my way

i cooked breakfast...  danggit, sunny side up and fried rice...

i am admittedly no cook but my sister who whips up delicious dishes and likes to improvise in the kitchen said my danggit was crunchy and my fried rice was good...  : D

me:  'oh?  how do you do it?'

sister:  'i fry the garlic and then i put the rice...'

me:  'me,
i fry the garlic [lots of it, until it's off-white, not brown]...
then i take it out of the pan and put it on top of the rice i'm gonna fry...
and then i cook the egg on the oil where i fried the garlic...
and then i remove the egg...
then i take out the oil leaving just a bit of grease on the pan...
then i put the rice...

the egg has a garlic flavor...

the rice has an egg flavor...'

: )


dinner done...  sister transferring leftovers to a plastic container...

me:  'use the glass!'

sister:  'they're too big...'

me:  'that's ok...'

sister:  'there's no more space in the ref...'

me:  'wait...  i'll wash a smaller one...'

sister:  'this will do...'

me:  'no...  if there's glass, use glass...'

sister:  'don't bother...  i'll just eat this...'

and she did...  : }

now and forever

i arrive at my parents' place...

mom:  'i'm going to [hairdresser]...'

me:  'you want me to accompany you?'

mom:  'no...  i can manage...  [aunt] will be there, too...'

me:  'what time are you leaving?'

mom:  'now...'

me:  ''now,' in a while?'

mom:  'no...  right now...'

oh...  i therefore opened their front door and also their gate and waited for her to go out so i'd also be the one to close them for her (actually, she can do it herself...  i just wanted to assist her a bit as she broke her arm and it is still healing)...

so i waited and waited and waited...  5 minutes...  10 minutes...  15 minutes...  she still hasn't stepped out...  : }

i decided to just close the doors and proceed upstairs...

well, it was only after 20 minutes did she go out...

wahehe...  define 'right now'...  ; p


traffic light green...

me:  'why are they crossing???'

sister:  'there are no vehicles...'

me:  'regardless!  we should develop good habits...  if it's go, you don't cross...  that's risky...  what if a car suddenly appears?  me, if it's stop i don't proceed even if i don't see pedestrians...  automatic, no more thinking...  some risks are just not worth it.'

others might say i'm being impractical, illogical or whatever.  well, i just try to develop good habits and make certain things second nature.  i think it serves you well.  i think it makes life easier.


my mom slipped in the bathroom and broke her arm.  she underwent an operation wherein metal plates were used to connect the bones together and she's scheduled to start therapy soon.

she was asking my sister who two years ago also underwent therapy for a fractured arm about the facilities, the procedures, parking, etc., etc.

my sister was unsure about her answers saying she doesn't clearly remember so i kept on butting in to give definite answers.

my mom then turns to me and asks, 'were you with her then?'

me:  'of course!  i was the one driving her and accompanying her during therapy.  why would i butt in if i were not around?'

: }

PDA not allowed

a song played in the airwaves...

i squealed:  'aw!  'secret love song'!  you want me to send you that?'

reply:  'no.'

me:  'that's consistent with the hugot ek [pained stuff] you've been posting lately...  check the lyrics...'

reply:  'why?  how does it go?'

and i sing, wahaha...  ; p

'♩ ♪  why can't you hold me in the street?
why can't i kiss you on the dance floor?
i wish that it could be like that
why can't it be like that?
'cause i'm yours  ♫ ♬'

there's more:

♩ ♪  why can't i say that i'm in love?
i wanna shout it from the rooftop
i wish that it could be like that
why can't we be like that?
'cause i'm yours  ♫ ♬


make good

my mom had lab exams wednesday morning and was told the different results will be available at different times that same afternoon.

instead of waiting or coming back later, i told my mom i'd just return for the results the next day.

turns out i'll be running some other errand at the hospital today, friday, so instead of going yesterday, i just went this afternoon.

guess what, when i was claiming the lab results i was told i'd still have to wait awhile as they haven't been signed.

me:  'oh?  my mom was told they'd be ready last wednesday yet.  it's friday and it's still not available?  good thing i didn't go yesterday.'

my sister had a very similar experience also today.  she brought something for repair to the seamstress and it was supposed to be ready for pick up last wednesday.  she went there this evening and, well, it still is not yet finished.

isn't it supposed to be 'under promise and over deliver' not the other way around?  : }

good to better

nephew busy with his phone...

me: 'maybe you'd play pokemon go once it's rolled out here...'

niece: 'it's already here, tita... we saw [neighbors] and they were looking for pokemons...'

me: 'well, you can get it but officially it's not yet rolled out here... you'd have to resort to a workaround to play now... create a non-philippine account or download an APK... i'd rather wait...'

niece: 'you're going to play, tita?'

me: 'not really... i just want to get a pikachu... i don't intend to catch them all... just one pokemon, a pikachu, then that's it...'

niece: 'it's hard to get a pikachu, tita...'

me: 'i read somewhere it's easy... you can get a pikachu as your first pokemon...'

niece: 'oh? others have had to climb mountains to get a pikachu...'

me: 'well, according to what i read, the trick to getting a pikachu is to pass up the three pokemons that you see when you start playing the game... don't catch the starter pokemons... walk away... and then you'll see them again... walk away again... you keep on doing that until they become four... pikachu's the fourth... i don't really know if that's true but if it is then the lesson here is you don't get something just because it's there...'

learn to pass... : )


gassing up...

gasoline attendant:  'you have a value [rewards] card, ma'am?'

me:   'yes...'

and i checked where i usually put it...  suddenly i remembered it's with my sister...

me:  'aw!  wait!  wait!  don't fill it up...  i don't have my value card...  just pump the minimum...  what is it, P500?  P200?  just pump P200...  i'll just come back when i have my rewards card...'

tail wagging the dog...  :"}

tell me your name

getting stickers for my parents, my brother and my sister.

i submitted their one-page forms to the processor.

the processor went:  'bear with me, i'm going to ask you repeatedly.'

me:  'ok...'

processor:  'are you their representative?'

me:  'yes...'

processor:  'what's your name?'

me:  'cynthia [middle name] [last name]...'

processor:  'how are you related to [dad's name]?'

me:  'he's my father...'

ok.  she wrote five lines on the sticker:

- 3-digit branch code
- date
- two amounts
- her signature

then she proceeded to my brother's form...

processor:  'you're the representative?'

me:  'yes...'

processor:  'what's your name?'

me:  'cynthia [middle name] [last name]...'

processor:  'how are you related to [brother's name]?'

me:  'he's my brother...'

ok.  again she wrote five lines on the sticker.

then on to my sister's form.

processor:  'you're the representative?'

me:  'yes...'

processor:  'what's your name?'

me:  'cynthia [middle name] [last name]...'

processor:  'how are you related to [sister's name]?'

me:  'she's my sister...'

ok.  again, five lines on the sticker.

transactions D, O, N, E.


talk about the spirit and letter of an order.
talk about efficiency.
talk about logic.
talk about common sense.
talk about technicalities.
talk about quick name changes...  ; p


this morning my mom told me she's going to have a lab exam tomorrow.


then right before dinner she told me we're not pushing through with the hospital trip tomorrow.

me:  'oh?  why?'

mom:  'look at all those...  i don't want them to appear in the lab results...'

on the table were tilapia, sisig and chicken skin chicharon...  : D

sister:  'then don't eat those...'

mom:  'i don't want to restrain myself...'


out with the new

my mom slipped in the bathroom and broke her arm.  she underwent an operation wherein metal plates were used to connect the bones together and now she wears a sling to support her arm while it heals.

last week my sister told me my mom wanted to hear mass at a new timeslot.

huh?!  why?  we've been attending the same mass from as far back as i can remember.

my sister said my mom wants the new time so there would be fewer people in attendance.

oh!  ok.  i therefore accompanied her on the new sched.

this morning my sister was telling me my mom wants to hear mass at our usual timeslot.


i told my sister i'm fine with going to mass twice.  (last week i attended our usual plus my mom's new preference.)

my sister said my mom doesn't want the new sched anymore.

oh?  hmmm...  i think i know why.

1.  there were so many more attendees in the other mass.

2.  she bumped into people she knew.  first was a goddaughter who approached her right after the mass.  second was an acquaintance who saw us as we were about to leave.  both greeted her with a, 'what happened to you?!'

hehe...  my mom was trying to stay under the radar and instead bumped into people she does not really normally see.

sometimes life plays tricks on you...  ; )

go as you are

knocked at my sister-in-law's door in my shorts and 'comfy' top (my friends know what that means, hehe) and handed her a cake...

sister-in-law:  'you were so quick!  how did you go there?'

me:  'i just walked...'

sister-in-law:  'you just walked?!'

me:  'yes.'

sister-in-law:  'like that?!'

me:  'yes.'

sister-in-law:  'that was what you were wearing when you went there?!'

me:  'yes.'

and she seemed to believe me, hahaha.

nope, i was wearing a dress and was 'decent' when i walked to the restaurant / pastry shop 850 meters away.  i changed clothes when i got home after which i knocked at her door.

had it been someone else it would have been obvious that that was a joke.  with me, given my track record, uhm, you cannot be too sure...  :"}

fat fingers

on the phone with a friend of my mom's... she was asking me something and i was trying to explain it to her...

me: 'i'll send you examples...'

mom's friend: 'how will you send?'

me: 'through facebook...'

mom's friend: 'are we friends in facebook?'

me: 'yes... unless you've unfriended me...'

mom's friend: 'why would i unfriend you?!'

me: 'haha... unintentional? i noticed that [mom's friend 2] blocked me... i was thinking she just might have clicked something she didn't mean to click...'

mom's friend bursts into laughter: 'oh! you can be sure that when that happens to us it wasn't intentional, too!'

me: 'haha... i know!'

i myself have pressed keys and icons i never intended to press. more so my mom... and, i suppose, her friends... ; )

peace, titas... mwuah!!! :*

big little things

i was encashing a check at the bank and when the teller handed me the money, he went, 'that has excess, ma'am...'

me:  'it has excess???'

teller:  'i don't have 93 centavos, ma'am, so i gave you one peso...'

me:  'oh, hahaha...   i was gonna return it but i don't have 7 centavos...  you want the peso?'

teller chuckles:  'keep the change, ma'am...  bear with me...  that's all i can afford to give you...  '

me:  'oh, appreciated!  thank you very much...'

"little drops of water
little grains of sand
make the mighty ocean
and the pleasant land..."

: )