slim chance

there are certain flavors that, i dunno for what reason, i don't like. teriyaki, raisin, cinnamon, strawberry.

well, this evening i saw a box of dunkin' donuts munckins at my parents' place. i picked one out hoping/expecting it's bavarian. guess what, it's strawberry!

how many munchkins are there in a box? what are the chances that i would get something i don't like?

sometimes a fat chance becomes kinda literally fat... ; p


eating cake...

me: 'this is good! how much is it?'

reply: '<price>...'

me: 'oh... it's expensive... a slice of cake at UCC is only slightly higher... that's already UCC...'

reply: 'i think it's the packaging that made it expensive... when she ran out of containers, she sold the cake for only <price minus P100>...'

me: 'oh, hehe... next time forgo the container... we're not gonna eat it anyway...'



rushing to finish my food...  we're still going somewhere else and my friend has finished his...

me:  'tell me stories while i'm gulping this down...'  :"O

friend:  'what stories do i tell you?'

me:  'anything!'

friend:  'you might not be interested...'

me:  'i'll just listen while i eat...'

friend:  'if you talk about things other people can't relate to, they'll just shut off...'

me:  'don't tell me you're just gonna watch while i gobble...  pretend i'm your smartest student, what else are you gonna teach me?'

friend:  'you're already smart...  what else do i tell you?  keep it up!'

me:  'haha...  i thought you were gonna say, 'oh, c'mon!'...  okay, pretend i'm your dumbest student, what are you gonna tell me?'

friend:  'i won't talk to you!'


the time is now

i was at the supermarket and i was supposed to buy this ice cream flavor which i did not notice was already the lone stock.  i checked the freezer when i arrived.  the flavor was there.  since it's ice cream, however, i didn't get it right away.  i roamed the other aisles first.

guess what, when i went back to get the ice cream, the pint was gone.  i checked the other items in the freezer, there was no more of said flavor!  wah!

some things will not wait for you.  be careful what you postpone.

living a game

friend inviting me to dinner at this hotel...

me:  'does it have to be today?'

friend:  'not really...  why?  are you going somewhere?'

me:  'no...  but i was already at a hotel last night...  i've used my x3 hotel sticker...  if i go to a hotel now, i won't get bonus points anymore...  if i go next week, i'll get triple points...'

friend:  'swarm again?!'

haha...  yeah...  ;"p