at a restaurant...  someone at our table dropped a utensil...

me:  'fork or spoon?'

aunt:  'spoon...'

me:  'face up or face down?'

aunt:  'up...'

me:  'oh...  pretty!  wait, auntie...  i'll just go out then come right back...'
(nyahaha...  wish!)

a while later, someone dropped a fork and it also landed front side up...

me:  'ei, handsome!'

sister:  'good-looking couple?'

hereabouts, they say if a fork falls to the floor, a guy will arrive.  if it's a spoon, a girl...  front side up, good-looking; back, uhm, ugly.

we were already complete so we were wondering who else would come.  someone said maybe it applies to customers of the restaurant in general not necessarily to our table.


and then, ta-daaannn!  two of my female cousins dropped by together with my little nephew.  pretty and handsome indeed...  : D

old wives' tale lives on...  ; )

perfect combination

picked up a patisserie filipino tablea tart by chef jacqueline laudico at chef laudico ok cafe today.  (yum!  the combination of dark chocolate and dulce de leche was just so good!)

when i called to place the order, i asked whether it's easy to get parking at the place.  i said i still have to catch something after so i'll have to give enough allowance finding parking, if ever.  guess what, the staff told me if i'm going to be quick then i need not park as she could just bring my order to my car when i arrive.

me:  'really?'

staff:  'yes, ma'am...  so you won't have to park and pay anymore.'

awww...  so thoughtful and considerate...

so that is what happened when i drove over today.

in some shops, the product is good but the service is not.  in others, the service is good but the product is not.  my experience at chef laudico ok cafe today combined good food with good service.

thank you, chef jac.  thank you, christine.  may your lives be full of the sweetest blessings...  : )


throwing away expired meds at my parents' place.  this calcium supplement had the following instruction on the label:


i ran through the open holes in the human anatomy where one could possibly insert a tablet:  ears, nose, mouth and, if you really have to stretch it, the privates.

i'm not a doctor and it seems a no-brainer to me that most logical choice would be the mouth.  if this were a manuscript, i'd edit out 'BY MOUTH' thinking it should already be understood.  but yup, these are meds and you cannot overemphasize correct usage.

reminded me of an exercise we had at the UP institute (now college) of mass communication:
describe a sandwich to a martian.

♩ ♪  where do i begin?  ♫ ♬

; )

just right

a lot of sellers provide a satisfaction guarantee.  you're not satisfied with your purchase, you get your money back.  some with conditions; others, no questions asked.

this online shop caught my attention.  it simply states:
"Get the item you ordered or get your money back."

hehe...  of course!

will of the wind


me:  'i'm wearing shorts underneath...'

companion:  'oh?'

me:  'i used to battle the wind for my modesty...  finally i decided to just wear real shorts under my dress so even if it gets blown up it won't be that bad...  i wear shorts at the house everyday anyway...'

companion:  'why don't you just do away with the dress?  you're already wearing shorts anyway...'

me:  'i love dresses!  it will be too much if i concede that to the wind...'

i fight for what i love...  the moment i don't, it means i don't love it anymore...