fat fingers

on the phone with a friend of my mom's... she was asking me something and i was trying to explain it to her...

me: 'i'll send you examples...'

mom's friend: 'how will you send?'

me: 'through facebook...'

mom's friend: 'are we friends in facebook?'

me: 'yes... unless you've unfriended me...'

mom's friend: 'why would i unfriend you?!'

me: 'haha... unintentional? i noticed that [mom's friend 2] blocked me... i was thinking she just might have clicked something she didn't mean to click...'

mom's friend bursts into laughter: 'oh! you can be sure that when that happens to us it wasn't intentional, too!'

me: 'haha... i know!'

i myself have pressed keys and icons i never intended to press. more so my mom... and, i suppose, her friends... ; )

peace, titas... mwuah!!! :*

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