shirt tales

i was at market! market! yesterday.  going towards the mall, there was this woman walking ahead of me.  her shirt had as backprint, "don't be a backstabber."  yikes... applicable to someone i know  : }

then at the department store, this bum animal planet shirt caught my attention.  it said, "anything we love can be saved."  hmmm...


the following text message sent me chuckling:

it takes...
















 nmn aq, hehe...
d knb anle?
wa knb load?
bat d ka nag-t-takes?

takes back.Ü

i received it yesterday but postponed sending it till today because i've already sent out a forwarded message yesterday. (i try to limit forwarded messages to only one per day.) i sent it out not just to my usual same-network-unlimited-free-message contacts but to almost everyone in my address book. i got consistently amused reactions but three stood out for themselves bringing me amusement.

one was from an officemate:

Ayan kahit d ako nka anle nag takes back ako para sau!

hahaha... sweet...

the other was from my mom. she found the text funny, but wanted to know what anle meant. ooops. i had to explain to her that anle = unlimited = unli = anle. with the understanding, her laughter was complete ; )

last was from one of the bosses.

boss: "it takes what?"


me: "scroll down ninyo po, sir..."


not for me

there was a rather short-lived joy in my heart yesterday. i thought my crush was doing something for me. it turned out he was doing it for someone else, hahaha. boy, did my bubble burst...

if it's any consolation, there is nothing at all romantic between him and the object of his action. on this one i am definitely not mistaken : )


i received three messages last night warning me of the incoming typhoon. [ thank you very much... i appreciate the concern : ) ] well, i made sure i acted on the warnings. i checked out my balcony right away to make sure the drainage is clear.

two weeks ago, i came home very early morning from a 14-hour flight to a flooded bedroom. ugh! i was looking forward to plopping into bed!!!

i was away for a week during which there were heavy rains in my place. i didn't know leaves have blocked the drainage in my balcony such that rainwater accumulated there then found its way inside my room. the ground floor was dry; the other rooms in the second floor were dry; only my bedroom, also on the second floor, was flooded -> an inch-high! waaaahhh!!! i was looking forward to resting! instead there i was mopping rainwater from my bedroom toward the bathroom drain. hu-hu-hu. so pathetic.

later it started to rain again. i was on the phone with my officemate and she was telling me to clear my balcony drain right away so water won't again seep through the door. i said i'll just do it the following morning. i was already so cozy in bed, i didn't want to be going out to the balcony to get wet in the rain. she was worried i'd get electrocuted or something. i said the outlets, my bed and all my stuff are high enough, never mind the water.

this is not the first time my bedroom got flooded. twice before i've left my windows open and upon arriving home i hear and feel water from under my feet upon entering my room. one other time the flood again came from the blocked balcony drainage.

i like to keep my windows open. i rarely go out to my balcony. but then you have to learn your lessons. i've been closing my windows whenever i go out. i also now periodically check my balcony. sometimes you have to make adjustments to avoid a repeat of certain things...


i was stopped for a traffic violation yesterday. with the number coding vehicle reduction scheme, my car's supposed to be off the road 7 am to 7 pm tuesdays.

i don't understand. my boss whose ending plate number is the same as mine pretty much disregards the regulation and does not at all get caught. i so much as infringe by a few minutes and there right away is a traffic enforcer waving me off to the side. i've been caught all over and at all times: morning, noon, night; in this part of the city and that.

i was telling my officemate about it. he asked how my plate number is. maybe it's attention-grabbing.

huh?! not at all. it's the normal, regular plate.

how about the car?

it's very simple. not at all new. no accessories whatsoever.

maybe it's you?

i don't think so. you can't really see me from afar.

he says next time a traffic officer waves at me, maybe i should just wave back. he says he knows someone who did just that. the traffic officer pursued him and asked why he did not stop. he said the guy told the officer he thought he was his neighbor and was simply waving at him so he just waved back. he was let off the hook. hmmm...

screening / scare committee

part I

i told an officemate about this certain guy who wants to go out with me. she wouldn't let me. i am not totally convinced. i decided to put it to a vote. i showed a pic of the guy to the rest of my officemates then asked them to vote on whether i should go out with him or not. it was a landslide no, practically unanimous : }

hmmm... he is goodlooking, ain't he?


he speaks well, too.


why the objection then?


because what?

just because.

eh?! next time i'll limit the decision-making process to myself...

= = = = = = = = = =

part II

officemate 1: be careful when you go out. you should be the one to choose the place. so you'd be sure there'd be no [hidden] cameras...

me: hello!!! it's just going to be dinner. i don't intend to do anything. i don't mind if there'll be cameras.

officemate 2: what if the guy puts something in your drink? in your food? what if he drugs you then takes you someplace else?

huh?! waaaahhh!!! don't scare me!!!

= = = = = = = = = =

part III

me: maybe it should be someplace where i'll be the one to get my food... fastfood... KFC, jollibee, McDo... the food will be handed directly to me from the counter...

officemates: yup... it's safer that way...

me: sigh... no ambience... dinner date, McDo?! ugh!

= = = = = = = = = =

part IV

officemate: text us where you'll go... we'll be there... you'll be safe...

me: huh?! just McDo... chaperones to boot?! i am not going out anymore... grrr...

give it time

i crawled into bed past 1 am of sunday.  this after spending overnight overtime work at the office friday through saturday and attending two parties saturday evening to midnight.  i was so pooped looking forward to a loooong, restful sleep but 8:20 am i was awakened by a text message.  it was someone with a 'good morning' and 'have a nice day' greeting.  the good intention was lost in my disrupted sleep, i dialed the texter right away intending to berate him. (ugh!  so unappreciative of me.)  he was not picking up.  i therefore just went downstairs to soak my laundry and put out the trash.  then i went back to bed.

11 am before entering the shower, i checked my phones.  it turns out the time i was downstairs he sent another message asking why i called.  my interrupted sleep again came to mind and i again dialed him intending to pick a quarrel, hahaha.  (i have so many times told him not to text me early on weekends!)  again, he was not picking up.  i took my shower, heard mass then went through my day forgetting about the interrupted sleep.

then this morning he calls my office then texts me asking whether i wasn't coming in as i was not yet at the office.  i told him i was at the other building.  hmmm... i wasn't mad anymore... actually even amused at the supposed cranky reaction i wasn't able to express yesterday.

i remember another time i was looking forward to precious sleep.  that time i again tumbled into bed past 1 am and guess what, he texts me at 2 am!  grrrr... i dialed his number in war-freak mode.  he wasn't picking up.  then morning he again texts me asking why i called.  i told him i was supposed to pick a fight with him because he woke me up at 2 am.  my anger has died down by then so i could already joke about my frustrated violent reaction.

well... looks like he's been getting lucky  ->  chancing upon the formula for our peaceful co-existence, hahaha.  it is simple, actually.  make yourself scarce when you think you've awakened me.  just disappear awhile until things simmer down and the following day your deed will already be seen as it really is, i.e., not really an offense but something to smile, not be angry, about...  : )

ref inventory

i've done an inventory of the items inside my bags.  now here's one on the contents of my ref:


a small open bottle full of mineral stones
arm & hammer fridge-n-freezer odor absorber

kraft cheddar cheese
2 1 liter boxes selecta fortified choco (chocolate milk drink)
1 box hawaiian host chocolate covered macadamias
1 box meiji macadamia chocolate
5 bottles del monte fit 'n right drinks:  pineapple, apple (2 bottles), four seasons and pine orange  ->  i don't usually have this... the only reason i bought it was because i liked marian rivera's bikini-clad photo on the carton packaging of the limited edition summer pine orange trial pack

too old/expired:

cottee's caramel flavoured topping
cincalok shrimp paste
kraft roasted garlic vinaigrette
pickled kamias
kewpie mayonnaise
beurre gourmet unsalted butter
2 yupi gummy fangs (gums shaped like a complete set of vampire teeth)
antonio pueo excellent chocolate
sanwa wasabi powder
sejong korean ginseng extract
water in a biker's drink container (' don't really know how you call it.  my brother and his cycling buddies have that in their bikes)

dried fish, 3 different types

eeewww!  almost all the items inside my ref are overdue for disposal.  they're all going to be in the trash bag tomorrow when the garbage truck comes...

show and tell

we have a midnight to early morning activity at the office.  over dinner earlier, my officemate was relating how he got so sleepy at another such activity last week he actually fell asleep in a chair then was awakened by a thud.  suddenly he realized that he had fallen off, his head landing on the thigh of one other officemate dozing off on the floor.  we had a good laugh at his story.

then now we had a chance to witness it ourselves.  we all were doing our respective things when suddenly we heard a loud thud.  guess what.  it's the same officemate again falling off a chair.  laughter all around.

hmmm... he better master sleeping on chairs.  we don't want anyone suffering brain damage from all these off-hour work  : }

what leave?

i am supposed to be on leave from the office today. my mama in, the one who took care of us siblings from the time i was a baby, is retiring and going back to the province. i filed a leave so i can see her off at the airport.

guess what. yesterday, someone was setting a meeting with me for today. i said i'd be on leave so please set it some other time. he replies the singaporean who's supposed to be meeting with me was flying out friday. huh?! why such short notice?! grrrr... ok, i said i'd be at the office 4 pm.

then this morning, my officemate texts me that someone we've been trying to set a meeting with for two months now is suddenly available at 11 am. huh?! i can't be there 11. how about 2 pm? i said i'd be at the office 4 yet but then that will be for some other meeting. ooops... we might have to wait another long time before the other party could squeeze us into her schedule again. hmmm... set the meeting for 2 pm and i'd just have my assistant attend in my place. ok. i ended up sort of 'joining' their meeting a bit through phone.

i remember another time i was on leave, i had to take a long call while in the shower. yikes! ' dunno whether cell phones could electrocute : }

sometimes fate just likes to play tricks on you. you go on leave and that's the time something urgent and/or explosive comes up. ugh!

take care always

i was inside the car last night fixing my stuff while gassing up when i suddenly heard a thud / felt a jolt. it was a very spacious gasoline station. there were only 3 cars around and yet my parked car got hit by one of the two other cars. ' dunno whether the fact that it was close to midnight had something to do with it. the hit was very minor so i just let the culprit go just cautioning him to stay awake.

i am no stranger to this situation. nope, i haven't been bumping cars. but the second major collision i've had in my entire life was suffered by my car in a spacious, spacious parking lot where i was the only one parked. it was nighttime, i was parked beside a pole. i saw it, boarded the car, fixed my stuff, then backed up oh so quickly. boom! i hit the pole. my door was dented big-time : }

(my first collision, btw, was in college ages ago. i was hit in an intersection by a speeding jeepney. nope, i was not the one at fault.)

my car has dents and scratches here and there and i got them in what you could call 'safe' places. i am very careful on the road and in tight spots. but i have a tendency to loosen up when i know i'm in a safe place. i'm trying to rein that in. when it comes to vehicles, it's good to be always on guard.