big heart ; )

i was talking to my officemate when my br_ suddenly got unhinged.  (nope, my dress remained all zipped, thank you very much.)

i blurted out, 'yay!  my br_ popped open!'

she retorted, 'why?  is there a handsome guy around?'

haha...  there were just the two of us...  plus one other female a little farther.  no guys at all in the vicinity.

'then why did it pop open?'

hmmm...  maybe it could not contain my, uhm, heart?  LOL!  ; )


this body was grilling me about an enumeration i put in in my specs (per their instructions, actually).

question:  if they submit something that is not there, will it be acceptable?

reply:  could be... depends on what it is.

Q:  how would you know whether it's acceptable or not?

R:  if it's in the same league then it is.

Q:  how would you know it's in the same league?

R:  if you're from the industry you'll know.

questions, questions, questions...

reply, reply, reply...

i was getting frustrated and asked, 'would you like me to make that i.e.?'

I.E.?!  what I.E.?

me:  id est.  that one's e.g.  exempli gratia.  would you like me to make it i.e.?

laughter...  it was Internal Examination which crossed their mind!

yikes!  i'm a doctor not.  the medical meaning makes me cringe...  : }


i was expecting a call when my phone rang.

the guy opened with, 'cynth, (name) here...'

i went, 'ei, hi, (expected caller's nickname)...'

the caller replied, '(name)!  (name) (surname)...'

ooops...  same name, different guys...  good thing they have different nicknames...  otherwise i might have gone on blabbering about something intended for someone else...  : }

i know not these things

i've been driving for years but up to now i really still don't know anything about cars.  whatever knowledge i have is limited to driving and gassing up  : }

well, last sunday i had a flat tire so i went to a vulcanizing shop and while there, checked in at foursquare.  now my foursquare account is linked to my facebook account so the check-in appeared as a post in my wall.

a few hours later, while logged in in facebook, a chat window popped up.  the guy at the other end was giving me tips about tires and flats.  oh, ok.  thanks.

and then he mentioned X5.

i was like, huh?!  i have to replace my spare, too?!  only one of my tires was not ok!

he said i could replace either just two or all four.

why X5 then?

it turns out he was referring to a BMW model.

hahaha...  i thought he meant my four tires plus spare...