kings and queens

joining my batchmates at the table during our high school's alumni homecoming, i noticed that the batchmate to my right had a sash printed with "Batch '81."

me:  'oh...  so you're Mr. Batch '81!'

then i saw that the batchmate to my left also had the same sash...

me:  'oh...  you're Miss Batch '81!  so you two are Mr. and Miss Batch '81!'

the other batchmates butted in saying they, too, have a sash...  then they gave me one as well...

ahahahahaha...  so it was part of our batch outfit!

reminded me of oprah:
'you get a sash!
you get a sash!
you get a sash!
you get a sash!
everybody gets a sash!'

; )

don't just stand there

i attended our high school's alumni homecoming last night...  come dinner time, i positioned myself behind the swan accent piece at the buffet and waited for my batchmates on the queue to appear in front of me so i could take their pictures...

the line was longer than i thought (i didn't see right away that it curled beyond a post) and so for quite a long time i was just standing there side by side with the servers watching other alumni get their food (i wasn't clicking away as i wanted to save my camera's battery for our batch)...

and then one of the servers poked me...  she pointed to my left and there smiling at me were two of my batchmates (i dunno why they were there...  the rest of our batchmates were on the right)...

me:  'ay!  wait!  i'll take your pic...'

and i did...

later at our table, one of the two was relating to another:  'i saw cynthia standing there...  i thought she owned catering...'



in that case, food is on the house, guys...

bon appetit!

; )

save gas

on the phone...

friend:  'what time will you be there?'

me:  '<time>...  i have to be early because <toot>'s shirt is with me...'

friend:  'are you picking him up?'

me:  'no.'

friend:  'how will he get there?'

me:  'gah!  he's a <rank>...  i'm sure he'll find his way...'

friend:  'i thought you were going to pick him up...'

me:  'why?  if anyone has to be picked up, it should be me...  i'm the girl here...'

friend:  'haha...  true...  maybe i could ask him to pick me up...  i'll tell him to tell his driver to fetch me...'

haha...  go, girl...  then i'll just hitch...  ; )

not in tune

talking prophylaxis with my niece...  (she just had a dental appointment...)

then she started humming 'havana'...

me:  'that was number one in the U.K....'

niece:  'prophylaxis?'

me:  'hahaha...  havana!  camila cabello!'

♩ ♪  i knew it when i met him
i loved him when i left him


havana, ooh na-na  ♫ ♬

; p

how could you?

had my mom's and my SIM cards upgraded.  requested customer service to kindly insert my new SIM card in my phone and just give me my mom's as i didn't have her phone.

me to customer service:  'please make sure you don't switch our SIMs...  it would be awkward if my mom suddenly starts receiving my messages...'