i drop by my cousin's place and in a eureka way she exclaims, 'ich!!!' (that's how she calls me.)

she says they were at Trinoma over the weekend and she saw Ginza Bairin.  she says she was trying to recall where she heard about it.  she said she was going, 'ginza bairin...  ginza bairin...'  she couldn't remember who told her.

she said she was telling my aunt that they should eat there as it was recommended by someone, she just couldn't recall who.

now she sees me and suddenly she remembered.

yup, 'twas me alright.  i liked their Special Katsudon (the menu says it's the number one donburi in japan)...  if you're ever near a branch, do give it a try.

nope...  this is not a paid advertisement...  ; )


me to sister:  'there are waffles on the table...  they're not good though...  i asked the waitress what their specialty is, she said <beef>, <fish>, <pancake> and <waffle>...  i didn't want to eat rice and i was iffy about the <pancake> so i ordered that...  ' turns out it's not yummy...'

sister eats a slice:  'it's good...'

me:  'it is?'

sister:  'yes...'

me:  'hmmm...  they said it's a bestseller so that means your taste is mainstream...  i've been ordering bestsellers in restaurants and a lot of times i don't like them...'

i must be odd...  : }


a few months back, i saw this storage box online.  i liked it but didn't purchase it at the time because i still had a long list of things i wanted to get and they were of higher priority.

and then one time, i thought i should bookmark it so i could easily access it when i'm ready to buy.  guess what, i've entered all sorts of search parameter (storage box, box, storage, plastic container, container, plastic, organizer, price range even), and the item wouldn't come up!

i told myself maybe the box isn't meant for me and someone must have bought it already.

and then this evening, my mom comes home with gifts from my aunt.  whoa!  there were three of those storage box, one each for my sisters and me!  wow!  wow!  wow!

the item is meant for me after all.  but it wasn't meant for me to buy.  it was meant for me to receive for free!

God's plans are always so much better...

i'm sooo happy...  i'm sooo thankful...

blessed new year...  : )