i unexpectedly saw the neighbor's brother today.

i asked him whether i told him about the arrival of these balikbayan aunt and cousin.

he said yes.

i asked whether he's sure he heard me.

he said yes.

i asked whether it angered him.

the guy looked puzzled and answered no.

i asked whether it scared him.

still looking puzzled the guy asked why it would.

he was about to explain why they were not able to attend the party but i cut him short asking whether informing him about the cousin's arrival was an issue with him.

the guy looked like he couldn't grasp why i was asking these questions still he said no.

well, i told him it was an issue with his sister.

[it triggered a message, imagine!  two messages, actually.  plus repeated off-the-mark verbal explanations that she and the cousin are okay.  gah!  i never said they're not okay!  why so defensive???]


some things are just like litmus paper, the color it takes depends on what it comes in contact with.

i told both the neighbor and her brother that the cousin was arriving.  i think it's safe to say that the information did not bother the brother.  but it did his sister.

tell me why.

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