Metro Manila Shake Drill (#MMShakeDrill) 1 p.m. today. earthquake preparedness. #DuckCoverHold.

i received notification SMS from NTC (National Telecommunications Commission) and MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority).

my sister tells me she received SMS just from NTC.

me: 'you don't have MMDA?'

sister: 'none...'

me: 'are you sure?'

sister: 'yes.'

me: 'why don't you have MMDA? isn't that a cell broadcast message? aren't they supposed to send it to everyone [in metro manila]?'

sister: 'MMDA?'

me: 'yes...'

sister: 'maybe only to those driving...'

me: 'that's disaster preparedness...  it"s not just for those who drive... plus how do they know whether you're driving or not?'

sister: 'maybe if they've caught you for a traffic violation...'

nyahaha.... ouch! ;"p


i was walking home yesterday when i saw someone who really looked like a cousin from afar... normally, i'd have a wide smile and would be waving at the person enthusiastically... this time, however, i saved the animated greeting for when he was near enough to be unmistakably recognized... i wanted to be sure lest he turns out to actually be a stranger...

earlier in the day, i was roaming around with one of my sisters when i spotted our other sister at a corner (we were all together at a family lunch then went our separate ways after)... i dropped into this silly power ranger-like pose pointing to my sister to catch her attention... well, she did not notice me right away but the guy behind her did... he was startled and must have thought i was bonkers... :"}

i've had my fill of embarrassment for the day so was cautious in going into another round of silly animated greetings...

tomorrow, however, is another day...

wacky!!!  ;"p

i do it for you

at my dad's favorite restaurant...

me:  'i'm sooo happy!  i've been checking in here with the [venue] name not quite right, now it is already correct...  you know who helped me change it?  a czech superuser...  yup, czechoslovakia!  he's SU8; i'm just SU3...  so what i could not effect with my powers, he was able to...  i've been cringing everytime i check in; finally, i'm grinning...  on my 24th check-in!'

sister 1:  'how did you know it's 24?  you counted?!'

me:  'no...  Swarm tells me...  or i can check in Foursquare...  here [i show them the venue stats]...'

sister 2:  'i'm only 11?  i've been here more than that!'

me:  'yeah...  but you don't check in so you don't have it in your lifelog...  those 11 of yours?  we were together so i checked you in...'

it pays to hang out with a Swarm fan...  :")


past 1 a.m. ... about to reach over to my bag to get my phone...

just then my cousin tells her 10-year-old son: "tama nang cellphone!"
-> no more cellphone!



i would have forgone my phone so as not to set a bad example but this is something i want to post so...

hello, phone... ;")

i'll never forget you

me:  'your password is too long!  that's just a password...  it's not your life story...'

reply:  'it's my love story...  all my exes are here...'


♩ ♪  don't forget me
i'm hopin' that you won't forget me  ♫ ♬

; P