hello and goodbye

you gave me up without a fight

now here i am with my sweet knight

love would have been sweeter

had we been the ones together

but heartaches now we would have to mask

simply because you failed to ask


i receive a call.

me:  where are you?

caller:  i'm at home, i don't have a date.

me:  oh...

caller:  i'm all alone here, i don't have a date.

me:  uh-huh.

caller:  it gets lonely when you're alone, i don't have a date.

me:  you're repeating yourself.

caller:  would you like to go out?

ahahaha...  set-up...  ; p

blame it on the rain

old friend:  you're so kind.

me:  i am not kind.

friend:  yes, you are.

me:  no.  if i were i wouldn't be separated now.

friend:  oh...  it's the guy who has a problem not you.

me:  ooops...  nope.  don't blame him.  that is unfair.  it takes two to tango.


guy:  what are your plans next week?

me:  what do you mean next week?

guy:  holy week.

me:  oh... laguna.

guy:  make it tagaytay.

me:  what on earth am i gonna do in tagaytay?

guy:  we'll do penance there.

me:  hello!!!  you walk from here to tagaytay, that is penance!


carrying more than just a tune

heard the song 'delilah' on TV...  aawww...  reminded me of an ex from so many moons ago...  never mind the message of the song, he'd sing it sooo well, his rendition never failed to make me feel so much more in love each time...  if only a good voice were enough to carry a relationship through...