not that

me:  'i'll just buy libertea...'

brother:  'lemme...  what liberty?  [alaska] milk?'

me:  'hehe...  brewed tea...  from ArmyNavy...'

spelling counts...  😄

alphabet of gratitude

i am #thankful for

A ccomplishments
B lessings
C ameras
D resses
E nergy
F amily
G od
H ealth
I ce cream
J oy
K indness
L ove
M emories
N iceties
O rder
P als
Q uick-wittedness
R elatives
S oftware
T ravels
U tilities
V ehicles
W eb
X -rays
Y ields
Z oom

#ThankfulThursday 😊

fools rush in

when you're engaged in something that is,
uhm, 'on the far end of the honorable spectrum,'

something that's been going on for yearS,

for which so many have personal knowledge of,

for which so many messages have been sent,

the last thing you need
is to go anywhere near
anything that would require you
to make statements under oath.

the results could be ugly,
not just for you
but for your 'business partners.'

i wonder whether your 'clients' would *pay* you a visit.

yes, pun...  🤣

cave in

in the search for truth,
for anything actually,
you keep an open mind.

faced with new information,
you set aside conflicting notions.

you weigh things.

there are sensible statements
and there is nonsense.

there are credible witnesses
and there are those with a history of dishonesty.

there are certainties.
there are inferences.
there are reasonable assumptions.
there are implausible claims.
there are  falsehoods.
there are unknowns.

holding on to certain views
when the body of evidence
shows otherwise
is foolish.

you're positioning yourself on shaky ground.
you're setting yourself up for a web of lies
you'd be hard put to keep track of.

you might think you're saving face
but you're actually just losing credibility.

justifying a fault doubles it.
don't make matters worse than they already are.

request for comments

in this age of customizable privacy settings,
you can choose what to show to
and what to hide from
certain people.

you don't filter your audience,
you're opening yourself up to comments from everyone.

in this big, wide world,
people have different experiences.

maybe your friends
have experienced only good times with you.

your neighbor, on the other hand,
may have yearS-long experience
of your dogS camping out at their place,
complete with pee and poop.

you can't expect these people
to react the same way
when you post about dogs.

now are you supposed to complain
about certain comments being unsolicited?

uhm, you put the post out there for people to see.

how does this go?

do you really go around soliciting comments for your posts?

"hey, say something nice about my post."

nyahaha...  RFC of a different kind...

desperate 🤣