june 30, 2016...  the country has a new president and vice president.

from president rodrigo duterte's inaugural speech:

"As a lawyer and a former prosecutor, I know the limits of the power and authority of the president. I know what is legal and what is not.

My adherence to due process and the rule of law is uncompromising."

from vice president leni robredo's:

"Naniniwala ako na sa panahong tila may mga matitinding hidwaan na nangyayari sa mundong kinagagalawan natin, ang hamon sa atin ay magsama-sama, paigtingin ang ating pagkakaisa, at gawing lakas, hindi hadlang, ang ating pagkakaiba."


yes, things are going to get better...  : )


i was paying at the cashier when a good-looking guy walked over.

guy:  'is there a number?'

cashier:  'none but there's a queue...  just sit at the end...'

and then the cashier and his workmates started gushing about the guy...

me:  'attend to the others slowly so you could see him longer...'

a workmate chuckled:  'tell them the system is slow...  it really is anyway...'

true...  processing took longer than usual and the staff were blaming it on the system...  well, every cloud has a silver lining...  ; )


i heard the blaring of a siren and saw in my rear view mirror that an ambulance was in my lane. i immediately tried to merge left to give way. ugh! the drivers won't let me!

when the ambulance was already just one car behind me, a space finally opened up but two cars, in spite of my signal light, accelerated and closed it! grrrr!!!

i rolled down my window and made a hand signal to the third car to let me merge. the driver obliged, thank you very much.

i gave enough space for the car previously behind me to get in my new lane but it did not.

anyway, guys, please. the brain is for thinking and the heart is for caring. don't put them to waste.

beneath the surface

i was at a wedding reception and there was this game.  guys had to put colored strips on their lady partners' body parts that start with P;  girls, on the guys' body parts that start with T.

i had in mind thumb and tongue and palm and pore.  i was thinking pore was already clever.

guess what, one of the pairs had trachea and thoracic cage and tibia and pancreas plus this nerve on the side of the neck whose name i don't anymore remember.  wow!

i was like, 'are they doctors?'

nope, but the girl was a nurse.

haha...  ok.  so much for skin-deep.

hear ye

the other day, i received a text message from someone telling me she's coming over to the house yesterday.


i moved my to-dos to today.

guess what, she did not show up yesterday and instead came over today.  ugh!

something similar has happened before.  i received a text message from her telling me she's coming over in the morning.  well, she came late afternoon.

unilateral changes for no compelling reason piss me off.  i find them rude and inconsiderate.

let this serve as notice therefore.  if you stand me up a certain day, please, please, please do not come over unannounced the following day.  the wound, so to speak, is still fresh.  don't aggravate it by unexpectedly showing up and again messing up my sched.


so today, june 22, 2016, a courier delivered to me sales invoices for items i ordered from this "one stop online destination for everything fashionable in the Philippines."  ;"p

the invoice dates?
-  december 13, 2013
-  january 7, 2014
-  december 2, 2014


good thing the items were delivered sooo much earlier  ->  less than a week after i placed the orders...

hmmm...  someone practicing effective time management inefficiently in the store?  ; )

my orders were important and urgent and they came on time.

the invoices really are immaterial to me.  uhm, they came one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half years later.

positive spin:
they got their priorities right...  ; p

no boundaries

me:  'what time do you want?'

reply:  'later...'

me:  'what time later?'

reply:  'later...'

me:  'what time?'

reply:  'just later...'

ok...  i'll come back today...  ; )