an aunt passed away...  (may her soul rest in peace...)

me to sister:  'she won't haunt me because when we were there last friday she didn't recognize me anymore...   mom and <her niece> she was able to identify...  me, she couldn't recall anymore...'

sister:  'what are you saying?  ghosts won't forget anymore...  all the more that she'll haunt you...  she'll say, 'there were three who were here...  i didn't recognize bong (my nickname)...  i'm gonna visit her now and thank her for coming over...''



so someone who hasn't seen me told me i'm pretty in my childhood (profile) pic...

ooops...  thanks?

we have a joke here...  you show someone a cute pic of you as a child, the person would go:
"ikaw 'yan?!  anyare?!"
->  that's you?!  what happened?!
i.e., how come you're ugly now?!  ; p

just like the ugly duckling, an ugly child supposedly grows up to be a good-looking adult.

a cute child, on the other hand, grows up to be nakakata-cute, a play on nakakatakot which means scary (~ ugly).

so i was a pretty child?


how were you?

little drop of water

so many hours in a day, imagine i craved juice during Earth Hour...  ugh!

i could prepare a glass in the dark...  but i don't want to drink something i did not clearly see...

i could turn on a light...  but then it's just an hour...  and it's just juice...

i decided to just wait...  such a small sacrifice for Mother Earth...  i'm not gonna bail...

you sure you wanna know?

i initially signed up for e-mail notifications about the status of this shipment.

yesterday, i decided to sign up for SMS updates, too.

well, guess what...  3:16 this morning i was awakened by a text message updating me on the status of the shipment as of 3:10 a.m., i.e., "Clearance processing complete - HONG KONG,HONG KONG."

oh...  ok...

zzzzzzzz...  -.-

4:53 a.m., i was again awakened by another status update...  as of 4:44 a.m., "Customs status updated - MANILA,PHILIPPINES, THE."

wahehe...  okay...  0.0

i never thought i'd lose sleep on this package...  ; p


i bump into friends every once in a while.  these recent weeks, it's been rather frequent.

i bumped into three schoolmates from high school on different days and different places: a bank, on the street, at a department store.

a chilhood friend, at the land transportation office.

a grade school classmate, at a laundromat.

and today, my townmate then my sister-in-law, both at the supermarket.

i guess i'm now literally in the zone...  ; )