law of attraction

at my friend's house...

me:  'why do you have coins on your window?'

housemate:  'they're supposed to be for good luck...'

me:  'how come you have five-centavo and twenty-five-centavo coins?  can't you at least make them one-peso coins for greater luck?'

; )

no generalizations

me:  'there's this something i read, it basically says, the farther your hearts, the louder your voices...  so couples when they quarrel, they shout to bridge the distance...  i'm just thinking, if you're, uhm, noisy doing it, does that mean your hearts are distant?'

friend chuckles...

me:  'you've seen the hayden videos, right?  what struck me there is how quiet <girl 1> is...  how can you be so quiet like that?'

friend:  'haha... maybe she's keeping it inside...'

me:  'hehe...  that's so hard, huh!  remember <girl 2>?  now that's more like it...'

friend:  'hehe...  i prefer <girl 2>...'

me:  'i'm sure you do, hehe...  anyway, <girl 1> is so quiet and i'm wondering whether that means she has more love for hayden...  their hearts are closer...  she doesn't make a sound because their hearts remain close during...'

friend:  'you know, not everything applies to everything...  certain things apply only to specific situations...'

me:  'yeah...  just a thought...'

friend:  'well, it doesn't apply...  the only thing that would apply to everyone would be death...  everyone will die...'

me:  'uh-huh...'

friend:  'wait, not everyone will die...  because it says on judgment day even the living will be judged...'

me:  'so nothing applies to everything?'


on the phone...

me:  'there's this IPL voucher...  that's for hair removal...  they have for the upper lip...  i was gonna ask you to accompany me but i changed my mind...  i'm keeping my mustache...'

friend:  'you have a mustache?!'

me:  'yes...  haven't you noticed?'

friend:  'no...'

me:  'what the... ?!  all this time you haven't noticed?!'

friend:  'no...'

me:  'well, it's not that thick...  but so many have noticed and you haven't???'

friend:  'because i'm looking at something else...'

me:  'what?'

friend chuckles:  'your eyes...'

me:  'eyes?!'

friend:  'you have nice eyes...'

we both laugh...  i, a knowing laugh...  he, a guilty one...  ; p

three is a crowd

my parents going out to watch a movie...  my mom was asking whether i'd like to join them...  huh?!  i don't wanna be spoiling moments, y'know...  ; )

steal a kiss, dad...  yea!!!  :*

by your side

running an errand for my sister...  had to first withdraw money from the bank...  whoa!  there's a line and i'm eleventh!!!  had it been for me, i would have left already.  oh, well, good sister, stay.

guess what, when the one transacting at the ATM left, four others left with her.  ei, made sense.  two of the four were children.  so they were just tagging along with the adults who were together.

when the second one went to the ATM, the third also stepped up and stayed by her side.  ei, so they're also together.  yiiieeee!!!

queueing didn't take that long.  i wasn't eleventh, i was actually just sixth.

hooray for companions...  : )

not anymore

i would if i could but i can't...  i shouldn't...

natural weight loss

talking about my baby goddaughter i see rather frequently...

batchmate:  'she'll look for you...'

me:  'she doesn't really look for me...  but whenever she sees me she gets really hyper...  she expects to go out...'

batchmate:  'she'll long for you when you're not around...'

me:  'hmmm...  i think it's only when i'm around that she thinks of me...  i'm her indicator for a day out...  i'm her driver...'

batchmate:  'no...  she'll miss you if you don't show up...  your smell...  your touch...  if you go away she'll lose weight...'

me:  'really?!  the pedia wants her to slim down...  she's overweight...  maybe i should stay away?'

; p


coding...  car not allowed on the road 7 a.m. to 7 p.m...  there's a 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. window though...  went out expecting to get home before 3 p.m...  over-talked and overate, 3 p.m. suddenly became too tight...  decided to stay at the mall until 7 p.m...  well, over-window-shopped  ->  overshot 7 p.m...  got home 9:30...  : }

all the same

cousin:  'where did you dine?'

me:  'which one?'

cousin:  'the one in facebook...'

me:  'hehe...  we eat out weekly, it's always in facebook...'

cousin:  'the one with the baby...'

me:  'we're always with the baby...'

cousin:  'the colorful one...'

me:  'hmmm...  so many colorful places...'

: }

thank you, avocado

having avocado shake...  reminded me of something i saw on TV sometime back...  there's this breast enhancement cream and i was surprised that one of the ingredients is avocado (i don't really know how a mere cream could enlarge one's breasts)...  i've been having avocado since i was a little girl!  we had an avocado tree at the back of our house...  hehe...  'i must...  i must...  i must increase my ...'

; )


my phone rings...

me:  'hallo, <toot>...'

caller:  '<inaudible>'

me:  'huh?!  who's this?'

caller chuckles...

me:  '<toot>?'


me:  'who's calling, please?'

caller:  'your soulmate...'

me:  'ah, <toot>!'

fo' sho!  the conceit confirmed it, man...  ; p

peace...  : )

back to you

talking to a friend about my sister-in-law's unexpected appearance on TV when a dance workout she attended was featured in the news.  i had earlier requested the guy to attend the workout session on my behalf but he wasn't available.

me:  'see, she was on TV.  well, had you been the one there i'm not sure they'd show you, hehe...'

friend:  'they won't show me...  my talent fee's high...  they can't afford it...'

me:  'haha...  ok...  where are you?'

friend:  'outside...'

me:  'walking?'

friend:  'just standing...'

me:  'what are you doing standing outside?'

friend:  'thinking whether i should get a massage...'

me:  'oh...  get one...'

friend:  'from you?'

me:  'haha...  my talent fee's high, you can't afford me...'

; p

waiting for godot

on queue for change oil...  one hour per vehicle...  i'm third in line...

service personnel:  'you want me to service your car now, ma'am?'

me:  'oh, can you?  yes, please...'

service personnel:  'i'll just do it on the ground...'

me:  'what do you mean?'

service personnel:  'we won't lift it anymore...'

me:  'aw...  i want it raised...'

service personnel:  'it's just the same, ma'am...  i'll just go under...  it's still going to be aired...'

me:  'hmmm...  i want it high up...'

service personnel:  'you'll have to wait, ma'am...'

me:  'it's ok...  i want to take a picture of the car's bottom...'

service personnel:  'ah...  okay, ma'am...'

so i waited and waited and waited...  when the car was finally raised, my camera's battery went empty...  : }


watched Man of Steel...  i couldn't help thinking, no matter how supposedly advanced the beings, the fight scenes still boil down to pushes and punches...

fit to show

i saw my sister-in-law in the news...  Yeba! launch at channel 7's 24 Oras Weekend...  : D

Yeba! is a new Pinoy Dance Workout launched with vouchers from Ensogo / Living Social.  i saw the deal last month and liked the singlet that came with it.  the thing is, i do not exercise.  well, i figured i could buy a voucher, avail myself of the singlet, then have the Yeba! class attended by someone else.

my sister-in-law is actually a fitness instructress so i offered her the class.  so there she was attending the introductory session this morning, next thing i knew, she was already onstage with the instructors being filmed by a TV crew.

yeba!  yeba!  yeba!  : D

to think she declined the first time i offered her the class.  i had to turn to a friend, asking him to get some exercise (hehe) by attending the workout and getting the singlet for me.  the guy told me, with accompanying chuckles, that he won't be available on the launch date (originally may 25).

now i really liked the singlet and did not want the class to be forfeited.  i re-offered the session to my sister-in-law and, this time, she accepted.

well, everything really turns out for the best.  could you imagine, my sister-in-law had a lot of exposure in the clip.  the news showed footage of her on the floor, among the other attendees, as well as footage of her onstage, together with the instructors.  had my friend given in to my request, i don't think he'd be onstage and i'm not sure the news would have showed any shot of him...  ; )

ei, peace, ok...  : )


i received a text message this morning.  'bring P300.  you'll have to pay something.'

hahaha...  good thing i was informed.  otherwise i'll still have to go out to withdraw when i get to the place.

i normally bring only P200 with me.  yup, for yearsssssss now (oblivious to inflation, hehe).  it even goes lower whenever i buy something and i don't replenish right away.   i always have my ATM and credit cards with me though.

the practice horrifies my mom.  well, i've long realized that the best things in life are either free or chargeable to a credit card.  ; )

the icing on the cake

i was already approaching the cashier when i saw a customer presenting his rewards card...  ooops, i forgot mine...  : }

i backed off and returned my intended purchases to the shelves...  i'll just buy them when i have my card with me...  ; p

true, shopping may be its own reward but if i can get my brownie à la mode why not?  ; )

take the first step

on the phone with a friend regarding a coupon he won't be able to use before expiry...

friend:  'i don't have time...  there's so much work!'

me:  'aww...  it's ok...  you can do it...'

friend:  'i don't know what to do anymore...'

me:  'how much is left?'

friend:  'what do you mean?'

me:  'what have you done so far?'

friend:  'i haven't started anything...'

ooops...  wahehe...  ; }

the mystery is solved

ordering receipts...

printer:  'you want it carbonized or just the ordinary?'

me:  'i don't want carbonized anymore...  it's no good...  i still have to put carbon for the writing to appear on the duplicate...'

printer, checking my old receipt:  'this is not carbonized...'

me:  'it is...'

printer:  'no...  this is just regular paper...'

me:  'that is carbonized...'

printer re-checks my receipt:  'it's not...'

me:  'really?  i ordered carbonized from you before...'

printer:  'you did?'

me:  'yes...  you said it costs more...  i said it's ok, at least, i won't have to use carbon anymore...'

printer:  'this is not carbonized...'

me:  'what?!  no wonder it doesn't work!'

: }

read between the lines

i was getting one of my shirts ironed by my mom's ironing lady...

mom:  'neckline seems too low...'

translation:  'don't wear that.'

; )

of health and medicines

at a clinic this morning, the pediatrician gave flu shots to my friend's baby as well as to their housemates.  (my friend already got hers earlier.)  did my eyes almost pop out when my friend said i'm next.


well, i'm with the baby rather frequently.  (i'm not just her godmother, i'm also her driver-sitter, sometimes by choice, other times by force of circumstance.)  my friend said she'll pay for the shot.

nyeh!  it's not that.  i'm afraid of needles!!!  i don't even remember the last time i had an injection.  maybe vaccinations in high school?  i actually don't take medication even if i'm feeling really unwell.  i just drink lots and lots of juices and eat get-well-food.

i've been very healthy, thank you very much.  last time i was confined in a hospital was when i was a newborn.  uhm, i don't really know whether you can call that confinement.  i was born so, of course, i had to stay in the hospital, hehe.

anyway, they were all convincing me i have to get a shot.  it's for the baby, blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah.  uuhhhh...  tugging at my heartstrings.  but still, it was a no.  i half-kiddingly told them i might faint and there'd be no one to drive them home.  (which reminds me, i've never experienced how it is to faint.  i guess i'm really hale.)

the pediatrician then said we should just all have an x-ray.

hmmm...  i can handle that.  i'll even pay for it myself.  ready to undress in 3, 2, 1...

it's us

called the land transportation office...

me:  'hello...  i'd like to inquire whether stickers are already available...'

LTO:  'what vehicle do you have?'

me:  'what vehicle?  what do you mean?  private, is that it?'

LTO:  'what vehicle do you have?!'

me:  'what vehicle???  hmmm...  toyota, like that?'

LTO:  'what's your plate number?'

me (feeling silly, wahaha):  'oh...  sorry...  okay, it's <plate number>...'

LTO (seemed to be checking something):  '<plate number>...  when did you apply?'

me:  'last march...'

LTO:  'march?  none yet...  try calling again next week...'

; p

free parking

i learned just today that senior citizens get three hours free parking at gateway mall and supposedly in other quezon city establishments as well.

passing shopwise, i told my companions i usually park there because you get three hours free parking if you buy anything worth at least three hundred pesos from the store.  guess what, one of them told me i don't even have to buy anything at gateway and we won't have to pay parking.  why?  because senior citizens are entitled to free parking at gateway mall and supposedly also in other establishments.

there were four senior citizens in the vehicle and one of them kidded that given their number we might even receive some change.

i went, 'there's a ten-month-old baby with us...  if they average our ages, won't we fall short and be charged fees?'

; )

a rose by any other name

i was on the phone with a friend who's supposed to bring me KFC Krushers.  i was about to tell him what flavor i liked when suddenly i hesitated a bit.  i wasn't sure what to tell him...  : }

i know i like Rockin' Road, at least that's what the menu and the posters and the website say the name of the Krushers is.  the thing is, when you ask for such flavor at the counter, the crew calls it Rocky Road.  even the receipt says Rocky Road.  that's a popular ice cream flavor, right?  maybe that's a main ingredient?  maybe that's the cause of the confusion?  whatever.  i just told my friend about the 'identity crisis,' hehe...  ; )

regardless of how it's called, the important thing is that it tastes good...  : )

is that so bad?

sister to dad:  'did you have a massage?'

dad:  'no...  i accompanied your mom to the stockholders' meeting...'

sister:  'how come your cushion's outside?'

dad:  'oh...  i was supposed to get a massage...  i told your mom to bring bong [that's me] along instead...  she said she takes too long in the shower...'

me to mom:  'oh...  i didn't know...  you should have told me...'

mom glares at me:  'you shower too long!'

okay, okay...  calm down, mom...  : }

up to you

received this text message...  sharing:

"Trials are like fire.
They can destroy
or strengthen you
depending on your character
and outlook in life.


The fire that melts the butter
is the same fire that hardens the steel."

: )

enjoy life

sister 1:  'how come you like to shop?'

sister 2:  'we each have our own likes...  some like to eat...  some like to spend their time on the computer...  i like to shop...'

sister 1:  'how come you still haven't slimmed down?  you keep on walking...'

sister 2:  'i'm not trying to slim down!  i'm just enjoying life...'


(and btw, sister 2's not at all fat...)

no leftover

ate half-bar, 3/4-bar, 1/4-bar chocolates  ->  my sisters' leftovers...  they're like that, i don't understand...  they get a bar from the ref, break off and eat a portion, then put the rest back...  me, i get a chocolate bar and finish it be it big or small (well, unless it's REALLY big)...  the only ones i don't always fully consume are the ones in boxes...  if they're in a box then i don't feel a compunction to wipe them out (haha) in one sitting...  but if it's just a bar, the moment i unwrap it, you can bet the bank the choc will not see the light of ref anymore...  ; )

not getting across

i was at my telco's shop and i was informing them that the lock-up period for one of the numbers under my account is expiring next month and i don't intend to renew it anymore.

the customer service representative checked their database and informed me it's expiring on july 26 yet so i have to go back on july 26 and only then will they process it.

i asked what day july 26 is.

the CSR told me it's a friday.

me:  'aw...  if i go on a saturday or sunday will the contract be renewed automatically?  as in, will i then have to request for pre-termination?'

CSR:  'we will just charge you pro-rated...  just for the days you used...'

me:  'actually this number is not being used anymore...  it hasn't been used for months, the user has died...'

CSR:  'if you pre-terminate there will be charges...'

me:  'yeah, i know...  i've been here before and that's what i was told so we're finishing the lock-in period...'

CSR:  'just come back on or after july 26...'

me:  'that's a friday...  if i go saturday or sunday, you will bill me for the two days?'

CSR:  'yes...'

me:  'can you just tag the number now for termination?'

CSR:  'there is a termination fee because you have a contract...'

me:  'no, i'm not pre-terminating... i mean tag it today that the subscriber is not going to renew it anymore in july...'

CSR:  'we can't do that...  it has to be on or after july 26...'

me:  'really?  that's not a good program you have...  the programmer / analyst should have included a provision for tagging for non-renewal...  well, yeah...  it depends on the specs he was given...'

the CSR just gave me a blank stare...

me:  'hmmm...  can you just note on my account that i came here today informing you that i don't intend to renew this number anymore?  just this number, ok...  i have several numbers...  this is the only one i'm not going to renew...'

CSR:  'we cannot enter notes...'

me:  'aw...  so maybe i should just go online and inform customer support through your website so at least a ticket would be logged...'

another blank stare...

this is the same telco who e-mailed me a rather weak password when i forgot mine.  i sent them e-mail telling them to

     "please advise relevant ... personnel/managers ... that the password you used for reset would not pass basic security checks...  definitely needs improvement..."

the reply i got?

     "Please be advised that you can reset/change your password upon login..."


a rare occurrence

i was looking for parking at the mall and could not find a vacant slot...  suddenly i see a guard running and motioning me to his left...  i moved closer and saw a 'no entry' sign...  guess what, the guard ran toward it and removed the sign!  i drove to the next level...  ei, i was first!!!  i had the whole level to myself and got to choose among hundreds of slots!!!  talk about parking heaven...  : D

cook not

channel-surfing with my 10-month-old goddaughter...  i stopped awhile on a cooking channel  ->  the baby suddenly lost interest!  hahaha...  so young and already taking after her godmother...  : O

if the shortest way to a man's heart is through his stomach then, uhm, i'm definitely taking the long route...  : }


mom disappointedly telling my dad the stocks she bought yesterday went down today...

dad:  'just relax...  it's really like that...'

mom:  'i am relaxed...'

dad:  'okay...  just charge the difference to me...'

aww...  sweet...  :")

no response

friend's guest complaining about her colleague:  'you text her today, she'll reply tomorrow...'

me:  'aw, just like me.  actually, a lot of times i don't even reply...'

guest:  'really?'

me:  'yup...  my mom is actually surprised whenever i reply to her text...'

guest:  'why?'

me:  'i don't like texting...  i prefer calls...  i do respond by calling...  well, depends on who texted...'

; p

it's complicated

me:  'if it were you, yes or no?'

mom:  'maybe...'

me:  'just reply with either 'yes' or 'no'...'

mom:  'it depends...'

some things are not that simple...


you have to think
not just of what you want
but also of what you can handle.

sure, you want it all.
but can you do it all?


i was walking and this guy whose house i often pass by approached me...

guy:  'are you a voter?'

me:  'yes...'

guy:  'where do you live?'

me:  'just near...'

guy:  'i'm <toot>...  i'm running for <position> in the elections...'

me:  'oh...  election's over, right?'

guy:  'that was local...  this one's barangay...'

me:  'ooops...  sorry...  so when is that?'

guy:  'october...  can i get your vote?'

me:  'haha...  so early...  well, i actually don't know anyone...'

guy:  'it's just <position>...'

me:  'hmmm...  there are many <positions>, right?  ok...  i'll vote for you...'

guy:  'may i get your name?'

me:  'cynthia...'

guy:  'cynthia?  what's your last name?'

me:  '<maiden surname> <married surname>...'

guy:  'cynthia <maiden surname> <married surname>?'

me:  'maria cynthia <maiden surname> <married surname>...'

guy:  'where do you stay?'

me:  'across <toot>...'

guy:  '<street>?'

me:  'yeah...  but it's actually the one opposite <street>...'

guy:  'ok...  i'll go to your place to give some materials...'

me:  'huh?!  no need...'

guy:  'i'll just give you something...'

me:  'don't...  i live on the third floor...'

guy:  'it's ok...'

me:  'it's the third floor of my brother's house...'

guy:  'it's ok...'

me:  'don't bother...  you already have my vote...  you don't have to give me anything...'

ugh!  what a way to decide your vote  <-  first one who asks for it gets it...  : }