no explanation needed

i asked a friend earlier whether it's okay if i just give her a bottle of 'my' juice for christmas.

she said yes.

then later i told her i was thinking of giving her 'my' soaps instead.

[nope, i don't prepare nor make the juice and soaps...  i just buy them...  i say 'my' only because i drink and use them everyday...]

me:  'so you could try my soaps...  i'm thinking you've tried the juice and i could serve you a glass at home anytime but soap i won't really be bathing you at the house, hehe...'

friend:  'what kind of soap is that?'

me:  'they're organic...'

friend:  'will it cleanse my organs?'

me:  'huh?'

friend:  'organic...  organs...  my balunbalunan [gizzard], my atay [liver], will it become clean?'

wahaha...  she's kidding, of course...  and i checked, humans don't have gizzards...  nevertheless, i finally just gave her a bottle of juice...  ; p

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