corresponding reply

my 4-year-old granddaughter saw me and greeted me 'hi.'

i replied, 'good morning...'

she repeated the greeting.

again i said, 'good morning...'

for the third time she said, 'hi.'

ok...  i got it.  i said, 'hello.'

end of greetings...  ; )

running an errand

my mom asked me to pick up something...  ok...  distance is around 2 km to and fro...  she and my sisters (and everyone else i know) ride going there.  me, i just walk.

when she saw me back, she exclaimed:  'that was quick!'

uhm...  i walk fast...  one time a car even yelled at me:  'slow down!  you might trip!'


air delivery

at a party last night, i saw two coke bottles with the name of my second mom...  i asked the hostess for the empty bottles saying i'm going to send them to my mama in the province...

then today i was telling my cousin i'm just thinking my second mom, given that her eyesight is not that good anymore, might not notice her name on the label.  she might wonder why i sent her bottles.

cousin chuckles:  'and then she'll see that they're empty and just throw them away...'

: }


girl talking about something...

me:  'oh...  so you have a boyfriend?'

girl:  'i don't know...'

me:  'you don't know?  okay, do you kiss?'

girl:  'we were together out-of-town, of course, we kiss...'

me:  'so you have a boyfriend!'

girl:  'i'm not sure...'

me:  'you kiss and you're not sure?'

girl:  'we don't talk about it...'

me:  'me, if you kiss me, even if you don't say anything, as far as i'm concerned you're already my boyfriend...  you don't kiss me and then we're just friends...'


food pic

taking a pic of pizza...

sister:  'put the ketchup on the side...'

me:  'i don't want ketchup...'

sister:  'how would people know that's yellow cab?'

me:  'i'm taking a pic not for people to know it's yellow cab but for me to have a remembrance of what i ate...'


back off

i'm a chocolate girl but candies i'm not really fond of...  well, today is one of the rare times i craved some  ->  and i couldn't open the jar!  : }

message from the universe:  don't touch your mom's sweets...  ; p

young and old

me to teen:  'do you know <toot>?'

teen:  '<toot>?'

me:  'yes...  chubby girl...'

teen:  'young or old?'

me:  'not really old...  young...  in her 30s...'

guy butts in:  '30?  young?!  that's not young...  that's old!'

me:  'i'm much older so 30 is young to me...'

guy:  'i'm older than you...'

i must be young to you then...  ; p

i lost it

sister broke a small piece from a chocolate bar and then handed me the rest...

sister:  'have this...  finish it...'

me:  'why do i have to finish it?  it's so big!'

sister:  'so you'll gain weight...'

me:  'i'm not thin anymore...  why do i have to gain weight?'

sister:  'so you'll get your butt back...'

ouch!  :'(

no no

a friend wanted to go to Mall of Asia but i declined saying it's too far...  following weekend, i was there...  :"}

friend:  'i thought you don't like MOA?'

me:  ''twas set by my mom and my aunts, of course, i had to go...'

to some people, you don't say no...  ; p

it's not you

priest at mass:

'don't ever say the reason you have so much blessings is because you are good to others.  you have so much blessings because God is good to you.'

what's mine is yours

me:  'what's the address of NTC?'

sister:  'national telecommunications commission, BIR road, diliman, quezon city...'

me:  'BIR road?  not agham?'

sister:  'BIR road...'

me:  'how come <friend> who works at BIR gave her address as agham road?'

sister:  'i dunno...'

those two offices are along the same road...  NTC is BIR and BIR is agham?

: }

men are from mars

on the phone with a friend who went out in the midst of a typhoon...

me:  'heavy rains and that's when you decide to roam around?!  go home!'

friend:  'i don't have anything to do at home...'

me:  'rest...  sleep...'

friend:  'this is my rest...'

me:  'you should be someplace where there's a roof...'

friend:  'there's a roof here...'

me:  'you should be indoors...  just while away the time in your computer...'

friend:  'i'm going to my brother-in-law...'

me:  'good...  go ahead...  keep safe...'

friend:  'keep safe?  condom?'

guys...  : }

no, thanks

uploaded a video of bamboo swaying in the winds brought by Typhoon Mario (Fung-Wong)...  this message from youtube popped up:

"We detected your video may be shaky.  Would you like us to stabilize it?"

; )

simple question

me:  'ok...  i'll make the reservation...  what time do you want?'

friend:  'snack time...'

me:  'what time snack time?'

friend:  '2:00...  3:00...'

me:  'what is it, 2 or 3?'

friend:  'around that time...'

me:  'around what?  2?  3?  what time?'

friend:  'between 2 and 3...'

friend:  'what the...!  i'm asking what time!!!  hour!  minutes!  when you make a reservation, you have to be specific...  you don't say snack time...  2 or 3...  you have to say 1 p.m., 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!'

friend chuckles:  'okay...  2:30...'


let it go

me:  'how long is that?'

friend:  'one and a half hour...'

me:  'one and a half hours!'

friend:  'that's just quick...  12:30, it's done...'

me:  'haha...  i have no issue with the duration...  i'm correcting your english...  you said 'one and a half hour'...  that's already more than one hour so it should have an S...  it should be 'one and a half hours'...'

grammar police...  :"}


guy:  'so you're not available on thursday?'

me:  'it's not a question of whether i'm available or not...  even if i'm available, i'm not going to go out with you...  i've told you before, i don't intend to see you again...'



i brought a friend to an ice cream shoppe...

me:  'will they toss?'

crew:  'yes, ma'am, they toss...'

me to friend:  'watch this...  it's fun...'

so the guy at the counter prepared the ice cream and when it was done, he threw it in the air toward another crew holding a cup near the door...

uh-oh...  the guy wasn't able to catch it...  :"}

me:  'awww!!!  just when i have a guest...'

supposed catcher:  'good thing you didn't film it, ma'am...'

me:  'come to think of it, i should have...  anyway, are you ok?'

another crew butts in:  'it's his second already, ma'am...'

me:  'oh!  what happens when he fails to catch the ice cream?  does he have to pay?'

crew:  'we're allowed three strikes, ma'am...  on the fourth, you lose your job...'

ooops...  that should be a joke nevertheless next time just hand me the cup...  \m/


friend:  'those dogs are twins...'

me:  'they look alike?'

friend:  'no...'

me:  'how'd you know they're twins?'

friend:  'they were born on the same day...'

me:  'don't dogs really give birth to several pups in a day?'

friend:  'hmmm...  yes...  then maybe they're just siblings...'

; )


i unexpectedly entered my sister's room (i live in another house)...

she blurted out:  'oh!  no more!'

me:  'huh?!'

sister:  'i've finished the chocs...'

on her lap were lindt lindor wrappers...


parallel lines

i left my phone for four hours and i came back to 12 missed calls...

i've had it for four hours now and it hasn't rung at all...

i have a feeling if i keep it away from me it will start ringing again...  :"}

too much

placed my order at the counter...

crew:  'here are your numbers, ma'am...'

she then handed me three of these number thingies you put on your table...

me:  'i have three numbers?!'

crew:  'yes, ma'am...'

wahehe...  i felt like a glutton...  :"}


i ordered several items online...  i've received e-mails that they've been shipped...  since then, i've been obsessing for them to arrive...  ;")

then this morning, ta-daaannn!!!  i heard someone calling my name at the gate...  i excitedly rushed downstairs...  it was a courier alright!!!  : D

ooops...  guess what!  of all the items i ordered, he had the one i was least excited about...  : }

hmmm...  ok...  save the best for last...  ; p

i can hear you

friend texts me...

i call her...

me:  '<blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah>...  you want?'

friend:  'you're choppy...  i can't hear you...  just text it...'

me:  'aw...  i don't wanna text...  never mind...  bye...'

i hang up...

and then i receive a text message from the friend:  'go...  ok...  approve'

i call back:  'i thought you couldn't hear...  how come you were able to reply?'

friend:  'i'd also like to have one...'

i was asking her whether she also wanted to register for this freebie i got...  \m/


my mom says she forgot to bring this something to her friend...

me:  'lemme...  i'll drop it off tomorrow...'

mom:  'it has to be me...  i want to visit her, too...'

aw...  your presence is a present...  sweet...  <3

blowing hot and cold

my friend and i went to this place for lunch...  what do you know, there was a TV crew!

we got a corner table...

a short while later, one of the crew approached us saying they will be panning the camera and asked whether it's okay if we get caught in the video...

me:  'it's ok as long as you don't include my big belly...'

the guy chuckled...

wahaha...  i wasn't joking...  ; p

and then our order arrived...  again, one of the crew went to our table...  this time he asked if it's okay if they film us while eating...

me:  'aw!  just when i did not comb my hair...'

(uhm...  what else is new?  : } )

the guy repeated his question / request...

me:  'hmmm...  ok...  but please just focus on the food and skip my tummy, hehe...'

my blouse was too short for my hipster pants and my not at all firm and tone tummy kept on peeking out...  : }

one time my mom and i were at another restaurant...  there also was a TV crew...  one of them approached us asking if it's okay to film us even just from the back...

my response that time:  'even from the front is okay...'

; )


hahaha...  saw this signature at an android forum:

"If it ain't broke, use a sledge hammer."

Darnell0216's...  : )

innovate or stagnate...  \m/

good enough

sister:  'did you cut your hair?'

me:  'yes...  why?'

sister:  'it's shorter...'

whew!  i thought she was gonna say it's not even...  ; )

nothing to hide

i went to a bank this afternoon and saw there one of the assistants i usually see at another branch...

me:  'oh...  you are here?'

assistant:  'yes, ma'am...  you, too...  you're here...'

me:  'i passed by...'

guard:  'i see ma'am at <third branch>, too...'

me:  'you do?!  haha...  i go to whatever branch is along the way...'

and then the two of them talked about me...  nothing earth-shaking but you'd realize that they do look at you...  aw!  i thought i've just been going in and out without anyone really noticing me but it turns out some do...

hmmm...  good thing i'm well-behaved...  : )


pulled out a sachet of swiss miss without checking the box...  i poured the contents in a cup of hot water...

'huh?!  how come these are all marshmallows?!'

' turns out the box is not the usual milk chocolate flavor we have but a marshmallow lovers pack...  i therefore should not have torn the pair of sachets apart but instead gotten both as one contained just marshmallows while the other had the hot cocoa mix...

some things are meant to be together...  <3 <3


i asked the counter for water at a mcdonald's...

me:  'miss, don't put ice, ok...  i don't want cold...  thanks...'

was i surprised when she handed me the glass, the water was warm!  aw!  i was expecting room temperature...  : }

maybe she got from a dispenser that had only hot and cold?

or is 'i don't want it cold' equivalent to 'i want it hot'?

let it be you

my niece asked me to check her essay.  all i did was remove redundancies and correct some tenses.  everything else i left as is:  the vocabulary, the flow, the style, the tone.  i wanted the text to remain 'her,' not become 'me.'

then she told me she actually asked her dad to check it earlier.  she says all he did was put spaces.

oh, haha...  maybe he, too, was just giving her space to be herself...  ; )