in all honesty

so someone was telling me that the neighbor i've been blogging about told a friend that no matter what happens, she (the neighbor) won't talk bad about me because i had been very good to her.  (oh, boy, have i!  it was a test of patience and endurance.  unfortunately, my patience ran out and my endurance did not hold up.)

well, thank you very much.  for the record, however, she has actually been rude to me.  that is why her january 5 message i got to read only on january 8 came as a big surprise.  the tone was markedly different from how she's been talking to me and messaging me in the past.

i would like to quote her own father.  for more than an hour we were talking march 30 of last year.  (less than three months later he unexpectedly passed away.)  he told me he was teling someone, "si bong nakakatakot kausap.  palaging sa tama."  ('it's scary to talk to bong (my nickname).  [she's] always for what is right.')  i take that as a compliment.

[the neighbor's dad requested something from me before.  it was a simple request and i easily could have done it.  but i declined because it was something i was not supposed to do.

on a much bigger scale involving some other people in some other circle, there was a document before that 'documented' something that did not at all happen.  when i saw the signatories, i asked how come those people are the ones who signed.  more than they, i should be the one whose name should be there.  the reply made me so proud of myself:  a higher up reportedly said, "huwag nang papirmahin si cynthia.  siguradong hindi papayag 'yun."  ('don't make cynthia sign anymore.  for sure she won't agree.')]

so the neighbor won't be talking ill about me?  much as i would like to attribute it to goodness of heart, my logical self is telling me it's because her falsehoods don't stand a chance against the truths i know so well.

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