i learned just today that someone filed a leave from the office because he thought we will be together on my birthday. aaaw, sweet : ) (too bad...)

i spent my birthday daytime with my family, nighttime with my friends. no guys. every special occasion since i became 'single' again, i've made it a point not to have any guy around. i'm thinking the guy might think he is the special one, or others might think said guy is the one. until and unless i find that special guy, i'm afraid i will have to stick with the set up. the moment i find him though (or he finds me, haha), things are going to change. i'd ♥♥♥ love ♥♥♥ to spend the whole day with him, making the special occasion all the more special : )


so many people i know are addicted to farmville.  last friday, a manager from another office was discussing something with my officemate.  suddenly he approached me.  i thought he was going to bring up official business.  guess what, he was reminding me to accept his farmville neighbor request.  hahaha.  this is a guy we're talking about.  he says he has set up wireless in his house and as soon as they arrive home, he and his children are all hunched in their respective computers all doing the same thing  ->  farmville.

my friends have been egging me to take up the game.  i'm not interested.  i have more than enough deadlines in the real world, i don't want to add virtual ones where i have to harvest at a certain time otherwise my plants will die  : }

last week my officemate showed me my farm.  yikes, so pathetic:  six tiny squares, one part planted with strawberry, another with eggplant.  i'm at level 1. (my best friend is at level 34.)  i've been receiving gifts and i just accept so i have an account but i don't really play.  my officemate was pointing out the sorry state of my farm and i told her at least i'm cute.  i was referring to the avatar onscreen standing on my plot.

she told me, 'that's not you, that's me.  you're a guy.'

'huh?!  why am i a guy?'

'the default avatar's a guy.'

eh?!  i have to log in to change.  never mind...

cars and cellphones

i received a phone call last night.

'can you hear me?'



'not so...'

'i'm driving...'

'huh?!  why do you have to call me when you're driving???'

'nothing to do...'

eh?!  concentrate on driving, duh!

and then there's this other guy.  i don't know why but a lot of times i read his text messages late so i get to respond late.  different days, different times of day, he receives my replies while he's driving.  he texts back or calls.  but given the frequency of the driving timing, i have made it a point to ask what he's doing intending to disappear if he is on the road.  well, invariably, the response is, he is on the road.  he chuckles saying that is how i am  ->  i text when he is driving.  dangerous...  : }

race you

my aunt gave me her birthday gift last night.  she said she wanted to be first.  i told her she's actually second already.  i received my first birthday gift monday yet.

really?!  she said next time next time she'll give her gift in july.  huh?!  hahaha. 

i posted this in facebook and got a reaction saying that next year somebody will give as early as june.  whoa!   i appreciate the thought but really, i'm far from birthday mode that early!

i told my officemate about it and she joined in saying day after my birthday this year, she will be giving me her gift for next year.

what????!!!  what is going on?  why the race to be first?!  they save the best for last, don't they?  ; )

what was that for?

my sister and i didn't pass our usual route earlier.  entering an unfamiliar street, she blurted out, 'one-way!'

huh?!  i moved close to the pavement preparing to make a u-turn.  but then i saw headlights from my mirror.  'you sure it's one-way???  how come there's a vehicle behind us?'

my sister said it's one way going straight.

me:  oh!  we're in the right direction then.  why did you have to tell me it's one-way?

sis:  nothing... i just said it.

me:  eh?!  ok...

drive straight...

looking forward

i received an invitation to treat me out on my forthcoming birthday... totally unexpected.  consistently for years, this guy could not squeeze me into his schedule.  the few times he would, i'd be bumped off at the last minute by anything and everything.  his time was too precious to be spent on little me.

i don't really understand why now when i do not at all expect anything from him anymore, he offers to spend some time with me.  this is not the first time this happened.  things he would not do before, he is willing to do now.  for years i was practically begging for even just the teeniest of his time.  but no, he had more important things to attend to.  i was supposedly strong anyway, self-sufficient.  i could get by on my own so i was the least of his concerns... the last of his priorities.

i am stronger now, more self-sufficient.  yup, i could get by on my own.  still, i am looking forward to having someone who, even with the foregoing, would care for me as if i am this weak and helpless damsel in distress.  i am waiting for my knight, and i am looking forward, not backward, for that.

if only

i wasn't feeling well this morning.  i didn't feel like going to the office but i forced myself out of bed because i was supposed to pick up my sister.  good thing i did.

9 a.m. i received a totally unexpected phone call from someone i've never met.  he has been tasked by this guy to drop off something for me.  what?!  oh, well, ok.

actually, i've somehow guessed that the guy was cooking up something for my birthday.  but i did not expect it to be this early nor did i expect him to involve a relative.  i was thinking it would just be an unfamiliar delivery man or courier from some generic establishment.  but no,  he sent me my favorite cake from this bakeshop with only one outlet.  hmmm... hmmm... hmmm...

the relative was supposed to drop off the cake at my office.  i've actually texted him directions.  before he arrived, however, i received a call from my boss's secretary asking me to attend this meeting at the other building.  i therefore had to again text him, this time giving directions to the other building.

my officemates squealed in delight when i came back from the meeting with the cake box.  that is our favorite cake  : )  we partook of the cake and they were intrigued by the dedication (i am not going to state it here!).  what does this acronym mean?  who is this guy???  is he good-looking?

yup, he is  : )


stop it!  he's (blank)!

huh?!  pandemonium...

: }


i had a meeting this morning that i could not attend.  my assistant is in cebu so i assigned one of my staff to attend on my behalf.  for one hour, we were texting each other, with her pleading to just skip the meeting.  (it is known as our stressful/sermon-full weekly managers' meeting, hahaha.)

then i received a blank text from her.  i asked, 'blank???  have you fainted?'

she goes, 'no, i'm comatose...'

huh?!  hahahahaha...  ; )


i don't have a TV anymore.  last night, my parents went to our village with a rented truck to haul away stuff from my sister's house. it's unoccupied and has been burglarized thrice!  first was in may 2003, then june 2003, then again this month, october 2009.

i've decided to give my tv away.  i've turned it on only thrice this year and just as rarely last year.  better to send it someplace where it will be useful.  maybe i'll just buy a small one.  or maybe do away with one altogether.

i was thinking i should have given my microwave and gas cum electric range, too.  i don't like microwave; my range is too much for me.  it has an oven and rotisserie -> i haven't cooked in a loooong time.  my gas is actually 2 1/2 years old.  i wonder whether it will still work  : }


i've long been thinking of changing my numbers.  a friend has actually offered that we swap SIMs so i'd have a new number.  oooops, no way.  i don't want my calls and messages landing on someone else's phone.  my friend said he'd be informing the callers and texters that the number already has a new owner.  even then...

anyway, i inquired and it turns out i would have to pay five hundred pesos (P500) for a number change.  hmmm... i've always been choosy with my expenses.  it's not so much the amount but whether it's something i really need to spend on.  i don't want avoidable ones.

i told the SIM-swap friend i am not keen on paying so i've decided to just retain my numbers.  guess what, this time, he offered to pay the fees!  huh?!  hahaha... no, thanks.  i said he could just give me the P500 and i'd just reject the calls i'm trying to avoid  ; )


i received a phone call last night...  the guy was driving so the line was choppy (i don't understand why he has to call me on the road  : }).  i could not hear him completely, there were missing syllables in his lines, but still i understood the things he was saying.  hmmm... some things you don't have to hear... you'll just have to figure out for yourself...

simply put

the following message made laugh:

Sa restaurant:

Waiter:  Ano po ang order nila, ma'am?

Amo:  Half-chicken meal na lang.  Ikaw, Inday, ano order mo?

Inday:  I would like a dish of sauted pork & chicken boiled in thick essence of soy sauce and veggies, like carrots, cauliflower & baguio beans, sprinkled generously w/ fine spices & spring onion plus generous garnish of shrimp & chicken liver!

Amo:  Waiter, bigyan mo raw ng chopsuey itong babaeng ito!  Pakidamihan mo ng vetsin para mamatay na!

; )


my friend has been telling me she has this pal who likes me.  then last night, she brought it up again, asking whether the guy would have a chance if he courted.

i said no way.

she asked why.

i explained i don't want someone who smokes nor drinks.  (the guy arrived at her place beer in hand and was then in the garage puffing a cigarette.)

right after finishing my sentence, the guy popped in, saying a case of beer will be delivered to my friend's house.

hahaha, talk about confirmation.  case closed.


i attended a dear friend's birthday.  going home, she requested me to take a pic of her friends celebrating another birthday next-door.


taking their shot, i said, "pa-cute..."

and one of the guys said, "pa-kiss..."

i told my birthday-celebrator friend, "pa-kiss daw..."

and the guys said, "hindi siya, ikaw..."

i went, "hindi ako nagpapa-kiss... papakasalan mo 'ko pag hinalikan mo 'ko..."

the guys chorused, "sige!!!  sige!!!"  and one rushed forward to kiss me.

yikes!!!  i had to flee  : }

car call

my phone rings...

me: hello... hello... hello...

caller: can you hear me?

me: choppy... where are you?

caller: i'm in the car

me: hands-free?

caller: uhm... hands-free?

me: you're in the car why are you calling me?

caller: i'm not driving

me: you're not driving?

caller: the car is in the garage... i'm inside the car...

me: why are you calling me inside the car?

caller: i'm doing laundry...

huh?! suddenly i pictured him inside the car with a basin in front doing handwash, hahaha. well, actually he was inside the car waiting for his laundry to get done... ; )

badly hit

i asked an officemate to list down some items i could pick up at the grocery to give to those badly hit by typhoon ondoy. she gave me a list the last item of which was ice cream.

me: ice cream???

reply: para kay buntis...

huh?! nasalanta ka, buntis? LOL!