give it time

friend:  'how come when i click this the picture does not get bigger?'

me:  'you have to select the sender then click the message...'

i do it and the picture is enlarged...

friend does it herself...
the screen remains blank...
immediately she goes, 'it does't work!'
and then she clicks Back...

me:  'don't!  wait for the pic to load...  it's just slow...'

she tries it again and tah-dah-ah-ah-ah-ahhnn...   the pic loads after a while...

patience is a virtue...  ; )


friend:  'i wasn't able to tell your brother his co-biker passed away...'

me:  'oh...  he knows...  he went to the wake...  actually he told me someone was looking for you...'

friend:  'i wasn't able to go...'




♩ ♪  so, baby, pull me closer
in the f*ck seat of your rover  ♫ ♬


addition and subtraction

someone borrowed a dress from me then returned it with a package containing a pack of pistachios, a pack of snickers and a giant hershey's chocolate bar.

as we were eating the choc this evening, i told my mom:  '<toot> sent so much...  she could just have sent just one...  actually, she need not have sent anything...'

mom:  'it's her way of saying thank you...'

me:  'yeah...  i appreciate that...  but really, it's enough to me that she returned the dress...  <toot 2> borrowed a headpiece from me before then just informed me afterward that she forgot it at the venue and lost it.  that was it.'

mom:  'oh?'

me:  'stark contrast, hehe...'

do and don't...  ; p

simple joys

i went to a bank and saw a mini balloon arch on one of the tables.  if you are seated behind the desk, you will be framed by the arch.

me to teller:  'why do you have balloons today?  can i have a picture there?'

teller:  'sure, ma'am...'

so after my transaction, i walked over to the balloons.

me to guy seated behind the desk:  'can i have a picture here?'

guy:  'yes, ma'am...'

me pointing to his chair:  'can i sit there, please?'

guy:  'sure, ma'am...'

guy vacates his chair...

me: 'can you take my picture, please?'

guy:  'okay, ma'am...'

i hand him my phone...

he takes my picture.

i was so happy...  : )

uhm...  i am so shallow...  ;"p