i received a totally unexpected text this evening, one of the pleasant kind : )

someone wanted to pair me off with a friend of hers.  that would not have been unusual, except that this someone is someone i would never think would bother about such things.  i am surprised... and i am flattered...

since i became 'single' again, there have been numerous offers to pair me off with this guy and that.

my cousin in the US e-mailed my mom asking whether she could set me up with a good friend of hers based here in the philippines.  my mom did not even tell me, i only accidentally discovered, she immediately declined on my behalf, ha-ha.

my aunt's friends, when we were in the US, said they were going to introduce someone to me.

a high school batchmate, also in the US, asked whether he could pair me off with someone there.

a friend of mine thought of pairing me off with her brother-in-law.

one of our suppliers wanted to introduce someone to me.

a former staff of mine wants to pair me off with his new boss.

i've been consistent in declining these things... i don't want set-ups... i want something spontaneous, unplanned...

given all this, i can't help thinking, all these people think i am a desirable and worthy partner.  sad that the one who actually bagged me was too busy to notice...


i had ooops text encounters yesterday.

a little past 5 pm i receive text from someone saying, "Punta k makati mamaya."

i replied i won't as i was already there this morning and will be spending the night at my parents' place.  i further said i'll be at makati again the following day and will be sleeping at my place.

the reply i got was, "Ok. Hehehe.  Punta me glorieta."

ooops, so he was referring to himself not to me  ->  the k in his text meant 'ko.  i thought it was ka, ha-ha-ha.  am i self-centered or what?  i'd say what, ha-ha.  what on earth do i care where he goes?  i did not ask.  ooops, just ribbing, mon ami.  you've grown dear to me.  but that's as far as it could ever go  ; )

and then from 11:27 pm to 12:10 am, i received 5 text messages from someone explaining something that happened last friday yet.  huh?!  i did not get to read the 4 earlier messages right away as i forgot my phone in the car.  midnight i remembered and went out to get it and heard the notification for the fifth text.  only then did i see the earlier texts and was wondering what on earth the late-night/past midnight explanations were all about.  i told the texter i don't understand her texts and asked whether i should call.  she said yes so i did.

well, what do you know.  she says someone called her and read to her my blog so she was doing all this explaining.  really???  i couldn't believe someone bothered to read my blog late night and made it her business to read part of it to someone else.  whoa!  plenty of spare time in her hands with no better thing to do, eh.  enviable or pathetic?  ' am definitely not envious, yuck!

i tell the texter i wasn't mad at her.  i said my blog was actually a happy blog.  title was bad to good; last sentence was all's well that ends well.  she didn't have to explain/re-explain anything to me.  true i was irked initially, but it's not something i dwelt on.  i have better use of my time, you know  ; )

she tells me her caller did not tell her about the rest of the blog.  oh.

purveyor of good/bad news, next time you feel the urge to dip your fingers in other people's pie and relay things late night, whatever time of the day, actually, please include the context.  it was a long blog; it was a happy blog; why focus on the irked part?  context, ok... context.

oh, dear

i don't necessarily agree but this made me laugh:

sa pag-ibig,
ang dalawa ay tama na,
ang tatlo ay sobra,
kaya si misis,
dapat pauwiin na.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

here's to our wives and sweethearts:
may they never meet!!!

; )

bad to good

i had what i'd call a turn-around night last night.  things started out not quite well but ended up very, very well : )

first, i couldn't log in to myminilife.  myminilife itself was ok, but then friendster was undergoing maintenance and i registered at myminilife through my friendster account so i couldn't get through... sigh...

second, i was supposed to attend something i wasn't too keen on attending.  i thought we really wouldn't push through anymore.  one of my companions, my best friend, had to attend an important meeting at the office after regular office hours.  another, my dear friend, had to be at the nativity-lighting ceremony at the city's commercial center.  both activities ended quite late and i was inclined to skip the scheduled gathering altogether except that my dear friend was tasked at the last minute to bring tickets to the gathering venue.  it was already very late so i asked them to check whether the honoree was still at the gathering.  i said i was going to drive all the way to the place for the honoree but not just to bring tickets.  these tickets could be distributed at a later time anyway.  they called and was supposedly told the honoree was still there.  ok, go.

upon arrival, i scanned the table for the honoree.  there was an unfamiliar face and i asked, "ikaw ba?"

she said yes.  beso-beso.

we had a short exchange of pleasantries and i couldn't help saying, "parang nag-iba talaga.  hindi kita nakilala."

well, what do you know, it turns out she wasn't the honoree after all.  huh?!  ha-ha-ha.

i asked where the honoree was.  she has left.  another huh?!  no ha-ha-ha, this time.

i turned to my companions saying i asked them to confirm whether the honoree was still there.  i wasn't too happy i drove all the way to the place just to bring tickets.  there were explanations, this and that.  ok, ok.

just then, one of the guys stood up to offer me his seat.  i declined.  still, he didn't sit back until i had left (i had to go to the car to return and get something.).  my piqued level went down a couple notches, ha-ha-ha.  i really appreciate gentlemanly acts : )

actually, three more guys at the table stood up to make small talk with us late arrivees.  i know they did it not so much for me as for one of my companions but i was touched nevertheless.  my irked level (at having to go all the way to the venue just to bring tickets) once again went down at the guys' reception, ha-ha

just the other day, another gentleman let me go ahead of him at the ATM line.  i didn't want to.  i honor queues.  he was insistent so ahead i went.  i was so happy, not because i got to go first, but because chivalry isn't dead  : )

anyway, time to eat.  i wanted jack's loft.  my companions wanted something else.  so be it.  we went to somethin' fishy.  before getting our food, we took pictures.  pose, pose, pose.  click, click, click.  a while later, a waiter approaches us asking whether we still really want the buffet as it is not going to be refilled anymore and the spread will be taken away shortly.  eh?!  we should have eaten first before posing, ha-ha-ha.  we don't want a rushed dinner so we opted to transfer to another restaurant.  guess what, jack's loft, my original preference : )

it turned out to be a really enjoyable night.  another one of those girlie, giggly get-togethers.  all's well that ends well : )

good teeth

i have just finished brushing my teeth when i stopped by my officemate's cubicle to say something.    a supplier who was there asks why my dress was wet here and there.  i reply i've just brushed my teeth.  he does not exactly see the connection.

i explain to him my mom used to say, had our house been a hut, it would topple down given the intensity of my brushing, ha-ha-ha.  i brush my teeth with all my heart, with all my mind, with all my might.  i think it has served me well.  i have a complete set of teeth, not a single one false... : )

birthday stickers


my birthday fell on a weekend and following working day, i was at the office flitting so early from cubicle to cubicle discussing this assignment and that with several of my officemates.  then, as i was talking with one of them, i suddenly noticed that she had a piece of paper stuck to her blouse.  was i surprised to see that it read, "Happy Birthday, Ma'am Cynthia!"  whoa!

i looked around and saw that my other officemates, even the ones i was talking to earlier, had such notes on their sleeves, on their chests, all over.  yikes!  i did not notice!!!

they were laughing at my late realization saying had i really failed to notice they would be posting it on their foreheads already.  ha-ha-ha.

thanks, guys.  that was so sweet.  highly appreciated.  i am really, really touched... : )


i've received a number of queries on why i haven't been blogging lately.  well, the reason is not (yet) romantic, ha-ha.  it's just that i am engrossed with myminilife at the moment.

i now have seven minihomes, two of which are under construction.  i couldn't finish them because i keep on running out of (virtual) money  : }

i therefore would like to make an appeal, ha-ha-ha.  i hope you'd visit my minihomes (http://www.myminilife.com/cynthia) so i would earn points/money.  and then, in case you are feeling generous, you might also try gifting me with items for my virtual homes.  i'd prefer it if you'd give me items already in the homes so

1.  we'd be sure it will be in proportion with the rest of my stuff

2.  you'd be sure i'll like it, ha-ha

i'd just sell the ones i bought myself and then replace them with your gifts.

please... thanks... : )