excluding the originator

someone was inviting me to watch a movie yesterday.  i like the movie.  but at this point i have reservations about going out to watch a movie with any guy  : }

to allay my fears, ha-ha, he tells me to bring my dear friend along.  i say if the friend is there then, yup, we could watch.  and then it occurs to me that if my dear friend and i will  be there, my best friend should be there as well.  we're a triumvirate, you see.  coffee, sugar and cream.  it further occurs to me that if my two friends and i are going to watch a movie, then it might as well be just the three of us.  no need for the guy, ha-ha.

i tell the inviter this and he chuckles at the thought that he was the one who hatched the idea but now ends up being the one left out, ha-ha-ha

well, some company are preferred over others. that is how it goes.  no need to take it personally... ; )

favorite not

i was out of town last week when i received the following text:

kpg my
umaway syo
at snabihan
k ng "panget!"


sbihin mo s knla:

UGLY nvr starts in "I"
it alwys starts w/ "U"


nkganti k na,
nosebleed p sila!

the text amused me so i forwarded it to my mom and to my friends.

my mom texts back that the message was truncated.  that was tuesday.  i therefore tried resending, at certain intervals, at different locations.

friday, i receive another text from my mom saying the message seems to be my favorite as i have sent it to her six times already.  huh?!  of all messages, ha-ha-ha... i wasn't sure it was getting through, that's all...  ; )


a long-time friend texted me birthday greetings yesterday (so early!!!), noted that his mom and i have the same birthday, and surmised that that is probably why i am very special in his heart.  now, for years, whenever i come across the word special, egg immediately comes to mind, ha-ha.  yup, egg as in chicken eggs.  this stems from the porridge sold all over where if you want it special they'll add an egg.

so i texted back saying, 'special?  so there's an egg.  but i'm female, so they're in my ovaries.'

i got back a puzzled reply!  he didn't seem to know about the special - egg association.  all the while i thought it was prevalent...

i turned to my officemate and related the exchange.  she laughs and tells me my friend was probably thinking, 'what on earth is this cynthia talking about?! eggs in ovaries???'  she said my friend could now in turn be thinking sperms and whatever.  huh?!  yikes!!!

i right away text my friend explaining the special - egg association.  he finally gets it and texts back that if an egg makes something special then there should be two so 'twill be super-special.  ooops!  ha-ha-ha.

oh, well, at least everything has been settled fine.  whew!

take a break

my phones weren't within hearing distance from me for a big chunk of the day and when i finally got to check them, i had 2 messages on one and 5 messages and a missed call on the other.  i don't know what got into me but the missed call alarmed me : }  this is from a guy who's been texting me for a while but has never really once called, at least on a weekend.  i called back worried something was not quite right.  guess what?  he so coolly asks me something about work that is not the least bit urgent!  grrrr!!!  i was like, what the... stop thinking about work on weekends! i hung up.

i've reminded this guy about work-life balance several times already.  he wouldn't listen.  last night he texted me non-urgent work past 11 pm!  ugh!

i like to say that even God rested on the seventh day.  the lesser beings that we are, i think we should follow His lead.  we all need time to relax, to recharge, to clear the mind.  otherwise, we might lose steam midway and end up accomplishing much less than we possibly could...


weeks back, i was conniving with someone to put some smile in my heart, ha-ha-ha.  nothing mischievous.  just a smart, subtle and harmless move to satisfy my curiosity about a third party ; )

and then shortly after initial implementation of our ploy, i receive a friendster invitation from  someone who had "Mahal CoHe Xya" in her name.  ooops.  suddenly i got nervous.  i was afraid the target was misinterpreted.  i asked my accomplice (ha-ha, partner in crime?) to check out the inviter, to see whether she is one of his own chicka-babes.  he does and tells me he doesn't know her.  still, i don't accept the invitation.  and i haven't been totally at ease, wondering who on earth this inviter could possibly be.

sometime later, i noticed that the girl had changed her name.  no more "Mahal CoHe Xya."  hmmmm... ???

and then after that, was i surprised to see that the same girl had invited a dear friend to be her friendster friend as well.  oh!  so the inviter was not from my accomplice's circle after all.  and her name was not really a back-off message for me after all.  whew!  was i relieved. 

morals of the story:

1.  you are not the center of the universe.  not everything is about you.
2.  just because two things happen at about the same time does not necessarily mean they are connected.
3.  if you are guilty or up to something, you do get paranoid.

; )


i am on training outside office for almost two weeks and in the white board where my schedule is written, an officemate wrote:  ":(  sad ako"

aawww... i in turn wrote, "wow, naman.  touched ako :)"

then yesterday i received the following text, also from the same officemate:

how can i spell
tr_st w/o "U"

h_mble, famo_s,
c_te, f_n, h_g

& how can i say

i love _ &
i miss _ !

hayy... nak_

hirap pla pg wala "U"

so cute...  and sweet...  sweeter though had the sender been a guy, ha-ha...

a league of their own

my friend and i were on the phone and i was telling her it's okay to have a much older man in a relationship but not a much older woman.

she objects to the double standard saying it worked for vilma santos and ralph recto, also for demi moore and bruce willis (she meant ashton kutcher).

huh?!  ha-ha-ha.  i was like, 'friend, get real.  if you're demi moore or vilma santos, then you can get away with anything.  but for ordinary mortals just like us, don't even attempt to pull it off..'  LOL!

kuya, tatay

a friend was relating how someone who was 69 years old has expressed interest in her.  she cringed at the thought, ha-ha-ha.  i admonish her, telling her that i myself married someone 15 years my senior.

she had a quick retort:  that's ok, 15 years is just like an older brother.  but 69 (25 years older) is already like one's dad.  she says she can see herself marrying someone the same age as her brother but no way someone the same age as her dad.

oh, so there is an acceptable range?  what if the daddy-age has elder-brother looks and the elder-brother age has daddy-looks?  which would she choose?  ooops, she couldn't quite say...  not that simple...

late night sharing

i was sorting out my mom's e-mails last night when i saw this in her inbox:

       "do not be so open-minded your brains fall out."

ha-ha-ha... funny... but meaningful... i liked it.

and then this one:

       "never break 4 things in your life:
        1.  trust
        2.  promise
        3.  relation
        4.  heart.

        when they break,
        they don't make a noise
        but pain a lot."

hmmm... i also liked it.  in fact, i liked it so much i texted it to my friends and to my officemates.

then late night and this morning i received replies.  ooops, i didn't realize it was already close to 11 pm when i sent out my text.  some were still awake, others already asleep.  yikes!  i didn't mean to disturb anyone's sleep (not that anyone complained).  next time i'll check the time  : }


yesterday i blogged about french.  now let me blog about deutsch  : )

years back, a friend called me up at the office.  her call landed at my boss's room, as in, right on his desk, an arm's length away from where he was seating.  i don't remember anymore why i didn't transfer but i do remember that, to keep the talk private, my friend and i conversed in german.  ok, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

after we hung up, i thanked my boss and was making my way out of the room when... he made some remarks in german!  huh?!  yikes!  i find out later that he was a scholar of some german institution.  he understood every single word of the trivial, shallow, girlie stuff my friend and i talked about!  aaaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!  so embarrassing!!!

moral of the story:  some people know more than you think they do.  think twice before you assume otherwise...


someone texted me a french phrase yesterday. i asked whether he spoke french... in french. i said, still in french, that i know a bit, a teenie-weenie bit. he replied in french, complete with accents and markings, ha-ha.

i would have been totally amused, except that the reply included a question on whether i knew what a certain french sentence meant. the question was out-of-topic. my eyebrows arched, and i reminded him to stop these sorts of things. he tries to wiggle out. c'mon. that's a statement they teach you in any other foreign language class. in fact, you don't even have to take french classes to know what that means. you're young, boy... but your style is rotten. go peddle that to other mesdemoiselles...

going beyond the visible

yesterday as i was walking out of our building, an officemate greeted me with, "ang sexy talaga!"

i was initially flattered and then subsequently puzzled.  what on earth was he talking about???  i was all covered up!  my blouse, nothing form-fitting, was up to my neck, and my pants, although not at all loose, was far from skin-tight either.  could he be humoring me?  he seemed serious.

i remember a similar incident.  months after we broke up, an ex-boyfriend suddenly called me up.  i asked what made him call.  he tells me his friend saw me and told him, "ang sexy pala nu'n?"

i burst out laughing and teased him, "why?  didn't you notice?"  ha-ha-ha

anyway, i ask where his friend saw me.  he said at the bus.  i asked what i was wearing.  he said jeans and polo.  hmmm... i remember that.  i was wearing denims and a loose polo shirt, as in, really loose.  and the denims were not at all tight.

i don't understand.  me, i like sexy and all but there has to be some flesh visible.  you're all covered up, nothing figure-hugging, and i wouldn't think sexy at all.  i guess men are really wired differently.  i suppose they imagine things.  or maybe they see beyond the clothes???  yikes!

reality check

an officemate tells me they saw my ex at the supermarket.

another officemate right away asks, "was he with someone?"  ooops....

the answer was no.

hmmm... i wonder how i'd actually feel if the answer was otherwise.  i sincerely want him to be happy.  i want him to have someone.  i suppose my heart would ache a bit once i find out but that is only normal.  it doesn't mean i want him for myself.

i have no expectations at all of getting back and starting over.  funny but my officemates and my friends have.  (i don't even discuss my ex with them but they are the ones who bring him up.  my best friend even dreamt about us, imagine!  i've never...)  many times they've told me, in the end, it's going to be us still.  they talk about second chances.  i think the possibility is remote.  i like to say everyone deserves a second chance but not a third.  this one lasted more than six years, we've had so much more than just a second, a third, a fourth, chance...

pure heart

an officemate was telling me that he was curious about the caliber of guys that catch my attention.  huh?!  caliber, my foot, ha-ha-ha.  he wouldn't be able to make heads or tails about the guys i've loved in the past, ha-ha.  they go from one extreme to the other  --  from, 'good choice, girl!' to 'what on earth did you see in him???' ha-ha-ha

i have preferences, of course.  i'd like my guy to be dark, and like this, and like that.  but then, my heart sometimes chooses differently, disregarding whatever criteria i've set.  the only non-negotiable as far as i am concerned is falling for someone who is already taken.  no way. other than that, everything is fair game.

the sweetest loves, the greatest ones, are those decided purely by the heart.  not everyone, however, is brave enough, or foolish enough, to give such choices a go.  maybe because the deepest pains arise too from such choices...

broken trust

i got to talk to someone a lot recently and, in the course of the conversations, we've somehow exchanged confidences, mine, albeit a rather trivial one, on the condition that it will not be shared with others.  he made me a promise... i gave him my trust... he broke both.  so easily, so quickly.  i was surprised at how the threshold was just too low.  the pressure was not at all remarkable and the gain, practically non-existent.  what a letdown.  not so much because of what what was spilled as to what was broken.  it would have taken so much more and so much longer to make me back down, if at all.

if this were a movie, this development would just make the plot thicker and the ending sweeter.  but this is real life, actions alter the course of events this way and that.  unlike in the movies, the storyline is not predetermined.

one good thing though, unlike in the movies where the lead characters are confined to a select few, in real life, every single one of us is the lead character in the story of our lives.  we all have a fair chance at having our respective happy endings therefore... : )