not sure whether someone passed away monday or tuesday.  they say maid last able to enter place to bring food monday.

me:  'was the food eaten?  if yes, he was still alive monday.'

reply:  'oh...  no one noticed...'

then check...

loss and gain

i posted a throwback pic in facebook last thursday.  a friend then commented my cheeks were plump, ahahaha...

i replied the pic was from 1991 yet and i'm already thin now.

four days later i posted a photo from april 2016 (uhm...  yup, my uploads are over a year late).  guess what, a cousin comments i'm fat!  ahahahahaha...

i remained overweight after all?

well, that's so so there'd be more of me to love...  ; p


posted pics of the interment of cousins' ashes in the province.

their sister remarked she was too tunnel-visioned at the time she didn't notice that many people showed up to show their sympathy.

yup, when you're in the middle of something, it is easy to miss the big picture.  you have to stand back to see the forest for the trees.


sister saying the seamstress erroneously sewed the wrong piping to her uniform.  the one for blouse 1 was instead attached to blouse 2.  this in spite of the fact that she provided colored photos for reference.

i remember the same seamstress also switched the materials for my uniforms before.  the cloth for the blouse, she used for the skirt.  the cloth for the skirt, she used for the blouse.  i did provide her with sketches that time.  that was around 20 years ago.

if she's been sewing that long i guess it's understandable that she has committed mistakes.  i wonder how often it happens though.

some things are acceptable every once in a while but not on a frequent basis.


we don't have a dog.  my dad didn't want to get one because it might bite.  my brother was bitten by one when we were young.

nevertheless, there was a dog within our property lines everyday for years.  it's the neighbor's dog.  my dad, my brother and i cleaned its poop.  we doused its pee.

then earlier this month, i was surprised that there was no dog within our premises anymore.  i could easily get out of our gate without having to be cautious about stepping on a tail (we have recessed gates and the dog liked to linger right beside the gates:  the front, the side, my parents').

i thought the neighbor at long last decided to keep it within their place.

then i learned that actually it had passed away.  aw!

the dog is finally really home.

may it rest in peace.