what would a normal, thinking person do when there is no more space available for parking?

i'd say he'd go find space someplace else.  that's why it's not unusual to see vehicles driving around to find a vacant spot.

me, i was going home one time and saw a delivery truck in front of our garage.  it was unloading materials for a neighbor's home renovation.  we have a narrow street.  it's just a single lane.  what did i do?  i drove away and looked for temporary parking elsewhere.  i ended up in a street in front of my former school 300 meters away.  i left my car there and walked home.  when the delivery truck has finished unloading, my brother got my car for me.

now i don't expect other people to go to such lengths.  but i also don't expect them not to exert any effort whatsoever.

this morning what happened?  i was about to leave and could not because our neighbor parked his car right between the other neighbor's driveway and our garage.  actually, they've been blocking gates daily for years.  if it's any consolation, however, they've just been blocking two of the slots in our garage.  now they extended to a third!  his car was not just preventing my car from getting out of the garage but also totally blocking the other neighbor's driveway!

what sort of thought processes do these people have???

no limit

i was cleaning up my uncle's phone screens...

first, i removed duplicate icons

second, i asked him what apps he uses the most then placed them on the first screen

third, i asked him to rank the apps according to frequency of usage

fourth, i asked him to show me how he taps on his phone

he held the phone on his left hand then simulated taps using his right forefinger

i break into a chuckle  ->  i asked him to do that because i wanted to see where his thumb would fall...  i intended to put the icon for his most frequently used app there...

me, i hold my phone on my right hand then tap with my right thumb so my frequently used apps i put within my thumb's easy reach...  given his style, it's immaterial where the icons are...  he can very easily reach each one with his forefinger...

yup, some styles are less restrictive than others...  break free...  : )

to the max

last night, i was telling my sister-in-law that we should switch parking as i was supposed to leave early in the morning.  we have a garage alright but you should park there only if you're not scheduled to go out.  if you are, you better park outside in order of departure as our neighbor parks right in front of the garage making it difficult or even impossible to drive out.

we have a supposedly one-lane street made a little wider only because my dad and the neighbor across moved back the structures on their properties.  with the street already wider, some inhuman being appropriated the available space for daily parking.

the third slot of our garage has long been rendered unusable for parking as you won't be able to wiggle out what with the neighbor's vehicle/s blocking the way.  and they actually park right beside this big 'Don't Block the Driveway' sign posted on the gate of this other neighbor.

this has been going on for yearssss.

then now the other neighbor widened their driveway.

my sister-in-law was telling me we don't have to switch parking as the neighbor won't be parking there anymore.

me:  'what made you say so?'

sister-in-law:  'that would be too much if they still park there...'

hmmm...  they'd be
1.  blocking the gate
2.  preventing us from driving out
3.  rendering useless the widening of the driveway.

is that beyond them?


you have to believe in the goodness of the human spirit but at the same time you should make rational projections.  you should consider track records.  you should recognize patterns.

if someone has been behaving a certain way for years, it is not wise to assume they would act differently all of a sudden.

true enough, this morning, the neighbor's vehicles were still parked where they've been parking and inconveniencing others daily for years.

some people's selfishness, shamelessness and callousness know no bounds.

don't lose your own voice

i'm in the garage and i overhear the neighbor singing 'california king bed' on videoke.  uhm, her notes were kinda going to the east coast, then the midwest, south, north, all over.

me to nephew:  'what the...  i like that song!'

i sing along:
'♩ ♪ ♭  i've been california wishing on these stars
for your heart for me
my california king  ♫ ♬ ♯'

ouch!  i've sang that song so many times...  this time it sounded really awful (it was just somewhat awful before, wahaha)...

me:  'aw!  she was off-key...  now i am, too!'

be a voice, not an echo!

from what i hear

me:  '♩ ♪  hello, hello, baby
you called, i can't hear a thing  ♫ ♬'

4-year-old boy:  'what song is that?'

me:  'telephone...  you know who sang it?  lady gaga...'

boy then sings, too:
'♩ ♪  ah te a por
pumi pumi pumi pumi
ah te a por  ♫ ♬'

me:  'haha...  versace on the floor!  you know who sang that?'

boy:  'mama...'

move over, bruno...  ; p