeping.  well, since she was already there i told her to just do it herself.  it's from their household anyway.

second instance:
i was leaving and when i moved my car out of the garage, i saw pellets all around.  going to the garage i saw their maid so i went back to her and asked her to remove the pellets in our garage.  she got a broom but the broom wouldn't catch some of the pellets so she picked them up by hand.

i've been removing pellets (from the alley, from the gutter, from my parents' house, from my brother's house, even from my place at the third floor) daily for weeks now.  if there is anyone who should say always, it should be me.


i'm supposed to post some other blog today but then i haven't finished it yet and i already have to go home.  (one of my new year's resolutions is to be home by 11 p.m.)

i leave my laptop at my parents' house (just a few meters away) because when i bring it home nighttime i end up up, sometimes till the wee hours of the morning, doing all sorts of stuff, productive and non-productive, hehe... (nope, i don't play games.  the only game i play, if you could call it that, is swarm.)

i therefore will just try to post the blog tomorrow.

maybe for 2019 my new year's resolution would be to get off my laptop come 10:00 p.m.  which probably means i would be on it starting 5 a.m.  nyahaha...  joke!!!

anyway, very tall order for me.  me and my laptop, we're tight...  ;")

aw, sepanx...  ; p


mom's broker called landline...

me:  'she's not around...'

broker:  'she's buying something for herself and <sister>...'

me:  'oh!  it's new year...  you better get my sister's purchase right...  she's annoyed already that you've been switching her purchases with that of our other sister...'

broker:  'but this one is for <sister>, ma'am?'

me:  'aw, sorry, i don't know...  just text my mom...'

broker:  'okay...  but please tell her as well...  <then broker enumerates stocks, shares and prices>...'

i cut him short:  'oh!  better just text those to my mom...'

broker:  'i lost her [mobile] number...  can you give it to me, please?'

nyahaha...  he's been my mom's broker for decades!  valued not?  ; p

♩ ♪  you used to call me on my cell phone  ♫ ♬

; )

young and old

saw my balikbayan cousin at church...  then after the mass, she saw the parishioners lining up to be blessed by the priest one by one...

she asked whether we have to join the queue...

i said it's not mandatory...  it actually used to be just the children lining up then later adults also started to join in...  i told her i always line up after mass...

my cousin joked:  'second childhood...'

hehe...  ; )

"unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

it's complicated

courier:  'i don't see your children...'

me:  'oh, i don't have a child...'

courier:  'you're single?'

me:  'hmmm...  i'm married but i have no husband...'

courier:  'you're a widow?'

me:  'no, i'm not a widow...'

courier:  'ah, your husband's just not here?'

me:  'haha...  we're not together anymore...'

ask a simple question...  ; p


rushing to go home...

sister:  'your new year's resolution is to sleep early...'

me:  'how do you know my new year's resolution?'

sister:  'it's in the blog!'

me:  'why do you read my blog???'

uhm, i know privacy setting's Public and i know that means anyone can see it but for some reason when i think Public i have in mind strangers not people in my circle...  :"}

no explanation needed

i asked a friend earlier whether it's okay if i just give her a bottle of 'my' juice for christmas.

she said yes.

then later i told her i was thinking of giving her 'my' soaps instead.

[nope, i don't prepare nor make the juice and soaps...  i just buy them...  i say 'my' only because i drink and use them everyday...]

me:  'so you could try my soaps...  i'm thinking you've tried the juice and i could serve you a glass at home anytime but soap i won't really be bathing you at the house, hehe...'

friend:  'what kind of soap is that?'

me:  'they're organic...'

friend:  'will it cleanse my organs?'

me:  'huh?'

friend:  'organic...  organs...  my balunbalunan [gizzard], my atay [liver], will it become clean?'

wahaha...  she's kidding, of course...  and i checked, humans don't have gizzards...  nevertheless, i finally just gave her a bottle of juice...  ; p


mom cleaning up her closet...

mom:  'you want this?  i'm going to give it away...'

me:  'don't!  i bought that for myself before...  but then you were going someplace so i offered it to you...  i didn't get it back anymore...'

mom:  'oh...  you can take it back then...'

me:  'ok...  i've never worn this...'

mom:  'i already have a lot of pictures in that...'

wahehe...  ; p

yes, no, not now

mom:  'would you like to finish this?  so we won't have to store it anymore...'

me:  'no, thanks...  i've already eaten so much...'

the next best thing to knowing when to go for it is knowing when to pass it up.

life is like a stoplight.  there's a time to go, a time to wait and a time to stop.


first day of the year...  time for new year's resolutions again...  here are mine:

1.  be home by 11:00 p.m.

2.  be in bed trying to fall asleep and not doing anything else by midnight

3.  blog everyday
->  my blog is my diary, hehe

seemingly simple but unattainable for years now..  maybe because the moment i break them once i feel like i don't have to keep them for the rest of the year...

i'll introduce a bit of leeway this year therefore...  i am allowing myself five breaches for 2018...  next year, four...  then three...  then two...  one...  then in 2023,  none...

wahaha...  six years???!!!

medium-term development plan!  ; )