i can handle this

on the phone...

guy apologizes for being makulit (insistent / persistent)...

i go, "it's ok...  but as i've said, no matter what it is, it's not going anywhere."

guy:  "i don't mind...  i don't mind..."

then he adds, "do you?"

me:  "haha...  good question..."

uhm...  i'm kinda sad about it actually...  but i can handle it...  i've been through this so many times before...  <sigh>


the guy was telling me that there was some other pretty girl (yeba!) at the place that day but i was the one who somehow piqued his curiosity.

i went, 'oh, just like what i like to say...  you meet so many handsome men, you meet so many pretty women, but not everyone causes your heart to skip a beat...  not everyone triggers a spark...'

guy:  'mine was combustion...  it was an explosion...'

awww...  :")

old or mean

someone was telling me that he was trying to call me at my globe number but he coudn't get through. oh... he really won't be able to -> i lost that number in july yet... when i was at a mall in tacloban...

this is not the first time someone has tried reaching me through my old numbers. well, none of those remain actually. i had my numbers changed months back.

if you're trying to call / text me and you can't get through / i don't reply, then either of two things:

1. you have my old numbers

2. i don't wanna talk to you


change in priorities

i returned my 4-day-old baby (canon EOS 600D EF-S 18-135mm IS) to the store yesterday.  the flash gets stuck and i intermittently get the message i have to turn the camera off and on to get it to work.  i called up twice and both times, different store personnel told me to bring it to the store for replacement (it is brand new.).

when i got there, however, the store owner gave me 3 options:

1.  bring the camera to canon to get an order of replacement
2.  leave the camera with them (for around a week) and they'll be the one to send it to canon
3.  get my money back

i chose the 3rd.  i'm taking it as a sign.  i actually found the camera rather heavy.  in fact, after using it at my dad's party, i started considering getting another powershot.  a cousin has actually warned me before that a heavy cam is not suitable for my shooting style  ->  hand held, arms raised, oh-so-frequent-click-click-click.  i did not listen.  my mind was set on a vari-angle DSLR...  : }

good thing i'm getting a second chance...

i'll be checking out other DSLRs.  canon still  (i've been a canon girl since the late '70s.  ugh!  ancient!!!).  with a heavy heart, i'm letting go of my vari-angle requirement  (all my powershots, even my sony and sanyo, have been vari-angle.).  weight is now a *major* consideration...  \m/


on the phone: 'what do we put, ma'am?'

me: 'happy birthday, <fats>... V, A, T, S... <fats> pronunciation but spelling's vats... from Vater, german of father...'

and then we had to go through the spelling a couple more times...

me: '<fats>... V as in victory, alpha, tango, sierra... just like <folks vagen> (volkswagen)... spelling's V but pronunciation's F...'


me: 'hmmm... ok, let's have it this way... 'happy birthday, vats' ... V as in victory, alpha, tango, sierra'

understood! : D


lesson learned, when you're on the phone, pronounce it like you spell it... set aside your german language classes lest some other message appear on the cake... ; p

bad news not welcome

i bumped into a former colleague yesterday.  guess what, he immediately chided me for not furnishing him a copy of a, uhm, 'documentation' i was required to submit.  ooops...  that one...  it's been months and it still crops up every once in a while...  : }

i told him i furnished only the persons involved plus their bosses, of course.  i also included certain people who've sent me certain e-mails.  that's about it, however.

i said it wouldn't be good to disclose these things to everyone. people would be more at peace thinking things are like so than be confronted with the shocking (and alarming) truth... : }

well, it turns out he has read my 'documentation' anyway.  someone shared it with him. uh-oh-oh... this is not the first time someone i did not furnish told me he has read my 'report.'

hmmm... it really wouldn't harm me no matter how many people get hold of that 'documentation.'  every single statement there stands on solid ground.  but then it really would be embarrassing, to put it very, very, very mildly, for those involved.  much as i don't agree with the actions and inaction of these people, i have no intention whatsoever of exposing anyone oh so widely.  my intention, pure and simple, was to correct the situation before it's too late.

i have so left that chapter of my life behind.  i definitely am happy with the decision i made.  i sincerely hope most of the things pointed out in my 'document' has improved by this time.  if not, please don't tell me... i don't wanna know.