enough said

sunday friend tells me that her tablet is full.

i tell her to go with me to the house so we could move some of her photos to my laptop for the meantime.  (we've done it before.  actually up to now her pics are in my drive because she still doesn't have storage.)  we were just four houses away from my place.  we're not talking big-yard mansions here.

well, she didn't want to move her photos yet.

i reminded her processes need wiggle room.  system files require space.  updates require space.  not all photos have to be on her device.

she wouldn't listen.

i didn't force her.

now she regretfully tells me she deleted 200 (!) photos because she'll have to take pictures for the office.  she says next time she'll listen to me.

haha...  not sure i'd still be saying anything next time.  i've already told her so many times.  i do get tired of saying things over and over and over again...  ; p

tune out

friend:  'DC released a trailer for Justice League, so many views right away...  and then just hours later, Marvel also released a trailer for Thor Ragnarok...  it immediately overtook DC's, 2 million views!'

me:  '2 million?  despacito, 4 billion!  most-streamed song of all time...'

friend:  'what song is that?  i'm not part of the 4 billion...'

me:  'it's ok...  i'm not part of the 2 million...'

friend:  'i might have heard it on the radio...  how does the song go?'

me:  '♩ ♪  despacito
quiero respirar tu cuello despacito
deja que te diga cosas al oído
para que te acuerdes si no estás conmigo  ♫ ♬

that's all i know...'

friend:  'i don't get it...'

me:  'you don't know spanish?'

friend:  'i don't recognize the tune...'

wahaha...  it's my singing...  toinks!!!  ;"p


driving along marikina...

friend:  'there's kanto fried chicken!'

me:  'haha...  KFC?  for real?'

brother:  'i thought that was just in laguna...  so they have here, too...'

friend:  'they're going to open a KFC in <street>...  i'll be near KFC already...'

me:  'kentucky fried chicken or kanto?'

friend:  'the real KFC...'

me:  'i love their fully-loaded meal...'

friend:  'i haven't tried that...'

me:  'you have!  it's just a combination of different items...  i order fully loaded B2...  1 piece fried chicken, i like it thigh part...  rice, mushroom soup, mashed potato and sprite...  sometimes i upsize to krushers...  they used to have brownies with it, now no more...'

friend:  'ah...  so i've tried those...'

me:  'sure...  you just might have ordered them separately...'

i fully load; she staggers...  ;")


friend tells me a friend's car figured in a collision.

me:  'is he okay?'

friend:  'it was the son driving...'

me:  'is the son okay?'

friend:  'yes...'

me:  'no cuts and bruises?'

friend:  'none...'

me:  'good...  that's what's important...  cars you can always replace...'

then later friend shows me a picture.

whoa!  the car is dented big time and the driver was unharmed?!

God is really good...  all the time...  <3

my brother's keeper

i was going out our gate and i saw our young neighbor suddenly run into their house.  he was barefoot!

then he comes right out again.  this time he already had slippers...  : )

this is not the first time this happened.  uhm, he sees me and he remembers to wear his slippers, wahehe...  ;"p

i don't normally tell children (and other people in general) what to do.  i'm thinking if their parents are fine with what they're doing then i have no business telling them otherwise.  whatever their parenting style, parents want nothing but the best for their children anyway.

this young boy, however, i see playing basketball on the street barefoot.  uuuhhh!!!  i find that risky.

i know someone who died within seven days of confinement in one of the best hospitals in the country and the complications were triggered by a wounded toe!

if i could prevent someone from wounding his foot then i would.  i therefore make it a point to tell the boy to go get his slippers and never to play barefoot on the street lest he stubs his toe.

i don't know if that annoys him but i would like to assure him, even if i am not his parent, i have nothing but his well-being in mind.