never mind

chinese new year...  i won a victoria's secret bikini in the raffle...  : D

the prize-giver was joking that i'll get it on the condition that i model it and try it on...

i was game, just in words, hahaha...

and then my mom's number was called...  the prize was a bikini, too!

suddenly there was no more condition...

; p

money magnet

yesterday i found three ten-centavo coins on the road...  nope, not all together but at three different points on the street!  i posted about it in facebook (oh, yeah...  so very me, nyahaha...) and a facebook friend reacted by teaching me the 'I'm a money magnet!' declaration.  she says she learned it at a Millionaire Mindset Camp in singapore.  oh, wow!

i find coins on the ground rather frequently and all this time all i've been saying is, 'wow, lucky penny!'  regardless of denomination, five centavos, ten centavos, twenty five centavos, i blurt out 'lucky penny,' wahaha...  (come to think of it, i can't recall seeing a penny on the ground ever...  always bigger...)

today while i was walking, i suddenly felt excited about using my newly-learned 'I'm a money magnet!' declaration...  i hoped to come across a coin and, ta-daaan, i did!!!  twenty five-centavo coin, two of them, at different spots!  whoa!  whoa!  whoa!  i was ecstatic!!!  (ok, ok, i am shallow...)  i was sooo happy...  i was sooo thankful...  : D

the coins i picked up yesterday plus the two today i've deposited in the bank...  yup, three tens and two twenty-fives so eighty centavos...  the first ten i deposited yesterday; the rest, today...  (ei, i did add a couple of bills so as not to puzzle / annoy the teller, hehe...)  mixed with my funds, i declare them all to grow and be a magnet for blessings that go beyond the material kind...  : )

lucky dime

yesterday, i was walking when i saw a ten-centavo coin ahead of me...  i normally pick up coins on the street but this one looked dirty so i did not...

this morning, i was walking on the same road again and approaching that spot, i wondered whether the coin was still there...  guess what, it was!  and it didn't look so dirty this time!  : )

yesterday it was beside some plastic of food apparently dropped (thrown?) by a passerby (ugh!  littering...  >:( )...  today, the plastic was not there anymore but the coin still was...  whoever cleaned the area (it was a sidewalk in front of a house) removed the plastic but left the coin...  well, this time, i picked it up!  i was thinking the coin wanted to be with me so bad it cleaned up so i'd take it, hahaha...  ; )

and could you imagine, i actually found two more ten-centavo coins on the street after that...  three coins in a span of one-and-a-half hours!  to think i did not spend all that time on the road...  within that period, i went to four places:  a church, a bank, a department store and a fastfood chain...

hmmm...  money does not grow on trees but it falls on streets...  it pays to look where you're going...  ; )

the chicken flew out the window

i was trying to settle hospital bills...

cashier:  'the bill is not yet here, ma'am...'

me:  'oh...  i'll just pay P12,000 for the meantime then...'

cashier:  'you don't need to, ma'am...  just wait for the bill so you would know the exact amount...'

me:  'it's ok...  the payment will appear in your system, right?  'twill be deducted from the total?'

cashier:  'yes, ma'am...'

me:  'ok...  i'm paying P12,000 now...  i'll just pay the rest later...'

cashier:  'you might overpay, ma'am...'

me:  'no...  when i paid yesterday, there was still P14,000 outstanding...'

cashier:  'you'll still have philhealth deductions, ma'am...'

me:  'we were told philhealth does not cover measles...  plus the running total still does not include doctors' fees so even if i pay 12 now i'm sure that still won't cover the full amount...'

cashier:  'just pay later, ma'am...'

me:  'it's ok...  this is card anyway...  even if i pay now or later 'twill still be due on the same day...'

the cashier reluctantly took my card, i signed the slip (without checking, ugh!) then she issued me a receipt...

later when i was checking the bill, i noticed that it was P2,000 more than the outstanding balance i was expecting...

me:  'i paid P12,000 earlier, right?'

cashier:  'P10,000 only, ma'am...'

me:  '10?  why 10?  i said i was paying 12...'

cashier:  'i swiped only 10, ma'am...'

me:  'huh?!  why?!  don't you know i get a free bucket of chicken when i charge P12,000 on this card?  will you buy me a bucket???  next time when i tell you to swipe 12, you swipe 12...'

things that may seem arbitrary to you might not be arbitrary to me...  \m/

the price is right

my dad comes home and excitedly tells my mom he bought ensaymada and they cost only two pesos while the ones my mom buys cost twelve.

me:  'that one has cheese...'

dad:  'these have butter...'

me:  'that's not butter, that's just margarine...'

dad:  'oh...'

you get what you pay for...

don't bite off more than you can chew

people will not learn to think out their choices if you keep on saving them.

sometimes you have to hold back and look away to teach people how to live the life they choose.

it's more than that

my sister wanted to buy this cake...

me:  'so expensive and it's not good...  i don't really like the cakes here...'
(i'm the family's cake girl...)

sister:  'i just want to try it...'

me:  'up to you...'

she buys the cake and eats it...  she isn't satisfied...

me:  'i told you!  anyway, just think of it this way, you paid to satisfy your curiosity, not really for the cake...'

and that is priceless...

not good enough

dunno what it is my nephews are playing on guitar so i tried to use shazam...  the app could not identify it...  not sure whether it's because of the distance...

i tried singing close range,

♩ ♪  this girl is on fire
this girl is on fire  ♫ ♬


♩ ♪  remember those walls i built
baby, they're tumbling down  ♫ ♬

app could not identify the singing as well...

nyahaha...  is it the app or is it us?


mom says she brought home different types croissant...

me:  'it's krwä-ˈsäⁿ, mom...'
(i took french classes in college, btw)

mom:  'i know...  but then if i pronounce it that way we'd just go 'what? - krwä-ˈsäⁿ - what ma'am? - that one' so better just say kroysant, she understood my order right away...'

; )

happy new year

received e-mail from an e-commerce site telling me an item on my wishlist is on sale...  it is!  at one-third the original price...  wow, wow, wow!!!  : D

yesterday, parking was super full and i arrived just as a car was leaving  ->  the very first slot in the parking lot!  as in, all i did was enter and park...  no searching around...  no bypassing other slots...  the vacated slot was right after the gate!  : )

before that i received a message telling me that something i ordered for my mom has been delivered...

earlier, 'twas a phone call informing me that my refund is already being processed...

i'm on a good streak...  what a way to start the year...  sooo happy...  sooo thankful...  yea!!!  : )))

bed to floor

twice today i was going down from the tenth floor to the ground floor and twice i absent-mindedly took the elevator on the way up taking a round-trip before going down.  not so bad.  but then i would have been more comfortable waiting at the spacious area outside than within the confines of the crowded elevator.

note to self:

next time, check.
just because a door opens, does not mean you have to get in.

age is just a number

dad comes home from the Office for Senior Citizens Affairs and tells my mom:  'last time i was there, the seniors i met looked older than their age.  now it's the opposite!  they looked younger than their age!'

mom:  'in which category do you fall?'

; )

that's as far as it goes

my niece sees me in my spongebob sleepwear...

niece:  'aw...  so nice your outfit, tita...'

me:  'thanks...  would you like to have it?'

niece:  'no...'

me:  'i've barely used this...  i can give it to you after it's washed...'

niece:  'no, tita...  i just found it cute...'

yup, just because something is cute does not mean you'd want to keep it for yourself...


it's only january and i already have three refunds / reversals in the pipeline...  : }

note to self:
next time, check the bill BEFORE, not AFTER, paying.

it's only january and i already have two 'notes to self'...  what an insightful way to start the year...  toinks!!!  ;")

starting 'em young

i see my three-year-old granddaughter very smartly dressed...

me:  'wow...  so nice your outfit...  did you choose it yourself?'

granddaughter:  'mommy did...'

me:  'it's really nice...'

granddaughter:  'i have make up, too...'
(she has lipstick and eyeshadow...  yup, eyeshadow!)

me:  'yup, i noticed...  was your mommy the one who put on your makeup, too?'

granddaughter:  'no, i did...  mommy only put on lipstick...  i have makeup...'

ooops...  hahaha...  kids nowadays...  ; )

it depends

this afternoon...

me:  'mom, i'm going out...'

mom:  'who's with you?'

me:  '<female friend>...'

sister:  'where are you going?'

me:  'royal piccadilly at katipunan...'

hah!  quite easily answered...  with some other companion or a faraway place, the very same questions would already make me feel as if i've reached the difficult round...  nyahaha...  toinks!!!

don't tempt me

sister brought home leche flan...

me:  'how much is this?'

sister:  'P100...  how much are the ones you buy?'

me:  'uhm...  hmmm...  hmmm...  hmmm...  come to think of it, i don't buy leche flan...  all the leche flans that i've brought home, even the ones that were sent here, were all just given to me...'

even chocs i don't buy...

whoa!  that is the reason i couldn't cut down on sweets!  i've long promised (uhm, ok, told) myself i'd cut down but family and friends who know i love them (hey, you can love something and still stay away) keep on giving me chocs, leche flan, pastries...

i remember a few years back i even announced on facebook that suitors who'd give me chocolate would be turned down (the suitor not the chocolate, hehe)...  nothing came of it...

people just kept on giving and i continued to thank them and kept on eating...  uhhhh!!!  ->  they say if it's free it doesn't count and it's not your fault...  ; )

hmmm...  it's a new year...  i'd like to make an appeal...  i do appreciate and am really thankful for all the thoughtfulness but please help me cut down on sweets by not giving me anything sweet...  i hope to finally keep the resolution this time...  salut!  : )

sweating the small stuff

i'm the family's cake girl...  from as far back as i can remember, i've been the one who buys cake for our special days...  i have a pretty good track record...  majority like the cakes i've been bringing home (uhm, it's very hard to please my dad)...

last night...

me:  'what cake do you want?  chocolate...'

sister cuts me off:  'i don't want chocolate...'

me:  'caramel?'

sister:  'i don't want caramel...'

me:  'ice cream cake?'

sister:  'i don't want ice cream...'

me:  'mango?'

sister:  'i don't want mango...'

me:  'hmmm...  <bakeshoppe 1> and <bakeshoppe 2> have nice cakes but they don't really taste good...'

sister:  'just be the one to choose...'

(that's what i've been doing for years actually...  i'd just come home with a cake...  this time, however, my sister walked by so i asked...  uhm, maybe not a wise move on hindsight...)

me:  'i was thinking of getting ice cream cake...'

sister:  'i don't want ice cream cake...  but yeah, maybe ice cream cake is good for dad right now...'

(my dad just had a tooth extracted...)

at the mall today, my sister and i saw dulcinea...  we entered...  there was chocolate cake...  the staff says it's good but then appearance-wise it seemed rather ordinary so pass...

next we were at tully's...  they had three cakes on display:  cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake and chocolate cake...  the chocolate cheesecake caught my sister's fancy...  i asked the staff which he liked best...  he said he's a chocolate-lover so for him it's the chocolate cake...  my sister was still inclined toward the chocolate cheesecake...

me:  'i thought you said you don't want chocolate...'

sister:  'this one's cheesecake and the chocolate's only topping...'

ok...  we told the guy we'd just check out some stuff and then come back for the chocolate cheesecake...

my sister and i went to gateway supposedly to buy footwear...  there was mary grace there, however, (i've bought various cakes from them.  i love their chocolate cake.  my niece likes their black velvet.) and my sister wanted to check it out...  ok...  well, none of the cakes appealed to her...

we checked out starbucks just a few steps away (i love their chocolate cake, too...)...  my sister liked the 'guilt-free indulgence' and she said that's just what we should get but from the ali mall branch so we won't have to carry it around...  ok...

when we got to ali mall, they had no 'guilt-free indulgence'...  : }

we ended up with dairy queen oreo blizzard  ->  close to what i wanted to buy in the first place, i.e., chocolate xtreme blizzard...

note to self:
next time, don't complicate the simple...
just go out and buy cake, on your own, by yourself...  ; p

tolerating tardiness

whoa!!!  a second person just told me that i should just wait for a call before coming over to be sure the one i'll be picking up would already be ready and i would not have to wait.  hmmm...  what is the point of setting a time when that is how it would be done?  i'll be on standby and on call?  i'd understand if this were an office or an emergency but it's neither...  : }

the first one even told me, 'you really should stop showing up on the dot so you would not have to wait...'

my, my, my...  so i've been doing it wrong all along, i.e., being punctual?!  i missed the memo!!!  my bad...  : }

the same intention expressed differently

at a fork in the road...

me to tricycle driver:  'which way leads to ali mall, this or that?'

tricycle driver directs me with his hand and goes:  'to the right...'

me:  'oh, left?'

tricycle driver again points and goes:  'no, right...'

and i realized that since we're facing each other, his right is my left and my right, his left...

yup...  just because you seem to be contradicting each other does not mean you don't intend to go the same way...

sales talk

had a doc photocopied...  the operator readily obliged...  when it was done, the guy told me:  'i turned on the machine just for you...'

me:  'oh!  are you closed?  aw, sorry, i didn't know...'

operator:  'it's ok...  it's my commitment to taxpayers...'

i was impressed and praised and thanked the guy profusely...

walking away, i overheard him tell his companion:  'see, only two pesos and that's my dialogue...  you do the same...'



me:  'oh...  i thought this was the last step...'

guy:  'no!  i do this every year so i know...'

me:  'you're good....  i've done this thrice already but i forget.  it's only once a year.  i don't even remember what i did last week what more last year...'

: }

spending to save

for two days now i've been having KFC fried chicken...  i passed a branch yesterday and saw a poster saying their normally P75 one-piece chicken with rice is only P59 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.  ei, 'twas within the discount time!

i went in and ordered one...  uhm, i wasn't even hungry, hehe...  anyway, i haven't had KFC chicken in quite a while so 'twas just ok...  (there was a time i was craving and having their fully-loaded meal several times a week...  after that phase, it's really just been <3 krushers <3 i order there...)

this afternoon, i was going to be in the area again and i intentionally targeted to drop by the branch within the promo period...  i made it!  just a few minutes before 5!  i was sooo happy, haha...  i again ordered 'one-piece chicken with rice, thigh part, please...'

i'm not really sure whether i'm saving with these promos...  but then the joy i get whenever i avail myself of a discount is priceless...  so yup, i'd say i still come out ahead...  : )

don't fill 'er up

supposed to fill up my tank...  saw a banner saying you get P10 bonus points when you gas up a minimum of P500...

i ask the gasoline boy:  'if i gas up P1,500, does that mean i will get P30 bonus points?'

gasoline boy:  'no, ma'am...  you'll just get 16 points...'

me:  '16?  one, six?'

gasoline boy:  'yes, ma'am...'

me:  'but if i gas up P500 three times i'll get P30?  P10, P10, P10?'

gasoline boy:  'yes, ma'am...'

me:  'oh...  just put in P500 then...  i'll just gas up again the next time i pass here...'

; )

dig deeper

an aunt who has a good singing voice dropped by the house...

me:  'auntie, you know 'halo'?'

aunt:  'beyonce's?  [aunt hums the song]...'

me:  'yes...  the next time we get together, sing it, please...'

aunt:  'oh...  i don't really know the story of that song...  i like the one by bruno mars...'

me:  ''when i was your man'?'

aunt:  'yes...'

me:  'that's not a woman's song...  'halo' is...'

aunt:  'i don't sing that...  that's a contest song...'

me:  'it's a contest song?!  the notes don't seem that high...'

aunt:  'yes...  but there are so many curls...  i won't be able to sing it...'

me:  'really?!  how come i can?'

aunt:  'yes, you can...  the question is, do you sing it well?  will we be happy listening to you?'

nyahaha...  toinks!!!  ; )

liking and having

mom checking out a shirt...

me:  'oh...  sooo cute...  so very cute...'

with every turn she made of the shirt, i'd gush, 'that's really cute...'

my mom looks at me funny and goes:  'this won't fit you!'

me:  'huh?!  haha...  i know!  i'm just saying it's cute...  just because it won't fit me does not mean i can't like it...'

and just because i like it does not mean i have to have it...


et tu?

my car got tire-locked today  ->  illegal parking...  :O

i didn't notice the sign!  why?  it was blocked by a car that parked earlier!  uuuhhh...  isn't there a prescribed height for 'No Parking' signs?  i suggest they should be higher than regular cars so that if anyone parks in front of them, the sign will still be visible...

i arrived at the place this morning and there were already other cars parked along the pavement so i, too, parked there...  afternoon, i came back and my car was the only one left and it was tire-locked!  :'(

a guy tried to console me by saying there were many of us who got tire-locked there that day...  hmmm...  not exactly the club i'd like to join...  : }

the reason is you

my mom was supposed to watch a movie with my aunt but then they did not push through.  my dad, therefore, set out to go with my mom instead.

me:  'what are you watching?'

dad:  'i don't know...'

me:  'you'll be watching a movie and you don't  know what you're gonna watch???'

dad:  'whatever your mom wants...  i'm just going to accompany her...'

aawww...  ain't that sweet?  :")

there are those who go with you because they like where you're going...  they're not really accompanying you, are they?  they're really just, well, going someplace with you.

and there are those who go with you unmindful of the destination...  all that matters to them is that you're there so they will be, too...  they're the ones who really accompany you...  they are there because of you...  <3 <3

you get shorter with age

me:  'who's the one who sits there?'

guy:  '<toot>?'

me:  'no, i know <toot>...  the one who carried my stuff to the car before?'

guy:  'the tall one?'

me:  'tall?'

guy:  'yes, <toot2>...  he's 6'3"...'

me:  '6'3"?!'

guy:  'yes...  but he's old now so maybe now he's just 6'2"...'

me:  'huh?!  hehe...  osteoporosis?'

; )

i don't need to know

about to eat pastillas...  tiiinnnggg!!!  'ei, i'll take a picture first...'

so i form the pastillas in a star on a saucer and my dad walks in on me.  nothing.  just a poker face...  ; )

my family has different reactions to my penchant for taking pics of my food:

my brother, just like my dad, pretty much ignores it.

my mom is horrified. (well, she's coming around, i think.  she's starting to take pics of foodstuff herself but only when they're eating out.  me, i take pics mainly of the food i eat at the house.)

one of my sisters gets mad. (she finds it tacky, wahaha...)

my sister-in-law is cool about it.  'i'm bringing something later...  would you like to take a pic?'  : )

my other sister indulges me.  before she takes a bite of something, she'd ask me:  'have you taken a pic of this?'

one time i said, 'no.  it's ok.  i won't.'

sister:  'why not?'

me:  'i already have a pic of the same...'

i like to take a remembrance of what goes into my body.  not sure i'd like to be reminded though of how many times i had such sinful chocolate bar in a week...  : }

fine with me

me:  'mom's at burgoo?'

dad:  'yes...'

me:  'aw...  they're paying full price when there's a voucher there, 40% off...  even what they watched last night [disney on ice], it's 30% off...'

dad:  'not everyone likes vouchers...'

me:  'yeah...  but i suppose everyone would like a discount...'

and they're kind of like the same thing except for the 'hassle' of buying and booking in advance...

there you are

trying to find the lid of the pack of sweets i opened...  it was just on the dining table...  i've checked everywhere:  it was not in the living room, not in the yard, not in the kitchen, not upstairs, not in the ironing area  ->  hahaha...  even the place i didn't earlier go to, i checked...  how logical...  : }

i decided to just transfer the sweets...

i went back to the dining area...  suddenly i saw protruding from under the trivet holding a hot pot a portion of the lid!  aw!  so my sister-in-law unintentinally covered it when she brought in the soup...

well, well, well...  HAPPY new year everyone...  may we all find what we are looking for...  : )